Good movies that don't fit the Hollywood stereotype

Max Roscoe

Years ago a friend recommended Legend of 1900 to me. It's a fantastic film, though I believe it's rated G and it struck me as odd, as it was recommended by a philandering drug using partier friend. It's an Italian film (but English language) where the main character was born and lived his whole life on an ocean going ship, and he develops an incredible skill for playing piano. Just good wholesome entertainment.

Almost anything made before the US went satanic in 2000 is decent, but I'd give this one a view. 8.1 IMDB
I've been watching a lot of movies recently because I've had a lot of time on my hands. A movie that I recently watched is called Eyes Wide Shut, a 1999 directed by Stanley Kubrick. This film is very subjective and you can interpret it many different ways, but I believe it was Kubrick trying to shine a light on the pedophile problem that Hollywood has. Hollywood is filled with pedophiles and Stanley Kubrick knew this. Eyes Wide Shut was the last movie Kubrick directed and he died before it was released. I believe it also shows the degree to which Satan and Hollywood are linked to each other.

Another "red-pill" movie I like is The Truman Show, a 1998 film starring Jim Carrey. This movie is literally about somebody waking up and realizing the whole world around him is fake. Carrey's character's life is a massive TV set and he doesn't even know it. This movie mirrors the way that we wake up to a lot of the lies of the world.

The last movie I want to recommend is called They Live, a 1988 film. I hadn't heard of this movie until Roosh recommended and played clips from it on one of his streams. In this movie, the main character finds a pair of glasses that let him see the world as it really is. That means he can see through the lies of the media. The main character also tries to get other people to put on the glasses and he struggles to get them to put them on. This mirrors reality because we have woken up and put on the glasses. We can see past the lies of this world. But it is extremely hard to get the people ion your life to wake up and join you in seeing the truth.



Not a "movie" per se but Larry the Cable Guy did a series of TV Episodes called "only in America". It's got his typical dumb humor, but it's overall a very positive and good-hearted show. I'm starting to like Larry because in the episodes I've seen so far he's genuinely trying to make the people he interacts with look good, and although he's more than happy to joke at them I haven't seen him be nasty or condescending towards anyone.
My favorite without a question: Cinderella Man. Man fighting for his family during the Great Depression. Great boxing scenes. A quiet thread of Catholicism runs through it. And above all, it's really true, it's based on the life of James Braddock, and it sticks to it.


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'Citizen X' (made by HBO). Based on the true story of the hunt for a serial killer of children in Soviet Russia. Excellent pacing and character development.

'The Lives of Others'. German movie that damns the actions of the Stasi in the closing days of the Cold War.