Good sources of information & analyses on the Ukraine war


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This is a counterweight to the Western Media Propaganda thread, where we can post lesser-known good sources for the coverage of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

I will start with Jacob Dreizin, US Army vet, who has the best analysis on the course of the war. Here is a good 20min capsule, and link to his site:


Next, I have been very impressed with this lesser-known British vlogger, who is very good at breaking down the propaganda war and the deeper sociological aspects of the Ukraine War psyop, Sam Gerrans:

Feel free to add your own sources.


For Russian speakers, two highly respected Russian military experts discuss the "special military operation in Ukraine". For English speakers, one can configure the auto-translated English subtitles or download the transcript.

For Russian speakers, here is an insightful interview by Igor Strelkov about how the war in Ukraine is going, and political events surrounding it.



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Cross posting from the mainstream media propaganda thread:

superb journalism work by Kim Iversen, from the mainstreamish The Hill site. She's been a terrific upgrade over Krystal Ball, that babe they used to have on with the indian guy Saagar.

This is a GREAT 12min summary of the Ukraine situation, highly recommend for sharing with normies to help break their Ikea Flag worship spell. Kim here presents the analyses of Jacques Baud, a former Swiss intel brass and NATO operative turned analyst-whistleblower:

5min excerpt from a recent interview of Jacques Baud with Aaron Mate:

Full interview (40 min):


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The Trade Union burning in Odessa 2014 is EXACTLY how the more recent Antifa events unfolded (but worse).

Violent masked people turn up by bus, burn everything down, beat and shoot people, the police don't do anything, then they leave and nothing happens. (16 min time stamp in above video - shocking, 50 dead in a building that they burned down)