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I was a big fan of his work, before i returned to Christ. Especially Fingerprints of The Gods, and his early appearances on the likes of Joe Rogan and the podcast circuit of the early 2010s. I hadn't heard anything of him for a few years, probably as i deliberately turned away from his sort of psychedelics promoting circles, then saw this on YouTube randomly.

Half way through, it's an excellent conversation from two undoubtably intelligent men, yet at the same time is deeply disturbing. Clearly these people are interracting with demons and opening themselves up to all manner of influence. The anecdote he makes about the institute in UK that is carrying out extended DMT sessions, lasting hours at a time, for the purpose of exploring these energies and entities is particulary concerning.

I am now very suspicious of these content makers, their backing and their motives. He talks about the Egyptian Rites of the Dead glowingly, and places upon that a significance beyond all others - Red flag in itself. I have a recollection that he spoke well of Freemasons before on an old podcast. Saying something along lines of "its just a boys club for beer and interesting conversation, and i've given presentations to them over the years".

Would be interested to hear from others, as i'm sure there's a few people here who were fans of his in the past.


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I thought Hancock's "Magicians of the Gods" was fascinating. Read it after watching his episodes where he appeared on Joe Rogan a couple years back. I wouldn't be surprised if at least some of the hidden history he proposes is in fact real, and it challenges the dominant evolutionary narrative as well. But like the posters above pointed out, his interest in consciousness-altering drugs is a huge red flag and suggestive that even if he's right, it's a much darker picture than he wishes to portray as the super-advanced beings sharing knowledge to mankind in antiquity are simply demonic entities.


I went deep into that rabbit hole in my 20s, long before Ancient Aliens was a show on TV lol. Hancock, Sitchin, Lloyd Pye, all that stuff. I finally drew the same conclusion as @Hermetic Seal mentioned up-thread; that those beings likely did/do exist, but were/are demonic.

Edit/Addition: back in the day, those guys made the rounds on late night AM and shortwave radio talk shows. Mid 90s.