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I think it would be great to have a thread that shares some great comments by RVFers. So much great stuff gets shared but gets lost over time. Some members share the good stuff by putting it in their sigs. But it would be nice to have something that people could refer to.

I'd like to have a few guidelines so it doesn't become unwieldy.

1) No comments about the quotes. If it is good there should be no need to explain it. Any person who likes the quote, just like it. If you have any comments, go to the original thread
2) Put in the link to the post you got the quote/comment from so people can go to it to participate
3) Let's focus on things that apply to all of us, let's avoid topics like race and guns, etc.
4) Obviously, I am not a moderator, you can do what you want but I would like this thread to be one of inspiration and growth through wisdom generated by our own great writers and thought leaders.
5) Hopefully, the quote contributed is a stand alone. Not something that would require a ton of understanding/following of the thread which generated the comment.

I searched and couldn't find anything on this topic.

I did find threads about great quotes in general, but nothing by the great posters here.


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I'll start. This was what inspired me to create this thread. Though it makes sense, it often takes a great writer to articulate it simply and cleanly. Thus, I present the first quote for this thread.

Quintus Curtius said:
Men take their masculinity too lightly. That is, they do not value that which makes them men. They are too eager to minimize its power, to dull its sheen, and to snuff out its distinct phosphorescence.

What one does not value, is not safeguarded from outside attack.

I just wrote something on this subject

Here is the link


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The Lizard of Oz said:
One of the lessons that can be learned from this thread -- and from following posters on a forum like this over a longish period of time -- is that men that are passionate and enthusiasts by nature will replace beliefs that they cherish, and imagine to be fundamental, with surprising speed and violence.

Furthermore, men who have undergone this process once never think it can happen again; in their enthusiasm, they feel that their current set of beliefs is permanent, because it has struck them with the force of revelation and seemed to explain and pull together so many phenomena that had appeared disparate and unrelated. They know that they have arrived at their destination, and can now survey the landscape from a vantage point that allows them to see behind mere appearances, and into things as they really are.

But the likelihood is great that for many of these men, the current set of beliefs is far from final, and the process of shedding them almost wholesale and acquiring new ones will be repeated. Indeed, I am convinced that some of the most passionately ideological and doctrine-besotted posters on this forum have another conversion or two in their futures. What had to seemed to go to the very core of one's worldview will be discarded almost overnight, like a spent battery that had once powered some loud device which is no longer in use.

The reason that the conversion process is quite likely to repeat itself is that it is precisely the need for belief of some kind, almost any kind, that drives the process far more than the content of the ideas themselves. These ideas and frameworks, so cherished at the moment of revelation and acceptance, are far more fungible than they seem; they are really the temporizing of intelligent and enthusiastic men who struggle to understand the world in all its complexity, and who know only that the socially condoned and dominant ideology of the time cannot help them. They alight on some pattern, some framework, that seems to impose order on the apparent chaos; they cling to it with great conviction; but as the ideological framework reveals itself, over time, to be a good deal less than adequate, they will eventually discard it in favor of a new one which seems to be more persuasive and meets the needs of the day.

It is precisely because the infallible ideas of today will so often, for enthusiastic and yearning men, become the discarded illusions of tomorrow that it's so important for men to be open to the world as it is, to find a way to engage it with a modest attentiveness that is not entirely blighted and evacuated by any fundamentally reductive ideology. Otherwise, a man will lose the world -- and all because of a set of beliefs and ideas that had seemed to fit well at the time, but that proved far too thin and threadbare a garment to survive the surprisingly long and various journey that life amounts to.


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Great thread. I actually keep a document with great RVF quotes.

"A bitch don't need to put on lingerie in order for me to want to fuck her, the lingerie is for her to feel sexy.
Game is our lingerie." - WestIndianArchie

Gustavus Adolphus

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Suits said:
When I read the title, my response was, "how can you get dumped if you don't make the mistake of having exclusive relationships?"

Upon reading your post in its entirety, it is clear that you understand that there is nothing to master about getting dumped.

Never put yourself in a position where a woman can dump you. My personal view (and yours may be as well), that if she isn't getting fatter, she hasn't been too crazy recently and she wants to come over and suck my dick, I'm always open for business.

There is no "break up." The deal is always available.

If you are female, a seven or better, weigh under 120 LB, have recently showered and don't plan on being a bitch, you can come satisfy me sexually on any evening where I don't have a prior commitment.

You may chose not to or promise never to again, but I'm always cool with you changing your mind.

There is no "relationship."

You can go to the thread by clicking on the green arrow in the quote.

Gustavus Adolphus

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WestIndianArchie said:
You do realize the fact that she got her heartbroken by the last guy (if that's even true), it's because he fucked the shit out of her and bounced.

He crammed his dick up her slimy vagina, and even that wasn't enough to keep him around.
So even when she offered up her pussy and threw in her sparkling personality, the dude said peace, I got what I wanted, beat it.

That's the unicorn you want. A real man's cast aside.

If you had an inkling of understanding of the game - her description of the last guy she fucked is the blueprint to fucking her.

Again, follow the green arrow. The entire post is greatness.


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We get the old in-out everyone tuned in for. Anchors sign off, look down solemnly. Credits roll. Mom calls her daughter in college. It's 11PM Friday. Voicemail. "Susy honey... I just saw a thing on TV... I want to make sure you don't hang around with those man-cube guys... I sent you some Tide in the care package." Meanwhile dad's jerking it into the toilet thinking of college date rape. Susy's getting her box munched publically in front of the local bank.


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Quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever read on the forum:

Who is "DIBAL-H"? He writes like how an old Chinese man talks:

why you wonder how many man another man bang? who care who bang who mr high school drama man


This one from el mech comes in at a close second:

I've had this tried on me before more than once. They always give it away somehow but I went along with it anyway because I'm a little sick. Once at huge park two dudes dragged me out into the woods and I blasted one in the head with a boulder I swooped off the ground straight across the face and beat the other one to near death then fucked the girl. I stole their Cutlass supreme and smashed that, stole all their money, drugs and weapons. The one dude I hit with the rock someone told me his half his row of front teeth were dis attached he was in intensive care.

And I leave the floor to the inimitable delicioustacos:

Day 1: OK, I can handle this. Not so bad. I'm slightly more irritable. Snapped at my landlady when she asked where the rent was. Noticing that the girl who works
afternoons at the coffee shop has puffy nipples through her sheer top. How had I not seen that before. Normally I would head home and search “puffy nipple porn” and choke the chicken, but... let's read a good book instead.

Day 2: Woman across from me on the bus was wearing a skirt. She was sitting under the air conditioning vent, and the air kept blowing the skirt almost but not quite far up enough to see her panties. I couldn't look away. The bus hit a bump
and I saw my reflection in the window. My face looked like Private Pyle right before he blows away Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Need to buy a pair of sunglasses.

Day 3: I bought a doughnut for breakfast. Found myself studying its shape before eating it, and realized I had an erection. A pink raspberry doughnut, flushed and swollen with rich moist frosting... fresh, still hot... so hot... her skin... SNAP OUT OF IT MAN

Day 4: Shapes on the walls... shadows... can't sleep. The coyotes howl in the night; their voices become the cries of women. The hot wind is fingers on
my neck. My erection refuses to subside; when a big truck goes by the vibrations make it resonate like a tuning fork. Last night it spoke to me. I saw a hideous purple-headed man with a face of impossible pain. “Please” he said, “please, for the love of God... kill me!” I reached out my hands to strangle him, before
reason found me. My own penis is my enemy. An elderly woman dropped her hairnet on the floor of the bus; I took it home and sniffed it for hours. Only 161 more days to go.



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Gold from forum great, Solomonic Renaissance.

Solomonic Renaissance said:
On the part where the song goes "She hit the floor,next thang you know, shawty got low low low low low", she squatted down all the way while holding on to my belt, then bit my dick!!! I was shellshocked and didn't know how to react. But i kept my composure and proceeded to game her.


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Virtually ever college-educated women I've met is "depressed" and is on or has been on psychiatric drugs. They're not mentally-equipped to be "independent" or make their own decisions. The funny thing is, feminists actually seem to agree with this. All the "trigger warnings" on everything, craziness like this woman's twitter PTSD, "micro-aggressions" sends the clear message that, even in our decadent era of ease and security, women are not capable of dealing with the harshness and challenges of the world.

The thing is, though, they're right. Women are like children. They need male authority to be happy and to function properly. An independent woman is a bizarre, unnatural thing. In any other era, an independent woman would quickly be a dead one or, at the very least, significantly disadvantaged. In order to follow the feminist script, women have to fight down their own instincts and innate psychology on a daily basis.

That's a big reason why they're all crazy for rough sex. It's the one part of life where feminism "allows" them to still be what they really are. Make no mistake: every one of those modern girls you've fucked who loves being submissive in bed really wants to be that way 24/7. Women are herd animals, though, and current social pressures make it impossible for them to admit this, even to themselves. Plus, they don't come across men who know how or are willing to lead them (other than sexually, maybe) very often.