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HagansAvenue said:
Slam said:
Alternatively, what if you find a mid-late 20s girl with a relatively low (but not zero) notch count. She has had a number of boyfriends before you, but is good company, relatively emotionally stable and sweet, and ready to live permanently in the US? She has a good deal of natural beauty (but is not what she use to be), but will cook for you, and is relatively cheery. She has her flaws but she is 70% of what you were looking for.

My question is: why not marry this girl?

Time waits for no man. Should you really throw back the 70% girl back into the pond in the hopes that you will get your 99% girl? Even when you are 40+ years old?

This is how divorce happens.

A mid-to-late 20's girl is going to put on a SHOW to let you know that she has a low notch count. Depending on what you consider low, if she's good-enough looking, she will have had at least one boyfriend who:

1. Blasted inside of her raw
2. Broke her heart

^If you think that dude can't come calling when she's engaged or married, I have ocean front property in Arizona I'd like you see...

It's also easy to underestimate how experienced a girl can be by her mid-to-late 20's. Maybe it was just a boyfriend (or two, or three), but a good looking girl who:

1. Went to college
2. Lived in a decent-sized city

Forget boyfriends, we're talking AT LEAST a double digit notch count.

Furthermore, if you're a man of means, she's going to hone in on that... You'd be amazed at the number of women who spent time in big cities that were in soft P4P relationships... she's going to have a damn good hustle and you're going to be ready for a "compromise..." This does not end well.

If she's small town, she's had her heart broken and her womb sprayed.

If she's big city... it gets infinitely more degenerate.

In the end, you're compromising your standards to make a lifetime commitment. You'll either be second to the boyfriend's ghost or she'll never respect you after being on the carousel.

Your standards or nothing... even though "nothing" is brutal and I respect that men want to have families. It's a shame.

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WestIndianArchie said:
If it's a job that you can afford to lose, then game on.

The real issue here is that you're hesitating because she has a boyfriend. A dude you can see. You empathize with the guy. Maybe you've been that guy. There's a kinsman, maybe a little brother. You see no need to hurt that guy.

At the same time this chick is basically putting it on a platter for you.

Bro' before ho's?
Ho's before bro's?

But this a "red pill" moment.

All women are red pill.

All women will do whatever they need to do, will justify anything, in order to get what they want. Being the physically weaker sex, all women have learned how to get other people to do what they want them to do, especially men.

"Can you open this jar"
"Can you reach that thing on the shelf"
"Can you help me with this Ikea furniture" (as she walks off into another room)

It's not just the West. It has nothing to do with feminism. This is basically a biological reality and a behavioral adaptation to said reality. The West amplifies "help" with government and market apparatus, but that sweet as pie chick from Gdansk routinely manipulates the men in her life to get what she wants. There's a larger lesson about the necessity of patriarchy, but this ain't that kinda post.

In this case, this girl wants you, and is willing to take your dick if you set up a situation that allows her to do so with little repercussion.

Back in the day, this was called the "secret society". Essentially, a handful of men who understood women's sexuality. Their willingness to engage in all manner of behavior in service to their vaginas. Her gay friend? She sucks his dick. Her beta boyfriend is raising the child of her Alpha paramour.

She may (currently) pine for your cock, but she's got a dozen orbiters that she calls when she needs furniture moved, a mouse killed, a computer fixed, a transmission replaced.

You should feel no sympathy for this girl. And the boyfriend, it's a bitter pill to swallow. But if not you, the next guy will fuck her.

As long as you have nothing to lose, just talk to her outside of the work context.

If she brings up the boyfriend while the two of your are alone, 50% chance she'll bad mouth him while giving you a blowie.

It is what it is.

These Hoes Ain't Loyal

Not to her boyfriend
Not to you
Not to her girlfriends
Not to her family
Not even to her long term interests.

She's only loyal to the here and now.

It's one of the reasons why game works.

Once you start brushing aside all the window dressing of this game system and that game system, you'll see people for the essentially animalistic behavior. Patriarchy, Classism, Racism, Religion, Economics - a lot of shit will start to make sense.



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Thanks for this one BB.

I recommend checking out the whole thread, there's gold in there.

Beyond Borders said:
ball dont lie said:
1 - I still must not be the kind of man I want to be if older party girls see me as a life preserver after years of being banged by good looking dudes. I went out with one girl to a popular club and there was a guy much better looking than me / more dominant personality that clearly has hit and quit her. So I must be a step down and safer. Or at least she sees me as a good guy that she can control to marry her. That's not a good sign, but its eye opening that I'm not doing a good enough job with myself. More work is needed. I'm ready for the challenge.

While there may be other reasons to not "string along" women nearing their expiration date, you're way overthinking this part here.

Game is game. A seducer is a seducer. We don't all come in the same package with the same bag of tricks in our arsenal.

Read Robert Greene's "48 Laws of Power" or "The Art of Seduction," as you likely have, and you see how power and the battle for it plays out in so many different forms. Much like in nature how all the different players in the animal kingdom have different tools and techniques for survival, some masking their weapons and others puttting them on display, some beating their chests and others blending into their surroundings so they can sneak up for the kill while their victims sleep.

For example, I may not be the strongest closer, but women always want to date me long-term or marry me once they get involved, even if it starts out as casual sex. I long ago decided women just cannot keep emotions out of a fuck buddy relationship. Other players tell me this conclusion about women being unable to separate sex and emotion isn't true - but that's not my experience at all. I guess I'm a "keeper."

Why? I guess I seem like a wildman on the surface, but when women get in my sphere, I seem very tameable. As we know, a lot of girls want to tame the bad boy. In the long run this tameable vibe proves to be untrue when I lose interest and leave them holding their hearts in their hands (not necessarily on purpose but just because that's who I am too) - meanwhile, I often get deep and sensitive and cuddle like a little bitch.

I'm not being fake with this, either. I do enjoy connecting with women on a real level, and I do enjoy being tangled in a woman's limbs all the way until morning.

But my point is - does the fact that they see me as "a keeper" make me any less of a player or somehow less "alpha"? I don't think so; it just makes me a different kind.

And do I question what kind of man this makes me?

No. Why should I? Is enjoying women unmanly?

It makes me a happy man is what it does. It makes me a man who has enjoyed a lot of great sexual and emotional experiences with women. I've banged way more women than most of my normal friends and yet still had way more genuine connections and relationships with women than most of my strictly player friends who've racked up more notches.

To me, that is a nice, balanced approach to life, love, and sex.

Is it so bad to have females wanting to spend their entire lives with you or stay in touch for years and years on end, even after all the times you've crushed them?

Hell no.

How could it be bad to always have those options on such an intense level? It's a different power, but it's clearly a very intoxicating and effective one.

I'm not encouraging you to be dishonest with anyone. I'm not even encouraging you to continue spending time with worn out club sluts.

But know your strengths and play to them without being ashamed, and know your weaknesses and do what you can to minimize their effect (or use them as camaflouge). Because the dance of seduction has many different plots.

On another note, so what if a guy looks like he banged her and is all nonchalant...? Really, so fucking what?

Assuming your read is even correct, which it very well may not be, what's really going on in that guy's head right now? For all you know, he wanted to bang her more but upholding his "image" didn't allow him to set his defenses down long enough.

Or, yeah, maybe he did decide she wasn't "good enough" to hang around with and be seen with in public....what is that to you? You're not planning to marry them anyways.

Meanwhile, you're banging two still very hot women unapologetically and enjoying yourself - you're not afraid to be seen in public with them because you're more interested in actually getting the most out of them and their feminine, who's the alpha? Who is having more fun? Not to mention you're enjoying all that great repeat sex after the initial awkwardness is gone.

What matters is you're getting the job done and having fun. If it's because these girls see you as an easy target or a safe bet, that doesn't mean those assumptions about you are true or even partly true just because they have them - it just means your persona is opening doors for you.

So, if you don't care about other guys banging these women, I say don't worry about how they manage the pussy either. It has nothing to do with you and your enjoyment of life.

No matter how much you improve your "game," there will always be a guy better than you or with more of a complete package. Don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to your assumed superiors.

There's no need to be the surface-level "apex predator" to kill it out there.


LINUX delivers as always:

LINUX said:
As the years passed, I threw everything I thought I knew about game away and most of the guys on the forum that I'm close to have also.

Now it's a way of life, saying what you want, maintaining confidence, having options, and being real with yourself and with women. That's not "game" because it doesn't have to be performed or shut off, it's our way of life 24/7 and there are no illusions or masks that we walk around wearing. We are just grown men walking around finding women we want to either fuck, have a mini relationships with, or make memories with and we tell them that straight-up.

Game is sort of like a "Fake it until you Make it" thing. When someone really turns into a masculine man and knows what works and what doesn't, the feeling that he has when talking to women is much deeper than over-analytical nonsense because he lives in the moment and he's real. He's not attached to an outcome like a PUA wanting a phone number or notch, he's attached to the process, and the process is going after he wants without apology, and that's what women are really attracted to. They've been telling men how to get into their pants for the past 20 goddamn years and men have been unable to listen. What have they always said, "I want a man with confidence."

Back to the masculine and confidence thing, all men should aim to get there and they will get there by experience, failure, and overcoming most of your insecurities. Game should eventually be thrown out the window in lieu of something more real and masculine. Life teaches you that not books. It can't be learned, it has to be experienced and felt. If years and years go by and you're becoming a man more analytical with game regarding what to say, how to say it, and what to say in the future, then something is off. But if you can walk into a club and within 10 minutes know the women who like you, the women who want you but aren't available, as well as the women who like you but are passing on you because their friend likes you, then you're starting to get it. Then it just takes eye contact and smile, and straight up say what you want, "I want to go take a bath with you," and she replies, "Ok" That's not game, that's a man saying what he wants without being attached to the answer because his happiness and freedom is more important than trying to impress some broad with some bullshit and that in itself is what we call 'confidence' and what women are really attracted to.


Davis said:
LINUX delivers as always:

LINUX said:
As the years passed, I threw everything I thought I knew about game away and most of the guys on the forum that I'm close to have also.

Now it's a way of life, saying what you want, maintaining confidence, having options, and being real with yourself and with women. That's not "game" because it doesn't have to be performed or shut off, it's our way of life 24/7 and there are no illusions or masks that we walk around wearing. We are just grown men walking around finding women we want to either fuck, have a mini relationships with, or make memories with and we tell them that straight-up.

Game is sort of like a "Fake it until you Make it" thing. When someone really turns into a masculine man and knows what works and what doesn't, the feeling that he has when talking to women is much deeper than over-analytical nonsense because he lives in the moment and he's real. He's not attached to an outcome like a PUA wanting a phone number or notch, he's attached to the process, and the process is going after he wants without apology, and that's what women are really attracted to. They've been telling men how to get into their pants for the past 20 goddamn years and men have been unable to listen. What have they always said, "I want a man with confidence."

Back to the masculine and confidence thing, all men should aim to get there and they will get there by experience, failure, and overcoming most of your insecurities. Game should eventually be thrown out the window in lieu of something more real and masculine. Life teaches you that not books. It can't be learned, it has to be experienced and felt. If years and years go by and you're becoming a man more analytical with game regarding what to say, how to say it, and what to say in the future, then something is off. But if you can walk into a club and within 10 minutes know the women who like you, the women who want you but aren't available, as well as the women who like you but are passing on you because their friend likes you, then you're starting to get it. Then it just takes eye contact and smile, and straight up say what you want, "I want to go take a bath with you," and she replies, "Ok" That's not game, that's a man saying what he wants without being attached to the answer because his happiness and freedom is more important than trying to impress some broad with some bullshit and that in itself is what we call 'confidence' and what women are really attracted to.

THIS should be bumped every day! Every guy should read this and have this as a goal!


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Crave discomfort

Good to be back post 'prison-gate'. No harsh feelings toward Roosh or Tuth, who have both given so much positive change to so many guys. I needed a week off anyway as RVF has a bad way of affecting my productivity.

This post is gonna be all over the place. First off, let's talk about suits.

I'm embarrassed to admit that last night was the first night I've gamed suited down. Sure I've been out to dinners and special events suited down, but never to a bar to spit game. Over the years I've lost one suit and bought another ill-fitted suit that I recently gave away. And to be accurate, I still don't own a proper suit; I just recently bought a light summerweight blazer to go with some dark designer jeans. I've been reading nonstop and heeding the advice. So what I have is a very upscale casual look. No sheen on the material, just a nice soft texture, the type of casual blazer I could wear 5 days a week.

I went out last night to meet a forum member. Friday night, downtown L.A., at Seven Grand. Anyone familiar with this scenario knows these are far from ideal hunting grounds. New dress shirt, blazer, dark jeans, vintage leather belt, leather boots. Fresh haircut. My game is rusty as shit. I have been lifting/exercising for the past 18 months and recently took up boxing which combined with hiking like mad, I've lost about 10 lbs in the past 6 weeks (after bulking up to 215 on Stronglifts). I'm a pretty lean 205, 6'3", getting an outline of a 6 pack but nowhere near the definition I'm looking for, however I think I've got a good V-taper developing and my posture is 1000x better than it ever has been. I'm saying all this as a background to what happened last night.

First off, when I parked and got out, the valet guy told me to just leave the car in front of the valet kiosk and take my keys with me. He had a huge grin on his face and said, "Just leave it in front boss!". I was parked smack dab in front of the venue, which is what valet guys usually do for Italian supercars and shit. Here I am with my '08 Altima being treated like a VIP. Dressing sharp definitely has perks beyond just girls.

Last night I got into the venue and it was 80% guys. "Oh great" I'm thinking, but whatever it was more about catching up with the forum member than anything. Before I can even find the guy, I'm outside on the patio and get a tap on my shoulder. A girl opened me and started asking me how tall I am blah blah blah. Some game comes back to me and I start teasing and giving vague responses. It hooks and she introduces me to her friends, one of which is hot with a beta orbiter. I find the forum member, he's with a damn hot girl and I tell my new friends I'll find them later.

I meet the hot girl's sister who is even hotter and surrounded by orbiters. Play it cool, tell her I thought about buying her a drink then decided against it (her expression was hilarious) and teased her for a bit. Over the night no less than 20 guys were showering her with attention. Few minutes later I get another tap on the shoulder. I get opened again by a couple girls. I'm thinking, "This is nuts. I'm in the middle of a sausagefest and I've been opened twice on a Friday night."

It happens again 15 minutes later. Terrible opener from some girl asking if I work at the bar and her stumbling to make conversation. She's a 6 at best and I cut her loose.

And then again 15 minutes later. This time a short, cute 20 year old USC student, 7, maybe 7.5. We're playing the 'guess my age' game and when I tell her to guess mine she leans in and whispers, "I think you're old enough to make out with me right now." Doesn't even make sense but I start chuckling and say, "Actually I'm a year older than that." and lean in and smash face. I give her a fake name and she volunteers her number to me. Gonna invite her over tomorrow or Monday, smash, and start pushing for threesome immediately.

If I had made any effort whatsoever I'm confident I could have gotten an SNL. The attention was insane. I would walk outside and there would be girls tapping on her friends shoulder to get her attention and pointing at me. I actually got a little shy at various points.

After last call I left with a couple numbers and a huge grin. Zero effort. This might actually be bad for my game, because hot girls don't approach so could I be happy with a buffet of 6s and 7s if it required zero effort?

The first point of all of this isn't to brag at all. I used to consider myself a decent dresser. I know now that I was wrong. I may have good designer clothes and good style, but in my mind there are only two ways to dress: Suited down, or not suited down. If you're not wearing a blazer, you're not living up to your potential. Granted this was just one night but the results were undeniable. The guys on the forum that go out suited down are probably reading this and thinking, "Yeah no shit dufus, that's what we've been saying all along."

This got me thinking about change. Every single change I've made over the last two years: lifting, boxing, languages, style, I can think to myself, "I should have started sooner"
I should have started lifting sooner
Should have started boxing sooner
Should have learned languages sooner
Should have gotten dress clothes sooner.

So why didn't I? Why was I so resistant to make positive change, and then once I DO it, I think, "I should have done this sooner."

Comfort. Identify that craving for comfort inside of you and destroy it. Limit yourself to comfort one day a week, like Sunday. Monday through Saturday, make yourself uncomfortable at the gym, in a language course, in a boxing ring, at the clothing store. This goes back to Roosh's post about Making Deposits vs. Making Withdrawals in the game of life. I spent a year doing approaches like mad and hit my limit pretty quickly. I got blown out a lot, and I'm not a bad looking guy. But the other factors weren't even remotely up to speed. Bad posture, skinnyfat, average style...

For the past year, and especially the past few months I've dropped out of the game and have been making very large deposits in the bank. Last night was just me testing the waters and the results were astounding.

For any guys just getting started, approaching is still the most important thing. Get 100 under your belt. 100 ain't shit. 100 gets you to the starting line. The real game is making these deposits. Invest in your physical body, your style, your posture.

Me, I'm going to keep going. Fuck approaches and going out 5 nights a week. I need to keep my lifts up and keep working on that heavy bag. I'm going to take this body to the limit and if 18 months have produced these results, I'm going another 18 and then another 18 after that. I want to come out on the other side a completely different person, a MAXIMIZED person.

Some guys are lucky and born with this shit, or are born into a trust fund, or born with superman genetics. Others have to work for it. I used to envy the former, but now I don't.

There's not a single thing that feels as good, or is as rewarding, as working for change and then seeing the results manifest themselves.


Extremely long post by Dream Medicine, but full of wisdom on The Dangers of Chasing Notches, The Paradox of Choice, The Importance of Female Virginity, The Value of Integrity. Thanks to birthday cat for pointing out this comment.

Don't miss out the great list of readings right at the end. This is wisdom that cannot be easily digested in one single reading.

Dream Medicine said:
Note: this post does not provide Philippine-specific intel, and was written in part as a response to the question "Why is crushing 1000 notches an unacceptable hobby?" in the thread 'Amount of Approaches for 1000 Notches'.


The problem with notch-chasing, and the value of female virginity

spiritmaze said:
…I have about 400+ notches total since october 2014 and I'm 29....

Pickup can be fun and facilitate growth

I think that few guys here would deem it inherently unethical to spread your seed with legions of randoms, because:

• Seducing nubile nymphos is one of the most exciting and motivating pleasures of being a young man. What's more, heading out with your mates to pick up can be great fun.
• Gaining experience can be helpful for those with a historical disadvantage in the game who feel compelled to seek mastery of the social and sexual arenas. Increasing success with quality women can do wonders for a young man's self-confidence.
• Jumping into a serious relationship without any experience or knowledge of game is a common recipe for creeping despair due to the lack of screening ability, poor frame control, weak sense of abundance, and a naive understanding of women. (This was not always the case, as men in previous generations needed less game and sexual experience to have a successful marriage and family, and it's still dependent on your social environment. However for the typical Western man it is unwise to get married without knowing through personal experience what both good and bad girls look like).

The problem with banging around

Regular, fresh pussy pounding appears to have significantly less negative consequences for deep pair-bonding in comparison to women's experience on the female cock carousel, but men are not immune to its downsides.

Despite the suggestion that men are hard-wired to spread their seed far and wide and are therefore off the hook when it comes to playing around, there are many negative outcomes on adaptive brain processes from overstimulation of social- and sex-related rewards, two of the most powerful drivers in human behaviour. The omission of diagnosing hypersexual and compulsive sexual behavior in the DSM-V does not negate its real-life significance. As listed below, excessive banging has problematic consequences when it comes to finding a solid woman, being loyal, and feeling satisfied in a committed relationship. These points have come from my own experience (some of which I regret) along with those of fellow members, plus a range of peer-reviewed quantitative articles:

• The trend towards pessimism (e.g., “All women are potential sluts and not to be trusted”),
• Inability to bond to new partners, and decreased sensitivity of dopamine reward circuits - akin to drug desensitization (“I’ve been burnt many times so I’m gonna keep my distance”, “She’s nice but boring”, “I need new pussy to get off”)
• Fixation on quantity over quality of experience (“gotta hit that notch goal for the month”),
• Higher expectations and never-ending desire for the best possible option (“I could do better. Next”),
• Reduced enjoyment due to retrospective regret and sense of opportunity costs (“Why did I choose her? What else am I missing out on?”),
• Delayed decision-making and investment due to anticipated regret and the illusion of choice (“I’ll keep waiting until something better comes along before I invest”),
• Attitudinal leftovers from quick bangs (“Always be in control” or “never invest first”),
• Behavioural habits from fast seduction (“No lay by day3 = next”).

All of the above doesn't even touch on:

• High-risk exposure to the disturbing, increasing prevalence of STDs,
• Other health problems like poorer sleep, inhaling second-hand smoke from clubs, etc,
• Lowered work productivity and focus on a greater life purpose,
• Limited friendship groups, and more.

As a result of the above, player fatigue is an inevitable experience for almost all men as they begin to feel the diminishing returns of banging random chicks. I’ve never heard any guy say “well now that I banged 100 women… I think 100 more will double my knowledge” or “…I feel that I have accomplished something really important” or “...I’m finally happy now”.

Dagonet and Speakeasy reflect on the topic:

• "There's no question that once a man sleeps with many women, and more importantly, learns how to effectively meet and seduce new women, it's near impossible for him to "turn off" that drive. All men have a constant desire for new pussy, but only some men are easily able to get it-- and even fewer still are fully aware of this ability. Knowing you have options and could actually be sleeping with other women can drive a good-hearted man crazy."

• "Keep in mind that your desire for new pussy is insatiable. It's a hamster wheel that leads nowhere. So you will sleep with many new random girls whose names you won't remember in a year. Whatever pleasure you get from one night stands is fleeting. Not much different from an addict looking for another hit. And then another, and another. How long do you want to be on that hamster wheel?"

So, what to do? Example solutions for minimizing the problems relating to the overload of choice and sexual addictions have been offered by Barry Schwartz and others, and are linked below.


Technology and human connections

Notch-chasing is analogous to the information and stimulation overload online – people get saturated with data, entertainment, and social contact every day but it's mostly very shallow. This postmodern culture of technology-based consumption and choice supports a high quantity of short-term, low value hook-ups but comes with a number of problems for those seeking high quality, longer-term relationships.

In this sense, more choice is decidedly not better, and the potential implications reach far beyond the grasp of most people. High-speed porn, the iphone, social media, online dating and other distractions of the internet create an expectation of constant attention, immediate stimulation and entitlement to knowledge. Not to mention the creation of infinite thirst which can send a woman’s self-image into the stratosphere.

The long-term implications of these tech-based influences are yet to be seen, however the evidence so far on creativity, happiness and ongoing relationships is not encouraging


The importance of female virginity

spiritmaze said:
I think quite a bit of my exposure to virgins has been luck, and it also comes down to the type of game I run. I try to run 'husband material' game…

spiritmaze said:
My market is conservative girls. I've actually done a huge number of virgins out here. Maybe 30 of my total notches in Manila have been virgins....

First, there is a BIG difference between (1) banging around with random well-ploughed broads who know what they’re getting into, and (2) deceiving virgin or otherwise young, naïve girls into thinking you are relationship material just to get the bang. The first, while hazardous to one's own soul in excessive amounts, can be mutually-beneficial or at the worst morally ambiguous, whereas the second is undoubtedly harmful for the women involved, no way around it.

spiritmaze said:
…Betas flood pussy paradises and destroy them with their same pathetic pussy pedestaling that has destroyed the West. Who enabled feminism? Betas. Who cultivates and enables bitch shields and lets women get away with skanky Sex and The City lifestyles? Betas…

spiritmaze said:
I also don't like it when a filipina tells me about the last white guy she was with who lied to her, pumped and dumped her and disappeared without a trace. I'd prefer less of those guys in the Philippines too so I can monopolize the market.

I wonder then - according to you, what is a “beta”? A guy who puts the pussy on the pedestal? Ok. Now what about a guy who pretends to be someone else just to deflower virgins? Is that, instead, the mark of an “Alpha”?

It’s gratingly hypocritical for you to complain that other guys are ruining the place, or to lament how betas are raising bitch shields when your behaviours -- including extreme at-any-cost banging and in particular lying just to smash virgins -- only add to the problems that you’re complaining about.

Lying through your teeth for the sake of pumping and dumping previously unbroken girls has a range of negative, flow-on effects which centre around sabotaging their ability to pair-bond in the future. This also makes it harder for men who are genuine in seeking a non-damaged woman to marry. And all for what? Ultimately it’s just a means to get your fix for the day, which is little more than ego validation and few moments of physical pleasure and tension release that are as fleeting as the weather.

To add some quantifiable data to the personal experiences of myself and of those here:

{A} Women who only had sex with their husband were the least likely to divorce. Put another way, virgin brides are the most reliable -



{B} Virgin brides are becoming increasingly uncommon, and conversely, women with 10+ partners are becoming increasingly prevalent -



A matter of values

spiritmaze said:
Philippines is only good for quick bangs. Who wants to grind for monkey poon? I find putting effort into chasing Filipinas pretty undignified....that's the definition of desperation I reckon.

spiritmaze said:
Treating filipinas like shit is intoxicating. I love being the evil colonial master and treating them as my cum dumpsters.

Put simply, I don't think your present values match those underlying this forum. The wide range of views here demonstrate the free-thinking nature of our membership, but there is increasing talk here about 'social decline' and family-building rather than simple advice on getting laid - and your type of approach to sex only contributes to the decline. It may be a drop in the ocean, but every drop counts. I am confident that your approach to meeting women, notably lying just for the sake of pumping and dumping virgins, will never be regarded as anything close to respectable and sustainable game.

Spinning the odd lie about your age or job title to some floozy in a club or on STInder is pretty common and does little if any damage, but using the fake promise of a potential future together to trick virgins into dropping their panties is a long way from any game worth emulating. Moreover, it is possible to be a player with a clear code of ethics, and it comes down to a few core principles like ‘don’t promise what you cannot deliver’. I personally know a few solid guys (some on this forum) who do very well with high-quality women and they don't go around spinning utter bullshit just to have sex, let alone with virginal or naïve young women. Beyond this, there are many leaders within our ranks that can serve as an inspiration to do better, notably Quintus Curtius, who I regard as one of the ethical pillars and towering intellects of our community.

spiritmaze said:
...the women here are traditional and have an old fashioned family oriented values system that is hard to find in the West.

spiritmaze said:
Filipinas have a very sacred sense of their own virginity.

I wonder if you’re aware of the sizable number of men on this site who are (1) seeking out a virgin or at least a conservative, unbroken girl for a wife (e.g., Travesty), or (2) who already have discovered the value of such screening by converting one themselves (e.g., Strikeback). The fact that virgin and inexperienced women are the most reliable wives represents one of the hardest red-pill truths for people, especially women to swallow. What's more, the mission to find these women is so valuable, and so challenging, that some RVFers like Travesty are willing to travel all over the world just to find one. Even the boss himself, Roosh, has stated he would prefer a virgin wife.

To a large extent, your view and experience of the world is a reflection of yourself. So if you want a trustworthy woman, then be a trustworthy man.

spiritmaze said:
Referring to Filipinas in a derogatory manner is widespread, mainstream and ancient... Blogs and forums discussing filipinas as sex objects are all over the internet...
I think what's really going on is you feel threatened by guys like me who are mopping up in the Philippines, and you're white knighting under the guise of being offended by my racism.

spiritmaze said:
I understand that I have offended your fragile sensibilities...

Lots of people get robbed in the Philippines, so I'm gonna rob people too. Does that sound fair? Just because some behaviour is widespread, does not give you a moral get-out-of-free card to do it too. You other defensive prongs such as labeling the push back against your posts as "white-knighting" only provide further evidence of your need for superiority. It's clear that you enjoy feeling above other people yet fail to recognize the depth of your own limitations. Such lack of awareness is a limitation in itself because being honest with yourself is a necessary step in the journey towards self-mastery. Being a truly free thinker means adopting a critical, balanced evaluation of opinions not just from the media and other people, but also in recognizing our own self-serving biases.


The value of integrity and self-control

While it is common for younger men to hurt a couple of girls by leading them because it's an easy way to avoid discomfort, most thankfully discover over time that faking your intentions not only hurts women but also leads to a lingering sense of shame and lowered self-confidence. Drip by drip, your soul will get poisoned. Conversely, when you develop the guts be up front, to walk away, and to not shy away from living out your true values, you start to sleep better, improve your self-respect and self-esteem, and enjoy the uplifting, ongoing pleasure inherent in authentic relationships.

We need to give both our mating and bonding compulsions serious thought, and it's up to us to resolve the conflict. After all, without the human ability to self-regulate, who wouldn’t be running around like little Sooty?


Baumeister and colleagues note: "The ability to alter one’s responses so as to bring them into line with ideals, moral values, social norms, laws, and other standards is an important key to success in life and one of the most important and distinctively human traits... Self-regulation can be the trump card of personality."


Giving advice

spiritmaze said:
I'm offering a lot of really helpful and educational stuff, but I'm not getting anything back aside hurt feelings.

spiritmaze said: are probably not deceiving girls much, treating them respectfully and playing straight, which is why it takes you longer to close them. Being honest never did me any favors

It's a bit sad that your presence here encourages guys like Zero1 to question their own honesty and connection with women as weaknesses that cost them bangs, rather than personal strengths and feelings to cherish.

I read a few of your posts but couldn't see anything "really helpful and educational". If I could summarise your game -- and I am using this word loosely here – it would be this: be very horny, be handsome, be white, do mass texting, screen for high interest and/or slutiness, don't waste time on anything but meeting them as soon as possible and near your place, call them out for flaking, fake stability, long-term intentions and other traits of a potentially ongoing suitor, then bang asap, treat them like a fuck toy, kick them out, ignore them when they contact you, next. Now, I can't see how this adds anything new here, considering there are already countless posts from similar guys from the 'path of least resistance' camp.

I know it can be tough when you feel backed into a corner online. However, people will respect you a lot more if you acknowledge your own areas for improvement or adjust your communication based on the feedback, rather than responding with counter-attacks. If you are genuine about sharing intel, my suggestion would be to reconsider your approach by asking yourself, "How can I outline my game in a more effective manner?"

While you may not have been received here with open arms, I can think of a few people who may like to hear from you. Based on your stated "entitlement", blatant disregard for Filipinas, self-centred worldview, overconfidence, and compulsive, rationalised deception, your approach could be an interesting subject for dark triad researchers, given the following passage from Jonason and colleagues: "...characteristics collectively known as the Dark Triad (i.e. narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism) were correlated with various dimensions of short-term mating but not long-term mating... Findings are consistent with a view that the Dark Triad facilitates an exploitative, short-term mating strategy in men".

All flippancy aside, I would say that you have high IQ, are well-educated, have good social skills and a lot of internal drive among several other strengths. I just think it's a shame that you are not putting these abilities to good use by adding value and good vibes to the world.


Potential for change

spiritmaze said:
Sex addiction is a curse my friend. My lifestyle has cost me friends and jobs. I'd still say it's been worth it, but it has huge downsides.

I don't expect you to suddenly curb your seemingly insatiable need to bang around, because such radical behaviour change usually needs to be triggered by a serious motivator -- typically pain rather than pleasure, and you don’t seem close to having an existential crisis or hitting a new low.

Still, I am writing not just in the view to give value to the readers, but also in the chance that you might consider the far-reaching consequences of breaking these women and honestly ask yourself, “Is the ongoing damage I am doing really worth a few moments of pleasure?” and "When I look back on my life, will I be proud of what I have accomplished?". There is always hope for change - sex addiction is treatable.


Online vs real life

spiritmaze said:
My intention is not to come here and brag... Seems I'm the only one succeeding at my level.

digitalconquistador said:
Sorry, but your posts reek of basement dweller fapping to delusional fantasies. Either that, or you're one of the many really handsome white guys I see climbing into trikes with Visaya-looking chubsters.

If you are indeed a true Alpha Male, I’m sure you’ll have no problem backing up your online words in real life. Perhaps you can meet up with some RVFers if you'd like to disprove such skepticism and demonstrate your super game. There are plenty of members in the Philippines so this shouldn't be difficult. No matter my criticism, feel free to send me a PM when you come back to Sydney, because I believe the face-to-face context has more power to spark serious thought and change.


In conclusion

I don't have a problem with you banging tinder sluts night after night, but at least show some integrity and decency by walking away from virginal or naive, unbroken girls. I am confident this will make you feel better about yourself, and this inner peace will last far longer than the ever-fleeting pleasure from any bang.




Roosh: Kingmaker Podcast - The Danger Of Hedonic Adaptation

This podcast explores the hedonic treadmill, which states that people will adapt to pleasure over time, making its pursuit a marginal endeavor. Through four life examples, I show how this adaptation affects your perceptions of both pleasure and pain, before discussing the implication that we will eventually adapt to anything encountered in the material world. I share my thoughts on how to deal with this awareness and how I used it to make a recent decision that came after a negative event in my life.


Quintus Curtius: When What is Expedient Conflicts With What Is Morally Good

A reader feels frustrated because it seems that he is not being rewarded for his ethical behavior. He thinks unethical people are being rewarded wrongly. He sees a conflict between what is ethical, and what is advantageous, and wants to know how to resolve it.


Jordan Peterson: Gender Pronouns and Free Speech War (Part 2 of 2)*

Jordan Peterson (Professor of Psychology) joins Dave Rubin to discuss the gender pronoun controversy he has found himself in, political correctness, free speech, and more.

*Note: skip to 19:33 for the discussion on truth and personal integrity

Barry Schwartz: The paradox of choice

Barry Schwartz tackles one of the great mysteries of modern life: Why is it that societies of great abundance — where individuals are offered more freedom and choice (personal, professional, material) than ever before — are now witnessing a near-epidemic of depression? Conventional wisdom tells us that greater choice is for the greater good, but Schwartz argues the opposite: He makes a compelling case that the abundance of choice in today's western world is actually making us miserable

*Note: in addition to the embedded Youtube vid, this TED link reports 45 subtitled languages and a download option.


Men in previous generations needed less game experience... and it's still dependent on your social environment
It is unwise to get married without knowing through personal experience what both good and bad girls look like
• Social- and sex-related rewards, two of the most powerful drivers in human behaviour: link 1, link 2
The exclusion of hypersexual and compulsive sexual behavior in the DSM-V does not negate its real-life significant
Trend towards pessimism (e.g., “All women are potential sluts and not to be trusted”)
• Inability to bond to new partners, and decreased sensitivity of dopamine reward circuits - akin to drug desensitization: link 1, link 2, link 3
Delayed decision-making and investment
Player fatigue is an inevitable experience for almost all men as they begin to feel the diminishing returns of banging random chicks
Increasing prevalence of STDs
This postmodern culture of technology-based consumption and choice... the implications reach far beyond the conception of most people
Dagonet and speakeasy reflect on the problems with trying to mute the adaptation to variety fostered over years of playing the field
Too much choice is decidedly not better; Schwartz and Ward
• Treatment for sex addiction: link 1, link 2
Self-regulation can be the trump card of personality
Without the human ability to self-regulate, who wouldn’t be running around like little Sooty?
And all for what? ... ego validation that [is] fleeting as the weather
• Virgins make the best wives: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4
Men on this site who are seeking out a virgin
• ...or who have discovered the value of such screening by converting one themselves
• ...Some RVFers are willing to travel all over the world, from continent to continent, just to find one
Even the boss himself, Roosh, has stated he would prefer a virgin wife
• Quintus Curtius, one of the ethical pillars and towering intellects of our community: link 1; article on neomasculine ethics, link 2; homepage
"Findings are consistent with a view that the Dark Triad facilitates an exploitative, short-term mating strategy in men"
...radical behaviour change usually needs to be triggered by a serious motivator -- typically pain rather than pleasure

Avon Barksdale

Gold Member

jariel said:

For this two-part installment of Real Talk Sessions, I want to talk about your self-confidence and women who act as confidence killers, a topic I recently discussed here.

Your Self-Confidence

As a man, you don't have anybody to there-there you when times get rough. We understand that life is difficult, it's a challenge that we have to look for any ways possible to enjoy before we no longer have it presented to us. A lot of men in this game have the game all fucked up. They're allowing their success with women to define them as men. So we congratulate the players, i.e. the guys who get all the sex and goodies from women they can handle, and we diss the scrubs who can't get a woman to respond to their text messages.

Validation is something that all human beings need in some form, however, the difference between a man's validation and a woman's validation is monumental: a man is validated by society when society recognizes he is of a high-caliber, it's his efforts that create a perception that other people will respect, follow, listen to, cater to, want to be around, etc. The fact that they do that is his validation, he doesn't actively seek it, it presents himself to it because he is worthy of it. Meanwhile, a woman actively goes after her validation. She posts a picture of herself in her best outfit and in full makeup, just so she can have a bunch of thirsty strangers tell her how pretty she is, the things they would do to her sexually, and the things they would do for her, all that, when all they allowed them to do is look at her.

Your path towards validation requires a body of hard work over a long period of time.

Her path requires the right angles and an IPhone.

Those who lack validation allow that to shape the opinion they have of themselves. That is to say, if a guy doesn't get women, then he won't have any confidence that he can get women. But again, you have the game backwards.

You are responsible for your self-confidence.

What are the things that you do in your life that give you the sense that you are a high-caliber man who other people would want in their lives?

That's a deep question that requires some real introspection.

I have a few things that I do to keep my confidence as high as it can be:

1. I take care of my body: I workout regularly and I adhere to a nutritional regimen that every once in a while I break away from to have something that I really want that isn't too bad for me.

2. I take care of my appearance: I only wear clean, wrinkle-free clothes when I'm out in public. I also get tapes -- the lining around my hair -- every week so that even if my hair is long, it looks neat. I keep my nails clipped and do other little things towards good, personal hygiene regularly.

3. I don't spend my money like a fool: I used to go out five times a week, regularly. I only don't now because the ROI on going out is too low in my opinion, even though I still enjoy a good party. I've always been able to go out so much because I didn't allow myself to spend too much money while I was out. I also don't need to be drunk to talk to women, so I keep the drinks to a minimum, over the past year I've only gone out sober. I went out with an acquaintance recently and he ended up spending $400 in one night, and now won't be going back out for a couple of months. I texted him the other night when I was heading out, and he told me "how lucky I was and he wished he could go out regularly".

4. I don't deal with confidence killers: Will discuss that more in the next part.

5. I do things that I genuinely want to do and reject anything that I don't want to do: Women will do shit like go to a club because it's someone's birthday, but act completely anti-social and have a bitch face the entire time that demonstrates they'd rather be anywhere else. Fuck that. If I don't want to be there, or do that, or whatever, then I'm not going to, and not going to allow anyone to obligate me to do anything for any reason.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to belabor the point. You have to have your own laundry lists of things that you do that make you feel good about yourself and your ability to go out into the world and kick some ass.

Don't allow a woman's reaction to you to define who you are as a man and where you're at in life as a result, you make your own definition, and either they understand you and want to be down, or you're over the heads and they don't/can't.

The Confidence Killers (Part 2)

When I previously spoke about women as confidence killers, I talked about a specific group of women, usually older, jaded women who fuck with a guy they know is the shit and then actively do some shit along the way to try to kill his confidence. Those women aren't the only confidence killers out there.

Most women will actively do things that will knock you off your game, but while the former do it to hurt you, the latter do it for self-preservation and other selfish reasons.

In this community we talk about hypergamy, a concept that is real and that I believe in theory, but in practicum, I don't think it's as hard-lined as others may believe.

The reason I feel that way is simply that most women, even though they may want a man who's an upgrade, can't handle a man who's an upgrade.

I used to date a girl who absolutely loved my fashion sense, and then after a while she started to resent it. She realized that she loved how I looked, and it was obvious that other women did too -- friends of hers would go on and on about how good I looked all the time -- so she asked me to tone it down, that I didn't need to look so nice all the time.

The way I present myself to the world is how I feel about myself. I don't do it to get attention from women. So to ask me to do something that is inherently a part of who I am is to ask me to be something that I'm not.

I immediately cut her off.

If you're with a chick who can't deal with the fact that other women would want to fuck you, that's a problem, mostly because it means she doesn't want to compete, and if she doesn't want to compete with other women to keep your attention, then that really means she doesn't want to compete for you. If a woman wants to stay at her best for you because that's how you want her, and she'll actively do the little things that help you stay on top of your game as well, then she's a keeper.

If she's the type of bitch that wants to slide you ice cream after every meal to fatten you up, change your wardrobe so that you look unattractive and average, and other little slick subtle things women do to knock you offer your game, you have to drop them off, immediately.

You're a man. The world is trying to kick your ass every day. You have to actively work so you can kick it's ass every day. You won't win all the battles, but the goal is to win the war. The goal is to be able to say you crossed the finished line and what you wanted in life was waiting there for you, validating all of your hard work, you're not entitled to a damn thing.

Do the work, avoid that which works against you, including many of these women out here, who will never care about you as much as they care about themselves, and honestly, most of them don't care about themselves at all, so that should really put into context where you fit in as far as they are concerned.

Mess O.

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Also, of note, if she is trying to stick it in raw your first time fucking, especially if it is an ONS situation then understand she does this with every dude, you are not that special.



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From the second Dan Bilzerian thread

Dodgy said:
rudebwoy said:
^He pays girls to hang out with him, I don't respect that at all.

When the money is gone, then so are the girls.

No one is hating on him, he is fake.

This is a game forum, not a simp forum.

Unfortunately Rudewboy this will fall on deaf ears. You're older and don't understand millenials. They take the old adage "Fake it till you make it" and turn it into just "Fake It." Because making it requires too much time, sacrifice, discipline, pain and hard work that these kids don't want to put in.

And although this is a Game Forum, most of these millennials that come on here don't want to learn Game. It's too hard and takes too much time. That's why a significant amount of shit in Game and Travel sections can be summed up as "How can I get the most sex with the hottest girls without putting in substantial time, work or sacrifice to get them."

Instead of grinding and achieving, they would rather look for short cuts or "hacks." So they would rather be bartenders than doctors, because they want to believe a bartender at the Yardhouse with shitty tribal tattoos gets more pussy than a doctor.

Or they want to be a club DJ. And the "Club DJ" perfectly represents the laziness of millennials. Club DJs don't play their own music, they play other dudes music. So rather than spend years learning music to become someone like Tiesto, these kids want the easy route and get laid and paid off another man's hard work.

And that's why they love social media and constantly prattle on about how IG followers is DHV, and idolize some one like Bilzerian because he's the ultimate example of their "Fake It" mantra. These kids think that if they have a lot of followers and become Instafamous then hot girls will see their high follower count and start Dm'ing then nude pics and begging to suck their cocks.
It's the perfect fantasy for the lazy millenial. No effort to either achieve anything, or become a high value man; just post some pretty pictures, get famous and then watch the girls get wet over how many followers you have.

And when you call these kids on their social media bullshit, they always recoil defensively and argue that "you old guys just don't get it." And their right. Old guys don't understand why someone would spend their time pretending to live a certain lifestyle when they can put that time into creating one for real.

Old guys don't understand the mindset of wanting to be famous for nothing. In ancient times if you wanted to be famous you picked up a baseball bat/football/basketball/guitar or whatever, and got to work.

But these kids don't want to work. Or to use their own lingo, these kids don't want no smoke.

That's why instead of going out into the world and getting their hands dirty, they would rather sit on their ass and trade crypto. That's why they don't want to do the hard things to become successful with girls, they just want "access." They think if they become bartenders or Instacelebs then they don't have to approach because girls will come to them. But by that logic they should be supermarket cashiers, because hot girls need to pay for those groceries right?

But it's just laziness, and then these kids hamster away their laziness by arguing that a component of game is access to hot girls. I don't know where that came from. If you want access to hot girls go approach them. Don't pretend to be hacking the system by being a bartender, Instaceleb or yoga instructor. This isn't smart and it isn't Game. It's just laziness.

And you kids are lazy because of the technology you love so much. You grew up in the most technologically advanced time in human history. But all this tech bullshit, all your smart phones, and your Tinder and your UberEats have made you kids soft and decadent.

And there's no amount of followers or social media fame that can compensate for your softness. You kids can fake being an alpha all you want, but at some point you're going to have to show it. That's one reason why Bilzerian always has different girls coming through. Sure he's paying them no doubt, but if he was as badass as he projects himself to be you would think these girls would be willing members of a harem right? I mean isn't that the crux of hypergamy? So if he was as alpha as he projects, then why would these girls leave and mess with a lesser man?

But he's not badass in real life and these girls probably figure that out quickly. I bet his privigiled upbringing and lifestyle has made him soft and these girls realize that what is projected in photos, isn't congruent to how he is in real life. So they take his cash and bounce, because even gold digging thots want their men real and not fake.

And then you kids wonder why girls your age would mess around with guys in their 30s or 40s. Because girls need masculine polarity not high "follower-to-likes" ratios. And older guys are more masculine then you kids plain and simple. Because we don't play pretend, we make it in real life.

And girls have an inherent knack for sniffing out weakness in men, and I'm sure girls in their early twenties are getting awfully tired of constantly smelling weakness on dudes their own age. They want men; and there are no amount of social media followers that can mask the fact that you kids aren't men, but soft little boys.

Apologies for the long rant, but couldn't take it anymore.

P. S. And you kids make sure to stay off my lawn too.

Dodgy said:
a beer is enough said:
Maybe in your day and age, a man who had the balls to walk up to a random girl and strike up a conversation with her, a man who had "game", was "mentally tough" and all of those things would get the hottest girl on the block.

You'll be surprised about how often this still works. Even in the modern age...

a beer is enough said:
Well welcome to modern day game where this "soft" kid with thousands of Instagram followers, some trust fund brat or some doofus bartender gets the pussy. I don't like, I fucking hate it.

I'm not trying to call you out or take shots at you, but you of all of posters here need some tough love. Statements like the one above are just wrong. Instacelebs, trust fund brats and bartenders aren't the only guys having sex with hot women. This is so out of left field that I know you know that this isn't true; you just wish it were true, because then you wouldn't have to confront your own inadequacies with women and work to improve yourself. You can just blame it on the fact that you're not a bartender, or don't have 100k followers.

And that's my frustration with millennials because you're never the reason for you're shortcomings, you're never the problem; it's always someone or something else. You're not mentally tough enough to handle that you suck and need to improve. Unfortunately for you Beer, hot girls aren't fucking you because you're not a bartender; hot girls aren't fucking you because you're not a guy hot girls want to fuck.

And that's not going to change by running a bot and gaining 20k followers over night. And it's not going to change if you become a bartender. These are just convenient scapegoats for you to weasel out of putting in any work to get better looking and get better at Game.

And what happens if you become a bartender but the pussy doesn't flow like you though it would? Then what? Do you become a tattooed bouncer instead, because tattooed bouncers get more pussy than bartenders?

The excuse wheel never stops. It's like your progressive SJW millennial counterparts. They always have a reason for why they're not cutting it whether it's the patriarchy, the gender wage gap, old white men, whatever. They're too soft and weak to confront the fact that they're not good enough.

And that's what you need to do is realize that you're not good enough and put your head down and start grinding to get better instead of looking for cheap shortcuts.


Bronze Age Pervert said:
Hello I am new here. I am a man of leisure, with a Bronze Age outlook on the world.
I've lived in many parts of the world and am glad to give advice on traveling, on cuisine (a good meal is better than a bad sex0r), on red light districts.
I am lazy, I get rabid obsessions, I like to play squash, tennis, to lift weights, and to do impromptu wrestling.
I am for military rule and against democracy.

Bronze Age Pervert said:
I get disgusted at girls who want me because of "intelligence" or sense of humor, or profession, or anything extraneous; I want to be wanted because I make her hot and wet.

Bronze Age Pervert said:
I think wearing a suit sends the wrong message. Women have gay tastes now. They want to fuck a well-built guy wearing jeans and a tshirt that shows off his build. A suit sends the "I'm a good catch" signal; do you want them to introduce you to their mothers?

Should Women be Reduced to Breeding Stock?
To the people who are voting that women and men make good EUGENIC choices on their own, I would ask you, do you have any historical examples to back this up? The age of supposed sexual freedom in choosing one's mate has led to a steady decrease in human capital by almost any measure; economic, intellectual, and I would argue also aesthetic, if you look at the walking abortions that make up most of the world, and indeed the Western world, today.

A true eccentric

Mess O.

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. . . having bad game or being socially uncalibrated can get your life ruined if you work/study with females

- Roosh V

I'd go in a certain direction by saying that Game is largely a matter of achieving social calibration.
Spaniard88 said:
When I date a girl, she ceases to have male friends.

Male acquaintances, sure, somewhat acceptable as long as they're never spending any time together without others around. Male friends, no, absolutely not.

I adhere to the same standards in regards to female friendships when I'm in a relationship.

I think this is a huge part of the reason the divorce rate is so high in America. "Friends." Yeah right.

On a related note, I know a divorce attorney who tells me a large part of her client base comes from women who talk to "friends" on Facebook.

If your girl has males on her Facebook that are not your friends and are single, you're running unnecessary risks. Even if they are your friends, haha. If you're not married, don't have kids, it's whatever, but once you're married/have kids, you need to protect your investment.

Some of you guys don't understand how easy it is for a good looking guy to bang your girl if you're not keeping an eye on her.

I literally had a girl who has a fiance she's dated for about three years now begging me for my sperm a few months ago.

In this case, I didn't even provoke it, came out of the blue, the guy is a nice guy, lost his virginity to her, worships her, while she's pretty hot and had been with several guys before him. I've never slept with her, we had a date a few years back, but then instead of going on a second date with her, I started dating this other girl, and I don't like being duplicitous, so I let her know I was seeing someone and wouldn't be pursuing her anymore. She was cool about it, it actually made her want me/respect me even more. Well 3 years later, after I broke up with that girl, guess who sends me a friend request? The girl who now has a fiance, who she's been dating a while. We chat here and there every so often, and then she hit me with that request. It's not an infertility thing either, she just wants to have my children, but she knows I won't marry her, so she figured she could marry that guy, but still have my kids.

And this girl has a good job, is in her 20's, owns her own condo, and just bought her parents a brand new car and helped them expand their house. Responsible girl in that aspect, but in her own words, "I want good genes, you have good genes, I want your genes."

I actually have the entire conversation saved somewhere, it was a pretty nice ego boost, I kept trying to change the topic, and she wouldn't let it go. She was on a mission.

Girls with male "friends" are shit-testing you. It's a shit-test.


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Best advice ever given

LINUX said:

Next time you're in NYC, go to one of these swinger clubs.

Wear you a t shirt that says "I'm a virgin."

I guarantee you, one of these women will drag you to the play area and fuck your brains out just for the story of it. Swingers are always looking to do crazy stuff and they are always looking for fresh meat, especially virgins.

Better than paying a prostitute and a funnier story to remember as you age. Being surrounded by swingers can also teach you direct game, to some extent.

Don't take life to seriously.


This is, word for word, the advice I would give someone who ask about "Pussy Paradise because, where I live, women are shit"
Captainstabbin said:
Ask, what does a 30 (or 40 or 50 etc) year old man have that an 18 year old man doesn't? You'll probably have a lot of answers.

Now ask, what does a 30 (or 40 or 50 etc) year old woman have that an 18 year old woman doesn't? Nothing. If anything, she has a lot less. Less innocence, less fertility, less desire to please her man, etc. The only things she has move of are things men don't a sick shoe collection.


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jariel said:
As the value of woman in society is not measured by intelligence but by completely different standards (in fact, there are no standards: man needs her and that is enough), she may be as stupid, in appearance or in reality, as suits her convenience.

It is my opinion that this book is a must-read for one to be taken seriously as a red-pill thinker and player.

To participate on the game board, one should have to quote at least one passage, as I did above, and connect that passage to our modern-day reality.

The above passage is incredible, as it is the essence of all romantic-comedy entertainment. In such entertainment, there is never a clear-cut reason as to why the male character is in love with the female character. She may have notable negative qualities, yet for whatever unknown reason he is blinded with love over her to the point that he will do anything, even at his own detriment, to demonstrate his feelings and appease her desires.

The objects of their affection never do anything noteworthy for them.

It is my personal belief that a man can not possibly love a woman that he has neither married nor had children with. Furthermore, even in the presence of such conditions, there has to have been an extensive history between the two people. In other words, I wouldn't say there is love when people have known each for a year and the man decides to propose after the girl tells him she's pregnant because "it's the right thing to do."

Love is serious business.

It is a business that takes time for one to invest themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and a variety of other adverbs. None of those can be absent from the equation, for then it is not a relationship based off mutual respect, desire, and affection, but one of convenience, in which one or both parties use each other to placate their own needs.

Most of us men will never experience the true love of a woman other than our mother's love. If you're a high-value man, then a woman looks at you as a resource from which she can extract something that she desires. She will give you whatever she can so she can have it, but not because she wants you to have it, just simply because that's her currency.

If you ever want to see a girl put real feelings, emotions, and time into someone, watch what she does for her female friends.

For another woman, she will work, sacrifice, worry, etc.

For you, she will make excuses.

We must thank Esther Vilar for such an honest perspective on the psychology of females. The problem most men have, blue-pillers and fake red-pillers, is that they invest too much time trying to fit women into ideal frames that fit their view of the world and other people. They are often surprised, and eventually angry, when those people demonstrate a reality to them that they refuse to see.

Wake up.

The woman is your adversary first and foremost. If she wants to be your teammate, it will take a conscious effort on her part to demonstrate that to you. That demonstration must be executed over an extended period of time so that you can see it through a variety of circumstances.

Love is serious business.

Make her work for yours.



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Noir does a fantastic breakdown about the state of game and how men have inflated women's value so much:

This is within another thread on how the world is changing and how game is:

Noir said:

The main theme I noticed is that women's idea of themselves has greatly improved (read: entitled and demanding).

They no longer think they're the shit, they know they are the shit.

The stock market effect of social media has clarified everyone's worth and removed any element of mystery from men, for the most part.

This is covered in detail by previous posters.

The causes are not social media. The causes are men.

Women set the market price and we have accepted that. We provide the liquidity to drive up the price of pussy, driven by thirst.

Guys are giving so much, more than ever, just to hear a girl fart through a walkie talkie. It becomes hard when guys are spoiling girls to such a ridiculous extent without the girls warranting it. It's literally a response and pedestalization of their looks.

Women now have status. This is one of the main changes, thanks to social media. This false notion of status by virtue of being hot has made them demanding.

The collective thirst of men has driven the price of pussy up. The girls have become self-aware and raised the barriers of entry to their pussy. I am talking the ones we aim for, the 8s and above. I spend a lot of time around girls who are hot and desired, 1000s of IG followers and on the 'scene'. I hear them talk about these guys all the time and ask myself or my mates for our opinion. They question me on why I don't adhere to this bullshit.

I can pull off lays and keep girls around for a certain amount of time but the sheer pressure they put on me to devote time/money/effort to keep them around is ridiculous. As per my thread from last week, the beta receptive girls are increasing as a response to this trend.

The secret society used to be guys that 'get it'. Now it's guys that 'get it and can provide it'. Discretion is slowly going out of the window with social media and girls are paranoid about this that they only pick the best of the best (socially approved) partners. If you're gonna find out, then you better know it was with the top of the food chain.

Discretion is so scarce that it's more important than ever; it's a prerequisite to getting laid. These hotties are fucking multiple guys and manage to keep that shit on the down low, really well for a short period of time before pressuring the guys in to a relationship. Even then, the guys wag their tails like dogs to even get the chance to wife them up. You can be discreet but she will decide for how long that lasts, depending on the calibre of the guy she is fucking.

This is why I talk about letting them fill in the gaps. The less you say, the more trusted you are, the better.

They assume you're one of these guys and you set yourself apart by sprinkling cheekyness and by challenging them on this but even that has it's expiry date due to the pressure mentioned above.

The pie of guys getting some has also decreased. The rules have changed. Financial security is key. It's an arms race to tie down the top guys.

It's a good/bad thing. Good because competition is less (from top men), especially if you're in this %. It's bad because the pool is drying up and the quality of fish is decreasing. Women know they can get away with minimum effort past their aesthetic maintenance.

Women have become more materialistic as such. It's not a good or bad thing, it just is. This is why you rarely find 8s being single, they have guys queuing 3 blocks down just to sniff her seat after she gets up.

So yes, it's our fault for setting the bar so high and spoiling these bishes who don't deserve it past being the lucky sperm that got good genetics. For pedestalizing looks over behaviour (over a long enough timescale).

Another positive is that it's become easier for 35 year olds to get their 20-25 year old by playing this game. You can find a woman of this age who is willing to marry you because they are more aware of the game and that they want resources. Your resources. It just comes with terms and conditions.

This is why the sharpest guys will kill it. They are in a better predictive capacity and able to set the rules of negotiation. Simply by being around women like this 24/7, you build the muscle to handle this shit too. You're on their radar which further propels you in to this world.

The thirst is real.

Example time, based off my daily and weekly conversation with hotties;

My friends sister (beautiful, 8), is 24 and she works overseas in one of the richest cities in the world (French riviera). She calls him last night and he puts her on loud-speaker to listen to her talk her shit about guys, while we're chopping up veggies and making dinner.

33 year old guy is flying over to her from Italy, every weekend and renting out chateaus, penthouses, going to wine farms, helicopter trips, chartering yachts and the list goes on. 2 months in (!). The sheer amount of time this guy has put in is what we would usually put in over a year. This guy has crammed this into 2 months.

Quality quotes from her:

"I am finally being treated as I should"
"He's moving mountains to see me, he is crazy"
"He baked me a cake (??)"

She also told the story of some old lady who saw them at a fancy restaurant and told him "consider yourself lucky with a woman like this".
Cheers lady.

My first thought, listening to her on the phone, was "thanks bro, you're just fucking up the rest of these women for us". What a bro.

He's providing the liquidity for the obscene market price that it's the normal price now.

For the poker players, you can't limp in anymore, your blinds are getting raised so high that you can't get a flop for cheap.

As for these girls, they can't go from a Rolls Royce to a Prius, their standards are set now.

They're all jumping gleefully, comparing all these guys and putting themselves on these guys radar.

As for her, she doesn't find him attractive and she doesn't really care for him but he showers her with gifts and this basically buys him more 'lives' like a video game. This is to paraphrase what she said.

He is buying himself more chances at locking this pussy down through this behaviour. She is becoming more beta receptive because this is what she is getting used to.

I told her, "good luck getting rid of him, when you get bored".

She says "I know and he wants to marry me, 2 months in".

You can refer to my posts in the Hoes of Instagram thread but to summarize, EVERY 8+ girl I know (looks and personality) have set up high net-worth booby traps and are pretty much running their version of The Bachelor.

It doesn't seem efficient, to me, to even go down this route, in my mid 20s. I leverage what I can (social circle/looks/game) and this is all I am willing to do right now, until pussy becomes scarce (if ever).

Hell, I am forced to go for 18-23 year olds because half of them haven't woken up to this fact yet. The other half is full on tuned in.

I am at a club (probably one of the oldest people there), sitting in the VIP area and I head to the bar. I nod at these two girls next to me who were checking me out (probably because of where I was sitting, not because of my looks) and give them a "sup, you're cute, come talk to me later on. I am sitting there with my friends".

They come over, one has a drink and the other one doesn't.
I say to girl A "Where's your drink?"
Girl B: "Aren't you going to buy her one?"
me: "Do I look like an ATM?"
B: "Yes"
me: "What kind"
B: "A really rich one" (this was a really great line, in fairness. Not her first rodeo)
me: "ha, I'll meet you at the bar"

They go wait at the bar. I get there and notice this blonde number wearing just a corset (looked like a bra to me honestly) and I congratulate her on her wedding. I tell her it's obvious she is on a hen party.

I nailed it but she clarifies that she's a dancer and Bulgarian. I drop some Bulgarian. She demands we have a tequila shot as she is impressed. Fine.

I down the tequila and immediately look at these two gold-diggers at the bar (still waiting expectantly for the sweet nectar of free drinks), looking at me bemused. Flash a wink and a nod. Take this girl to the table.

She was also 23. Day and night between these girls.

The two are in on the game. The other one probably is too but she didn't piece it together.

The one saw me at the VIP prior. The other didn't and I connected and then took her.

I say this story because it's kind of my MO now, women are sharks and so eager to put you in to the provider category. They want to fucking date you, have your kids, hold you down as soon as they catch a glimpse of opulence, provided you look cool, fun and aren't a gremlin.

If girls even sniff you got some money or status, they come out with the full 10 yards of gold-diggery and they're armed to the teeth like John Rambo.

It took them 5 minutes before some other guy was buying them drinks. Thanks guy, you reinforced the problem again.

Hell, this girl was buying me tequila so my response was to take her to the car and chop a line.

It's always quid pro quo now because they got another 10 guys lined up.

Know when to give and take.

The theme is indeed this, women have a crazy high idea of themselves.

Well, I think that's also due to the fact that we no longer give credit to natural beauty. It's become such a rarity that people have forgotten about it. A girl can be gorgeous and I won't even be able to tell past the 2kg of makeup caked on her face.

The standards of what is BEAUTIFUL have been reduced to AVERAGE girls being able to look 'hot'.

Tinder did this. Reality TV did this. Instagram filters did this.

10 years ago, you would take a photo and pray to god you came out looking decent. Now they take 17 pictures, choose the best one, edit it and still go on.

Society now, places less on natural beauty and more on fake beauty because fake is accessible. Any girl can be 'hot'. Any girl can fake it.

The barriers of entry to being a hot girl have been reduced because we allow 6s to feel hot and are fine with shitloads of makeup, editing and plastic surgery to let them look hotter.

The 8s permit it because it means that the 6s are taking care of so many guys that the 8s can focus on the elite men. It's an artificial supply of hotness. It dilutes the pool of hot women.

More girls feel hot. More guys fall for this and drive the price of pussy up. Easier to be viewed as a hot girl today than ever before. Their egos are boosted and become more picky. Guys pick up on this and resort to rewarding this shit hoping they get some tail.

Then you got guys with game and on this level, absolutely killing it.

I meet 4-5 new girls weekly, at a trot. I am not killing it, I am just taking it easy because anything past that fucks up my life balance. I can't be coming home on a Thursday at 2:30AM anymore.

These girls aren't going anywhere and you can still meet, funnel, bang. This is just from random conversations during the day and IF I head to a bar, I'll chat up a few girls but I no longer have the inclination to cold approach like a rabid dog. You figure out which girls respond to this and which ones are out with their friends before their boyfriends or fuckbuddies collect them and bang their brains out.

You acknowledge this because you know you got a girl like this as well, you let her go out and other guys pump her buying temp before she comes to you to take care of her sexual urges. She comes and goes for a few months until she hits you with that pressure because some other guy is trying to wife her up and doesn't even know she's sitting on your face while she reads his messages to you.

The rulebook has changed because guys who have no game cannot emotionally stimulate women so they give them the lifestyle and tools to put themselves out there and have others emotionally stimulate them instead. Then they make themselves available for sex.

As long as guys do that, then the girls are satisfied because they have outsourced their emotional needs to other avenues and use the guys as drilling machines for when they are needed.

You might argue this was always the case and it was but the frequency of it is what's accelerated this and made this the norm, not the exception now. We are meeting more people than ever before and this is why game is still valid because you're making a solid impression.

Same triggers, different methods.

Some shit remains the same but some shit has changed because women now think they are more special than ever despite being copy/paste of each other. It's massively ironic and I find myself just nodding at their shit.

Then you meet a woman who actually is special and can connect and it's amazing and the problem with this is that you've auto-pedestalized her by virtue of being different. Sometimes I will conflate being different with being special and this is problematic for me too because usually it's a matter of time before they revert to the mean and end up being another copy/paste woman.

Trust women to be women.

If you figure out the chinks in their armour, it's pretty easy but can be morally conflicting.

You feel as if you're rewarding this shitty behaviour but you gotta eat too, you know?
John Michael Kane said:
Men climb the mountain to reach the top, women complain that there is a mountain top and declare wherever they to be the new mountain top.

I think the only mountain these fatties are climbing is the Big Gulp of Mountain Dew at 7-11. Just revolting. She says that her health is nobody else's business, but you want to bet she wants us to subsidize her healthcare when she completely falls apart in just a few short years? Before the modern era, selfish people like Tess would be thrown out of the village. I'd still encourage it, but I wouldn't want to hurt the backs of the men (or break a forklift) who would have to do it.


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louiebeans said:
John Michael Kane said:
Men climb the mountain to reach the top, women complain that there is a mountain top and declare wherever they to be the new mountain top.

I think the only mountain these fatties are climbing is the Big Gulp of Mountain Dew at 7-11. Just revolting. She says that her health is nobody else's business, but you want to bet she wants us to subsidize her healthcare when she completely falls apart in just a few short years? Before the modern era, selfish people like Tess would be thrown out of the village. I'd still encourage it, but I wouldn't want to hurt the backs of the men (or break a forklift) who would have to do it.


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