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Giovonny said:
You are a chef at a hotel? You have a lot of hot guests at the hotel..

You should be banging the guests!

But, I know you can't because of the law. Thats bullshit!

A hotel chef should be allowed to fuck the hotel guests!

That makes me sick. You have a great niche in a great location but you can't take advantage of it because some lawyer will say that you violated the law. I want kill myself right now!

Gio is the best.


Excellent post by Samseau.

Nearly everyone here is verbalizing this almighty aspect of game wrong, but I know everyone's intentions are in the right place.

It's not that you don't care/give a fuck. It's that you don't care/give a fuck about the opinions others have of you. That's the money difference.

Obviously, you need to give a fuck. For most guys, not giving a fuck means staying at home watching movies/playing games and smoking weed. Not giving a fuck also means not caring enough to approach girls, hell if you really didn't care you'd get a hooker. Also, not giving a fuck might mean you're okay with beating up women, stealing from the poor, and doing other immoral things. Because you don't give a fuck.

The essence of inner game is, "I do what I think is right and that's that." There are plenty of things to care about, and give a fuck about, and work towards with passion.

When I am rejected, I do care that the girl I approached didn't turn out in a favorable manner. "Tch Tch. She's cute. She had potential." Oh well. Time to hit on another girl.

On the other hand, when I get blown out I sure as hell don't care if the girl likes me or not, I don't care if other guys thought my approach was bad or good, I don't care if the girls call me a creep or think I'm sexy. In no shape or form is my disappointment reflected in my bodily mannerisms, because I do not care if they know if I'm disappointed or not. The opinions others have of you count for shit.

And when the haters come rolling around, what do you do? Do you say, "Fuck you"? Or do you try and explain what you are doing (thereby qualifying yourself)? Or do you really not give a fuck about what they think of you?

Because if you truly don't care about the opinion others have of you, the only response you can give to your critics is "Okay." And then you keep doing whatever you wanted to do in the first place.

3000 years from now it will not matter what a random dude/girl said about you in the year 20xx. 300 years from now it will not matter. 30 years from now it will not matter. 3 years from it will not matter. 3 months from now it will not matter. 3 weeks from now it will not matter. 3 days from now it will not matter. 3 hours from now it will not matter. 3 minutes from now it will not matter.

Why? Because the opinions people have of other people do not matter


Ice Man giving his take on conversations

I see a lot of talk about questions, which I think is not an ideal way to create a comfort and interest building conversation.

In my experience, a good natural conversation involves very few questions, and only in a peripheral way. Think about how you talk with someone you are comfortable with, an old friend. You are making statements, observations etc, and then the other person volleys back with a related thought. There are very few "What do you think about...?" "Do you like..." type back and forth. The stuff you want to know and share is fleshed out by both of you just talking, not asking questions.

I find girls, everybody really, becomes much more comfortable when you skip all the "where are you from", "you got any siblings", "oh what is your favorite store here" type filler questions. I just start talking, making an observation that I know will likely elicit them to talk more about whatever it is, then I return a thought, back and forth etc. That is how two people who are comfortable talk. If you can "fake it till you make" for a couple minutes you will get this natural back and forth going. Not only is that just good conversation and good for comfort's sake, but it also subconsciously builds intrigue in her, as well as not coming off too interested and needy. It's win-win-win. I have got many girls extremely interested in a short amount of time by doing this, to the point that they have come after me after I walk away to give me their number, because we just had a real familiar and comfortable back and forth and I didn't ask her anything.

Often times I don't even ever ask their name. You ever watch how some dudes approach girls? Yo whats yo name? Just tell me your NAME girl!?, like her name holds the key to her vagina and if you just get her to SAY HER NAME then you are home free.

Forget about her name, forget about where she's going, does she live around here/shop here often/like this store.. these are filler questions and instant tells of your interest anyway.

Try an experiment of just dropping questions altogether. Put yourself in a position (physically and opportunity wise) that you can just start making an observation about something when next to a girl. If you do this correctly without being a weirdo it is a very powerful way to build interest and comfort quickly.
getdownonit said:
It's 95 degrees at 9:30 A.M. and the eggs are fucking perfect.


I don't understand the moral of this story. The girl he banged wasn't relationship material since she put out before commitment, therefore AWALT? No regrets for smashing on the side, that's how men should behave, etc?


Remember this: every girl on Tinder is a Chad.

I've been harping on and on about how dating apps have massively disrupted the sexual marketplace for several years now. When you see something like this, it becomes undeniable. This girl is legitimately disgusting looking, and yet I have no doubt she is telling the truth. She can easily find as many sexual partners as she wants while sitting on her fat ass in the comfort of her apartment. She can order up dick at the same time she orders her Uber Eats. A female 3 can get as much sex as she can handle without even having to leave her house. This is the modern sexual marketplace. Can you imagine what this is doing to the mentality of young women?

Now just imagine this girl is a 7 or 8 instead of a 3. What was a state of sexual abundance then becomes a literal never-ending flood of potential partners. A legitimately hot girl on a dating app is matching with EVERY MAN on there. From her perspective she literally has unlimited options. How can she ever settle? How can she NOT play the field, at least for several years? And then when she's finally had her fill of the unlimited dick on tap, how can she be expected to form a lasting bond with one man after experiencing years of unrestrained sexual variety and debauchery?

Dating apps are simply tools that allow women to have unlimited, anonymous casual sex with men 2 SMV points above them, and give true Chads access to a never-ending stream of 5s, 6s and 7s for almost zero effort. How is marriage even possible in such an environment?
Thanks Regent for holding the reins while I was gone. I will send you a check for contributions. LOL

Leonard D Neubache said:

There is no such thing as stagnant female friendship being a precursor to a worthwhile relationship.

There is no such thing as stagnant female friendship being a precursor to a worthwhile relationship.

There is no such thing as stagnant female friendship being a precursor to a worthwhile relationship.

You are either in a state of constant escalation until you're married with kids or it's dead.

You are either in a state of constant escalation until you're married with kids or it's dead.

You are either in a state of constant escalation until you're married with kids or it's dead.

High level players, check me on this, please. Am I too old and jaded or are these universal truths baked into the cosmos itself?!

Meanwhile, OP. Give us an example of a situation where a man's affections being "put on hold" were a precursor to a mutually beneficial relationship. I'm chasing down 40 and I can't think of a single one.

Not. One.
Leonard D Neubache said:
I generally like to stop and see if a stranded mootrist needs help but in all seriousness if they were driving a Prius I'd move the fuck on.

The whole point of driving a Prius is to say "I'm better than you." It's a virtue signal on wheels. Literally, because they were designed to be visually obtrusive so that the owners knew they were going to stand out as proper people.

I'd probably pull up and say "need help?"

If they said yes then I'd tell them, "that's good, the hardest part is admitting you have a problem."

I'd probably be half a mile away before they figured it out.


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I chuckle at this idea from time to time:

Leonard D Neubache said:
infowarrior1 said:

The madman in me wants to create a revenge movie cut out of the typical cloth. A man's beloved is raped and murdered by a coldblooded killer, only the victim is actually some fat omega's waifu.

Full range of clichés. The break and enter while he's away. The pitiful screams of resistance. The violent rape. The heartless execution. The return of the lover to find his world in tatters. His semen stained waifu has a .45 hole in her perfect little head, stuffing strewn from the exit wound.

The story arc is the omega's journey into masculinity as he seeks out revenge. Along the way he finds comfort in the arms of a real woman but has to wrestle with the guilt of betraying his dead waifu's memory. In the end he gets his man, but the twist is that he realises that the villain made a man of him.

All shot with 100% seriousness. No lampshading.

It could be epic.

Another Lenny quote from here
The sexual market is zero sum like the car market is zero sum. In theory nobody can drive more than one car at a time but the reality is that some people like to have multiple cars and some people just catch the bus or walk or ride a bike because they think the cost of a car is not worth the pay-off.

Complaining that the one guy fucking multiple chicks is robbing fat fedora boys of their waifu is nonsense. Most of those chicks would rather fuck a large-breed dog than a fat fedora boy. Trying to plan out the sexual market place through some sort of communist distribution theory would require total authoritarian control, and still fail miserably like everything communism touches.

The reality is that all the fat fedora boys have to do to get laid is improve themselves to the point where they can strip away the lowest level plate from an alpha male by offering exclusivity and emotional currency. If they're so fucking pathetic that they can't manage that then women are reduced to being plates for alphas or fucking large breed dogs.

Hell, if the army-level numbers of fat fedora boys want to grow a pair, burn down the current regime and reduce women back to slave status then that's just fine too, the irony being that if they had the nuts to do that then it wouldn't even be necessary in the first place.

But they get no sympathy from me. The betas of today would have been the omegas of the 1950's so it's little wonder women would sooner find alternatives than let soy up in their snatch.

Nobody truly benefits from being given something they don't deserve, and communist theory applied to the sexual marketplace is just as toxic a mentality as when it's applied to anywhere else.
scorpion said:
It's impossible for men to understand the horror that socially awkward, low-status men instill in women. And there's actually a good reason that women treat them as invisible and generally prefer to not even be around them at all: rape. You see, while today women are quick to toss around the word "rape" to cover basically any sort of unwanted attention from a man (as we see in this case), historically rape was a real thing. And it was real rape: a man using his physical strength to force a woman into having sex with him, violently if need be. And then he would cum inside her. And there was nothing she could do about it. Do you know how many children were fathered by rapists throughout history, especially during times of war and conquest? Rape is an enormous part of human history that is almost totally swept under the rug today.

Anyway, this is why a woman will utterly recoil from a socially awkward man in her proximity: because their genetic programming realizes that there is a possibility, however faint, that this absolute disaster of a man could rape her. Which itself isn't the bad part. The really bad part is that he could impregnate her when he raped her. Uh oh. Now she's forced to carry the child of the socially awkward omega male. She might try to abort it somehow (or even kill herself, many women used to kill themselves after rape - do we really believe it was from the shame of being raped, or was it more likely the pain of knowing she'd been impregnated by some disgusting, low-status guy?) But she's working against her genetic programming in either case - the child is still half her own, after all. So most women end up birthing the baby and making the best of it.

But this is why women absolutely cannot stand low status men and seek to avoid them like the plague. The deepest recesses of their brains are trying to prevent them from being raped and impregnated by a low status man. Such men literally instill a sense of horror in women, because they have the potential to hijack her genetics against her will and mix them with his own, which will likely prevent her from securing a better man in the future. It's a form of genetic death. Low status men are like the grim reaper to desirable young women: they want nothing to do with them and would rather pretend they didn't exist at all.

Buck Wild

Guns are useless without the will to fight - Leonard D Neubache

"But the absolute lowest common denominator undercutting this whole second amendment larping nonsense is that if gun rights were really about preventing tyranny then they're obviously irrelevant anyway. Americans live in a country where their wife can divorce them and then push his son into gender-reassignment therapy at age 5. Where a man in New York can stand outside a maternity ward only to be told the his soon-to-be son was aborted at the last second on the mothers instructions.

We don't deserve any rights. We've done virtually nothing to protect them much less secure them. And no, they don't emanate magically from God. He is the arbiter of our eternal souls, not our day to day lives down here in the the mud."


Cant find the original quotes. These are just quotes I copied on a notepad.

And if on top of that you love God more than any woman, and let all women know this, I think this will put you on a level that is beyond anyone's idea of alpha

Vladimir Poontang

the place you want to be is to be the guy who can attract the 20-25% of women who have the potential to be a high quality mate. In order to be able to attract a chick in that category, you have to have your life in order and a good bit of what the OP is saying makes sense. By lusting after trash women, you give them all of the power over you. Women control how women act only with guys who chase and lust after them like dogs in heat. Guys who are in control of themselves, have their emotions under control and don't jump at the first sight of a chick are the ones who will attract a better class of women.

Vladimir Poontang

Opportunity is not a place or a time, its an Attitude. Its everywhere for some
and nowhere to be found by others.
Bill Brown.


Sure, you probably won't be marrying her if she has to count to ten using her fingers and can't do twenty because her left foot is misshapen, but holding out for a university-educated woman only because she's likely to have a high IQbecause she goes to university is using the wrong metric.

Look instead for -- uni degree or not, and avoid Arts degrees like the plague -- whether she has her proverbial shit together. How does she manage money? Does she have a good relationship with a large extended family (which is predominantly of good character)? Does she run her house practically and efficiently even if she's single, or are there clothes and used sanitary devices left all over the place? Does she drink a lot or use drugs? I think what you're looking for is mostly good impulse control, because (to me) that's the sign of a brain that can, at least for a while, override the screaming, "Feels Before Reals" right side of the brain in favour of the more logical, emotionless left side of the brain. (And that side of the brain is also the one we're theoretically looking for when the phrase 'IQ' is being talked about.) I don't know what economic conditions are like in EE, but assuming it's not a university-recruiters paradise where every fool gets to have a degree after his name, there are lots of people -- male and female -- who have themselves together without having to have a university degree. Most of the signs of that will come from how you see her run her life, not from the piece of paper on her wall.



As far as your OP. Yes a woman can and will lose respect for a man if her perception of him is degraded. But way more impact-full to how she sees you than a bunch of punks yelling at you or even the loss of a job is how you see yourself.

Those other things are transitory externals. They can and will change. But your inner dialogue is at the core of who you are as a man and a woman responds to that on an instinctual level.

You need to stop being "fear" (negative) driven and focus on being a "desire" (positive) driven man.

In other words focus on what you want rather than what you dont want. This is applicable to ALL aspects of life be they, financial, spiritual, emotional, etc.

Nothing is more compelling to a woman than a man who knows what he wants and is boldly going after it. She wants a man that leads the way so she can follow

Papaya Tapper
Two great nuggets of wisdom for those that wish to pursue a stoic/ Christian life far away from the degeneration

I cope with societal decline by actively rejecting society. There is a strong connection between the micro and the macro. What are some reasons for societal decline? Promiscuity, debt, pornography, mindless media consumption, lack of education, obesity, atomization. There are ore, but lets just take those as an example. So I just do my best to do the opposite. I don't hook up, I am debt free, I don't consume pornography, mainstream tv/movies/music, I educate myself, I exercise, I do what I can to make abiding human connections. It feels like I am giving a middle finger to all the forces that wish ill upon me. Try it, make your existence an act of rebellion.

I think the offensive should be adopted. This "conserve" attitude is a recoil, a defensive and exposed position. It's what got us into this hairy mess with identity politics and all the other assorted bullshit. I live in a bubble I guess, of my own reality. But it is an anti-bolshevik bubble, and wherever I am, there is no bolshevism, and nothing that stems from bolshevism. No groid worship, no semitic preferences, no self-hatred, no ratting on my neighbors, don't talk to women unless they are in the way of something I need to get done, no apologies, and no lying, cheating, or stealing, unless it is to a bolshevik or a servant thereof. What there is, is decency, respect of my parents despite how different I am from them, daily prayers, and focusing on God's mission, which he has for all of us. I have many flaws, but find me one human without such traits and I will acquiesce to their moral highness.

The right mindset and framework to live your life is that of one who is not affected by this modern (aka satanic) world, which is no easy feat. I am not a luddite, but I spread my anti-tech message to most people because it is against nature to have something so invading to even act as a sort of net over our lives. I suppose I will stop posting here one day, when I feel my sentiments are shared by a larger majority, if so.
Great comments on the nature of the Beast

The one passage in Orwell's 1984 that stood out for me most was this one:

This passage is particularly powerful because it allows the reader to accept finally that he cannot simply go-along-to-get-along with a true tyrant. Even if he concedes utterly to all demands of him, he will still be made to suffer purely so that the tyrant knows for certain that the underling is not doing what he might do anyway, because if that were the case then the tyrant's power would be imaginary, and they cannot stand to not know if their own will is all encompassing.

Nothing about the world we live in will ever make sense to you unless you understand you live under an occupation and are thus subject to the rules of the occupiers. If you do not start from there, you will search for multiple explanations and rationalizations that will lead you to ineffective ends. You are not an active participant in politics and public debate, you are it’s problem. Public debate is debating why you’re the problem, politics is about dealing with that problem. The opposition in debate simply offers an alternative path to your destruction, the end goal is never resisted. We cannot seek to influence the debate or enter politics we can only hope to smash it.

Your humiliation is the enemies goal. To take a hit and fight on is honorable. To take a beating every day is just sad. Humiliation robs you of your humanity, your will, your reason to fight on. Humiliation takes everything from you and debases it in front of all, it robs you of being worthy of empathy. It has been used by every occupier in history, it is our natural primal understanding of defeat. The Ottoman practice of köçek was an ultimate example, similar to the concept of “Drag Kids” in modern America. Köçeks were a combination of dancers, clowns and prostitutes, they were young non-Muslim boys taken from their parents and trained to be willful sexual objects and entertainers for the Turks
The goal was to have the occupied think “If we allow that to be done to our boys what else can they do?” The answer is anything. It is full spectrum domination of the conquereds mind.

Your enemy doesnt want gay pride parades in your street, drag queens in your adverts, your son transgender, your parents dead from opioids, your daughter race mixing, your meat replaced with bugs all while your media laughs at you because they think it’s for anyones benefit. They want it because they know you dont want it but cant stop them, they want to humiliate you. There isnt any other reason.
An extremely insightful and well substantiated post by scorpion that woke me up to the dangers of social media

We are only just beginning to understand the damage that social media is doing, particularly to women and children, who are more easily influenced by peer pressure. At some point it will be widely recognized that social media is essentially an electronic drug, and that it can only be used safely in strict moderation, like alcohol is by most people. I believe it should be illegal to allow anyone under the age of 16 to use a smartphone or tablet. You literally might as well just hand them crack cocaine. You're completely fucking their brains up either way.

Humans just aren't designed for the constant dopamine hit that social media provides. It's basically a form of compulsive masturbation, but of the ego instead of the genitals. People cannot resist the urge to have their egos stroked by receiving attention. They get a high from it. And so just like any other addict, they go to ever-increasing lengths to receive that high. It is a sickness.
An extremely insightful and well substantiated post by scorpion that woke me up to the dangers of social media

This quote made me think about how my four stepdaughters spend most of their waking moments on social media! I worry about their attention spans... They have recently discovered anime, and they seem to have fairly good taste in what they watch of it. At least they can still follow a storyline, and not get bored. I keep on eye on their anime viewing habits, since I am a moderate anime fan myself.

My youngest stepdaughter, age seven, likes to make her own dance videos, which ape the dance moves of popular adult hip hop superstars! This is not good, to say the least... I went through her list of people subscribed to her videos, and fortunately the vast majority were other children, who compete with her through "dance offs." I brought the matter to the attention of her mother, who just shrugged her shoulders at my concerns. Fortunately, the older girls seemed to go through a phase of doing this, and then largely moved on to other things. But still, the creepy film "Cuties" comes to mind.
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