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Here's a hidden gem. Captain Caveman

When I first joined the forum in 2013, I read this guys posts and cracked up. He's totally bonkers. He has zero rep points, and two likes (one from me).

A sample of his work:

Last night was fascinating and I've had too much coffee so I'll share. I get off at midnight and the bar closes at 1:30. This gives me an hour at peak drunk times to fuck or fight.

The bar has an okay ratio and some really nice lookers. I waited until a group of 4 girls and one guy who looked like Charlie's Angels plus attache to recon. I guess I should add that after long analysis my type might be considered pretty-boy. It's something I never wanted to recognize because it makes me gay bait.

I approached the five top with its two redheads and two blondes and I mean perfect scores all around and dressed suggestively. I pulled a Gavin McInness and went for the sex-laced, group speculation banter. In terms of conversation and light kino it worked. I walked up to one of those tall round tables with the tall stools.

To the one looking I said, "This team looks like an all-girl rock supergroup comprised of nothing but strippers (and their manager)?"

She looks like she might want to punch me in the nuts, but l added. :That's a compliment". She repeated it to the group and I got a baby's arm holding an apple that wouldn't quit.

The cute girl who wound up monopolizing the discussion with me had some really interesting features and a lot of red flags. I got the digits but couldn't follow them home because I am very resistant to break with the manners I was brought up with. The one I got the digits of was a dynamite Irish-American sweet heart who intend to wear as a hat. I'll go as far as saying bold honesty works if and when she returns a text.
{Maybe part of the trick was that they looked sort of twenty-something, which made them not yet snarkmonsters and the group drunkenness helped} My social skills are improving, thanks Roosh. Hypothesis here is that pretty is, as pretty does or the cult of beauty hypothesis. Although that might be a bit subjective. Well, gotta go. Mom's home.


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The Father said:
Marketing is part of it...but the biggest part is that women are being thrust into very unnatural roles for them. That is why they can't cope. It would be like if I was dropped into the NBA and had to "cope" with guys who were a foot taller and more athletic for me...I'M NOT BUILT FOR THIS LINE OF WORK! Well, women aren't built for leadership roles; their natural role is to nurture children and perform domestic tasks like tidying and cooking.

There I said it.


The Lizard of Oz said:
Any forum for men in which women are allowed to participate -- let alone become prominent posters -- is bound to fail. And this is not even because of the shortcomings of women as posters and thinkers (though they are vast) but simply because the interactions of men with each other in the presence of women -- even in their virtual presence -- inevitably degenerate into a worthless struggle for the all-important prize of female attention and admiration. This utterly destroys the great and age-old virtues of discourse between men at their ease: plainspokenness, rationality, camaraderie, and humor.


The male virtues of honour, dignity and meritocracy will fly out the window.

scorpion said:
Pride male said:
Will a real good fucking keep a woman from straying? I know we talk a lot about techniques, shit tests and being alpha. But maybe Paul sucked balls between the sheets and Bryce was fucking her through the mattress. Get viagra and literally fuck the shit out of your wife.

No, it won't. I've posted about this before: the fallacy that porn star sex inspires loyalty in women and that it's therefore desirable to always rock a woman's world in bed.

The reality is that this chick was not in love with Bryce because he was a sex god, she was in love with him because he was the kind of guy who would fuck a married woman, leave immediately after busting his nut then justify his behavior by simply saying the chick had a good pussy. In other words, he is Dark Triad as fuck. His behavior is what makes him attractive, unforgettable and irresistible to her, not what he does with his penis when he's with her.

This is difficult and counter-intuitive for us to understand as men, because we are so focused on the act of sex itself. So when we read about this woman's obsession with Bryce, we are immediately attempted to project our own bias to make sense of her obsession. That is to say, we assume that she must be obsessed with the sex itself, so Bryce must have a 9 inch dick and fuck her tirelessly to multiple orgasms each time they're together. But this is wrong. She's isn't obsessed with having sex with Bryce, she's obsessed with Bryce the man. She's obsessed with the way he acts: his casual indifference, his dark triad traits, his untamed nature, etc...

It is the way you behave outside of bed that will drive women crazy and inspire loyalty, not what you do in bed. A woman would rather get fucked in a gas station bathroom for 30 seconds by a dark triad alpha like Bryce than engage in an hour-long fuckfest in a penthouse suite with a beta husband type like Paul. The former would be thrilling for her, the latter would feel like a chore. Why? Because female sexual arousal is primarily mental and emotional rather than physical. The woman is not primarily aroused by sex itself, but by the desirability of the man she is having sex with. If she perceives the man as alpha, she will tend to be satisfied by the sexual experience regardless of how physically stimulating it actually is to her (i.e. whether or not she has an orgasm or how long the sex lasts). The primary erotic attraction of sex for women is the mental and emotional satisfaction of having sex with an alpha male. That's it. The sex itself is secondary, the alpha male presence is the primary factor.



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In my opinion this comment deserves to be highlighted:

tynamite said:
Another reason why girls are hitting puberty so young is because of antibiotics [one] [two] [three]. They keep pumping them into farm animals like pigs and cows so that they don't get sick just so the farm doesn't have to deal with dead animals wasting them time and money. This is causing what the British government (and more) call the biggest threat to public health due to a thing called antibiotic resistance.

It's not even safe to feed your daughters cereal every day any more.

We've already covered how males are adopting female speech patterns. Men are becoming more feminised and it's so bad that even BBC News says so. [one] [two] [three] [four] [five].

Basically people are blaming feminism for men becoming feminine or effeminate.

Feminists trying to spread their cultural marxism (cultural identity is oppression and gender is a social construct and humans are born as a blank slate) nonsense are only making it worse. Laci Green and her ilks want men to show their emotions and wear dresses and skirts. What the gynocentric media wants to do, is blur the line between masculine and feminine, white people and coloured people, hetrosexual and homosexual, religious and atheist (atheism plus) and create an androgynous homogenised society where everyone is one big universal group and anyone who differs from the group is exiled or demonised by sjw's, just because they think that "cishet white males" hold all the power, despite the fact that most white, straight or male people aren't in a position of power.

They are pushing this cultural marxist androgynous changes through the media, where they are putting homosexuals and transsexuals in adverts to make being gay "trendy" [one] [two] [three] and a "better alternative" than being straight. Anyone with half a brain can see the media is trying to promote minority lifestyles as better than common lifestyles. It's not about acceptance any more. It's about making everyone of the same affiliation. You see it with the feminist move to shut down male safe spaces, urinals and gendered toilets, whilst they can keep their safe spaces.

I could explain more on what cultural marxism is as I wrote an article on it on my wiki site, but that would be changing the subject. Just know that the media and the feminists is trying to make everyone feminine, gay, transsexual, transracial, muslim and transabled. That's why they like mass immigration, so the white race can die out like they're a minority in London, so all the coloured ethnics (especially muslims), can get all the power. Every single institution you can think of, religion, marriage, television, church, they want to get rid of. They would get rid of the government if anarchy was a viable solution.

Men need to be taught two things.

1. Men are disposable. (There's an article explaining this which will go viral and common knowledge once all the gender bloggers read it.)
2. Cultural marxism is evil. (Nobody knows what it is and how it works. Someone tried to write a wiki article on it that is very long but it needs more data as searching Google and Wikipedia for it gives rubbish results.)

Someone on Twitter called Roosh a homophobe for writing an article on his blog that gay marriage being legalised marked the end of heterosexual rights and masculinity. Well take a look at this.


People think Roosh is joking about cultural collapse and the decline of society and the rise of degenerates. People read the about page of ROK saying "ROK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men. Sadly, yesterday’s masculinity is today’s misogyny." and think he's talking complete nonsense.

Get ready for the decline.


Soon public polls will be against whites, heterosexuals, males, neurotypical and healthy bodied people and being straight will be in the DSM. It'll be the reverse.

Men build society and women destroy it. No wonder 72% of income tax is paid by men and most spending decisions are made by women [one] [two] [three] [four]. No wonder neomasculinity builds and helps men to make money, get laid, lift weights, read books, self improvement, whilst feminism fights "rape culture" that doesn't exist, airbrushing, lack of female protagonists and lead characters, protein world beach body ready and barbie dolls.


This other is gold:

This explains in a nutshell the origins of the PC Culture:

AnonymousBosch said:
Whilst I'd agree with Days that Lesbians are agitators by nature, I'd broaden it to this:

Defective people drive PC Culture.

The unpopular. The overweight. The untalented. Those confused about sexuality, gender, theology and morality. The sluts and the deviants. The criminals and their victims. The low-resilient minds (the wealthy and privileged).

I've never met a Hardcore Progressive who wasn't - putting it bluntly - broken.


Comte De St. Germain

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TravelerKai said:
One uncle told me he would smash my girlfriend at the time. I told him, if you can I would dump her on the spot. She was too loyal to me at the time but I was dead serious about that. A real player or redpill man for that matter, accepts reality for what it truly is, not what he wants it to be.

Until a young male can prove that he can handle women well enough he should welcome all forms of "stress testing".



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Hooligan Harry

Honestly, all this talk of Alpha/Beta is ridiculous when half the forum is constantly texting women or using social media. This shit is a way out for men who have been afraid of approaching women in the past. You lump yourself into the same category of spineless wimps by default when you match their behavior.

You should not be texting women you have not fucked yet.

Comte De St. Germain

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rudebwoy said:
Hooligan Harry

Honestly, all this talk of Alpha/Beta is ridiculous when half the forum is constantly texting women or using social media. This shit is a way out for men who have been afraid of approaching women in the past. You lump yourself into the same category of spineless wimps by default when you match their behavior.

You should not be texting women you have not fucked yet.

On the real calling is making a comeback. I've had girls I pushed to side on backburner and added on social media call me of their own accord and I've slowly implemented it a bit. Would recommend it.


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Hooligan Harry said:
basilransom said:
How is money getting you laid?

I live in a city reputed for its women being money hungry, and I still don't see it. Money has no impact on whether I can bring home the girl I'm talking to - I wouldn't be doing much different if I was making 10-50% more. I've experimented with implying I'm rich or of family money, and it doesn't have much impact. My wingmen say the same thing.

Power and connections are a whole different story though. There are rich men with no connections that are just as hard up as men of more modest means. I can see money helping in less conventional ways - traveling of course, throwing parties, couchsurf hosting, etc.

Im just going to repost what I posted in a previous thread.

Hooligan Harry said:
People tend to miss the point with money. Its not about buying the cars and the boats all the time, its about the LIFESTYLE more than anything else. Women dont actually care about the car or the boat, they care about the LIFESTYLE and SOCIAL STATUS that comes with it.

Thats all its about with them. This is why you will always see broke bitches hanging out in the swankiest clubs and bars. Its not that they are looking for a whale all the time (although they know they have better chances of finding them there), its that woman are fucking snobs and they love shiny shit and opulence.

Money opens up a LIFESTYLE to them that is on a different level to what they can afford, and even though the basics of game remain the same it makes things so much easier.

Take logistics. Everyone is always talking about finding a decent apartment that is close to nightlife and makes it easy to get women back. Location is key. Now if you are staying in a 5 star hotel suite instead of some average apartment in the city, it gives you a substantial advantage. By just being able to order up room service at 3 in the morning alone or have a laundry service, hell a breakfast in the morning prepared by some decent chef, these are things that fuck with their brain in a positive way for men.

Its not just the 5 star hotels. Its the hottest clubs, hottest restaurants, box tickets to major games, etc. All of this puts you in the face of women that are going to be way hotter than your average chud at a backpacker bar or college booze fest, and if you are taking a stupid bitch to these things it helps get the panties off faster too.

You dont need to buy a yacht, you just charter it. But when you have cash to burn, you could charter a monster in the Med for a week or two. You are not going to struggle to pull bitches out of a club in any southern European town if you and a few mates have a super yacht in the harbor.

You dont fly cattle class, you fly first class. When you get to the next level, you are charting flights. You get off the flight far fresher and with less frustration than the chumps in the back of the bus.

You dont throw a party at some suburban home, you throw a party in a house on an estate with massive views and endless booze and drugs. You dont have to worry about cops rocking up because you are disturbing the neighbors, the neighbor is so far away he wont give a fuck.

You get the idea.

This is why I dont even bother debating game and money anymore, too many guys miss the point completely. People make the mistake of thinking that a guy making X a year or driving X car is not seeing extra action, therefore money means shit. They dont understand that its not what you earn or own, its the lifestyle you lead with the money you have. This is what they are drawn to. Chicks dont give a fuck about the car, they care about the fact that a guy who drives a car like that might be the sort who stays in 5 star hotels and flies first class.

Chaps, you need to stop thinking that shit like money does not matter.

Its like listening to fat chicks talking about real men who love curves.

Going strong

Trad Catholic
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N°6 Wrote:

You are correct that this thread is depressing. This is why there needs to be some sort of neo-masculine response to the Brave New World that the progressive élites are creating and the sobering fact that White people will have no homeland to call their own in contrast with most other peoples.

The depression comes in when you feel that your responsibility for something is much higher than your power over the events. Each of us needs to increase our power to influence our own lives which is pretty much what this forum is about.

The white elephant in the room is that young women are poorly represented in protectionist, traditionalists geo-political movements. Those who are involved get surrounded by White Knights thanks to their rarity. I would not be surprised if these women's fertility rates were not much higher than the general nihilistic population of women. Modern women in general are more likely to be found in a soulmate camp. This is where the social value is at the minute thanks to decades of MTV etc and cosmopolitan university degrees that women like (linguistics, International Relations etc) We need to produce a movement of value to women by increasing our own personal worths.


I just stumbled across this one while searching for flight deals - it saved me a bit of time, since I was looking into the airline points game for long-haul flying - but in economy:

samsamsam said:
For a little background, I have flown over a million miles on United alone. I have lifetime gold status. I use to live on Flyertalk and do mileage runs if I was close to a certain status level (did the math and the rewards outweighed the costs of the run). This isn't meant to brag, it is meant to give you perspective where I am coming from. I am the guy that used to have seatguru up when booking tickets. I was the guy that ran a spreadsheet when I was trying to figure out status. I was the guy that would hump it to wherever the fuck was the cheapest $ per status mile even if I had been there before. I have done the runs where you don't even leave the airport.

The name of the game, in travel and in life, is to maximize value. And when it comes to maximizing value from airline points, it is usually in the premium cabins. If you look at the incremental differences between price (going from coach to business let's say) and the same corresponding move in points, the gap in price is generally huge when compared to point moves. That is why it makes sense to focus on premium cabin deals. There really isn't much opportunity to game economy.


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I present wisdom from the delete master...

Paracelsus said:
The first blush of married love always wears off. Give it a few years or so. You won't be as impressed with her looks or her pussy, but hopefully you'll have some intimacy with her and sense of being safe and respected with her that it makes up for it.

Marriage is basically a long domestic business partnership -- with all that entails. It's a special kind of partnership because one of the partners has the upper hand legally and financially: the woman. Marry her in most Western countries and you are basically putting yourself into a contractual position that is not equal in that respect. For that reason, lawyers (HankMoody and Merenguero can tell you the horror stories) don't recommend that men marry: you are not entering into an equal partnership legally or financially, which no lawyer can ever in good conscience advise you to do.

You need to ask yourself very coldly, very objectively (and preferably after you've jerked off so you're not thinking with your dick): if you had to trust someone with half your shit, half your bank, and all of the children you might have, would this person be worthy of that level of trust from you? If the answer is no to any of those questions, then you don't marry her, any more than you'd enter a business partnership with someone that you didn't trust completely.

If the answer is yes to questions, you need to ask yourself that question again. Several times. Very carefully, remembering every annoying habit and every white lie she ever told you. Honest in small things, honest in large for the most part. If she's prepared to lie about where the money came from for those $50 shoes, I promise you she will be lying about where the money comes from for the fur coat or new dress or pearl earrings she'll be wearing later down the track.

You might well say in reply "Oh come on, everyone lies, everyone is human." Dishonesty or lies might be forgiveable if they're inconsequential and the power in the relationship is equal. Fact is, it's not -- and consequently, you have to hold your woman to a higher standard than a civilian. A civilian can't take half your house off you and banish you from seeing your kids while still paying for them for 18 years. A woman can -- by moving out, and she can do much worse by making one phone call to the cops.

There is nothing wrong, and a lot to be said for, holding her to a high standard in this area. Remember: you are the catch.


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From the Parisian thread. Unreal phrasing.

Kabal said:
The Greeks had to at least come up with the Trojan Horse to get within Troy's walls.

The Muslims were waved into Europe with the fervor of a coked out Third-Base Coach.

Innocent Europeans lost their lives today thanks to the Multiculturalism ideology.


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Recent from the Lizard of Oz. For the tl;dr crowd,

-you should spend your youth being young and worry about old age when you are old
-If you are burned out, in your thirties already, you aren't pushing yourself hard enough

The Lizard of Oz said:
The idea that dudes in their 20s and 30s -- hell, even dudes in their 40s and 50s -- should devote even a millisecond of their time to worrying about "illness", "old age", and "dying alone" is a laughable absurdity, and it testifies better than anything else to how weak-minded and spoiled the men of these generations have become.

If you are a healthy man in his prime, and by that I mean anything under 60, and you ever catch yourself even for an instant whining about the supposed prospects of "old age" and "dying alone", you should slap yourself across the face -- hard -- and shame yourself out of this idiocy once and for all. Your mind should be concentrated on the things of life, on pussy, money, work, friendship, and just the random things that happen every day that make life interesting and enjoyable. Leave the troubles of age to those who have earned them -- and that would be the old. You aren't one of them, so there is no need for you to deal with that nonsense.

I don't understand what the deal is with dudes of this generation being positively hungry to feel old at the earliest opportunity. It's a dismal and unpleasant mystery. I read about guys in their thirties -- even as early as guys in mid to late twenties -- already whining about how they're "burned out", how they're "tired of the game", how it all suddenly seems "empty" or "meaningless" or some such nonsense: you'd think they've had the weight of the world on their shoulders, instead of living the most comfortable and cosseted lives ever lived by human beings in history. Fuck that -- I'm in my very late 30s, and I feel like I'm just barely getting started. At least Hollywood at its height would have the decency to cast an old cop in his early 50s with a solid gut to earn the right to utter the sublime and immortal phrase, "I'm getting too old for this shit". Because anyone younger saying that would just show him up as a weakling.

None of that has anything to do with marriage, by the way. As I wrote in a thread a while back, most men should -- and will -- eventually marry and have kids, that is how it's always been and likely always will be. But marry because you want to have children and a family and a woman to come home to (and hopefully she can fix you a decent meal while she's at it). Don't do it because of the canting fear of "dying alone" as if that piece of word garbage could possibly have a real meaning to a man in his prime. It doesn't, and no one should pretend otherwise.


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Aurini said:
When you marry somebody, you're giving up the right to be happy; your duty is to make HER happy, to protect and cherish her, regarldess of how it makes you feel. It's her duty to submit and obey you, and work hard to please you, whether she wants to or not.

If you both give up on being happy, you'll be ridiculously happy with each other; if you try and be happy, you'll both wind up miserable. If she can understand this, she might be worth marrying.


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Posting Koski's quote on here:

kosko said:
In 2015 your average escort is in better sexual health then your typical 20 year old American girl. Escorts don't fuck without rubbers, many don't even suck a dick without a rubber, many get tested weekly or every other week. Contrast this to you average young girl who thinks she is invisible because she had a HPV vaccine shot.



If you've had enough doom and gloom, here's one from Gio, prompted by yours truly:
Giovonny said:
262 said:
My guess is Gio's playfulness is a part of his success with college girls as a 40?-something guy.

Of course!

Playfulness is a big part of my philosophy.

This thread needed more playfulness.

Guys get frustrated with women. Guys get frustrated with life.


He was too serious about women, not PLAYFUL enough.

Being playful increases the quality of my life!