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debeguiled said:
You know what I miss? Fleeting thoughts.

You used to have a bizarre thought pop into your head, like, "I wonder what happened to the actress who played Christie Love in the show 'Get Christie Love'," and then mentally shrug your shoulders, and that would be it.

Or you might think, "Man, my dad is mean and doesn't understand me." And then think, "Oh well," and that would be it.

Fleeting thoughts are completely gone, because we have the internet now, and it only takes me an instant to find out what the actress Theresa Graves is doing now, whereas in say, the 80's I would have had to really expend some energy to find out, so I didn't bother. Now there are probably "Get Christie Love" worship groups where white gay guys dress up like her. There are a million Theresa Graves options available to me now.

There is no Internet Nazi to get in my face and say, "No bandwidth for you! Stop wasting your time."

I can instantly find a group of other guys whose dad didn't understand them in a similar way to me, and we can all agree to have a sex change together while cannibalizing someone who looks like my mom which is what she deserves for not having intervened.

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to be a weirdo, you really needed to have initiative. Now it pretty much takes care of itself, you just have to opt in. And it is not just the way it warps your personality a bit to be following your own mind down its own self created rabbit holes whenever you want, it is also the time you waste that you could have used doing something else.

Think of all the freaks we contend with online and in real life. If they had to leave the house and engage in order to make their weirdness a reality, most wouldn't bother, and the true outliers would stay where they belong, in their own little subcultures and on the margins, instead of being encouraged in their unbalanced ideas almost simultaneously as they have them.

They would have a weird thought, examine it for a sec, then say to themselves, "That was weird," dismiss it, and move on with their lives.

Only the true freaks would see their freakishness through, and the rest would just get on with life.

That's what I miss. I am nostalgic for a particular habit of mind.

A fleeting thought.
wi30 said:
Best one-liner I've seen on the forum since MiXX.

Cattle Rustler said:
I have become the orbit, not the orbiter.

So he's become the collection of all orbiters?? Or the curved path followed by orbiters, never connecting with the planet? How's that any good?

Maybe he meant : I have become the planet, not the orbiter ?


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Ah you ruined it for me. I was drinking and didn't even pick up on that. The entire thing was a great inner game post.


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Days Of Broken Arrows:

This post has rubbed me the wrong way since it was posted, and I want express my unhappiness with its content and tone.

It's posts like these that make me think this board is turning into a reverse image of Jezebel.

Jezebel ignores all positive stories and innovations by men and instead focuses on men that abuse women or commit crimes. In my opinion, we spend too much time going on about how nasty women are and we're becoming willfully blind to the fact that there are ones who are dedicated to their husbands throughout their lives.

I think the "hypergamy doesn't lie" idea is the manosphere's version of "all men are rapists." I don't buy it. There's truth in it, sure, but I think men see what they want to see and ignore what doesn't fit their worldview.

I am willing to concede I made bad decisions when it came to women. But I'm not willing to buy into a worldview that paints all of them as inhumanly hypergamous, always jumping to the next best thing.

And the reason for that is that (as mentioned) I've seen the opposite in the lives of friends and family members.

Dismiss my rantings as being "NAWALT" (Not All Women Are Like That), but in doing so, you run the risk of sounding like feminists who dismiss anyone who questions any sexual assault as a "rape apologist."

Things are not always black and white. Life is more complicated than that.

Yes, feminism eroded relations between men and women. Yes, it's damaged society. Yes, it's screwed some of us over personally in school and in our personal lives. Yes, it allows women to live down to their worst natures (i.e. hypergamy).

But no philosophy can or will upend basic biology. And if men and women could meet and marry successfully in 1920, they can do it today. We might have feminism, but they had world wars and were in the dark ages technologically speaking. In my opinion, it's easier to dismiss online idiots or deal with the issues of modern women than it was for Great Granddad to make it through a winter with minimal heat (to cite one example).

On top of all that, I think Rollo's writing lacks humanity and reduces people to ideas and concepts. While Heartiste and Roosh aren't exactly warm and loving in their styles, there's a sense of humor and impishness in their writing that I don't get from Rollo.

I take everyone with a grain of salt to some degree, but when writers (or professors or pundits or even musicians) have no sense of joy, alarm bells go off. It feels more like I'm getting propaganda than a slice of life.

While I buy into some of his ideas here, I think they're just that: his ideas. There's truth, but it's his truth. I have friends that you could spend weeks with and you'd come away with completely different "truths."

What I've read here and what I've seen in the real world have some connection, but do not ultimately jibe. Which brings me back to my original point: we're getting like Jezebel.

We need to be better thinkers. It's not helping anyone to spew this much negativity about human nature and females in general. Maybe this works for people who are younger and haven't seen women in their age group grow old. But it doesn't work for someone like me who has made it into his forties and knows scads of actual real life females who have spent decades NOT behaving this way.

And I know I'll get responses like "They're all hypergamous, you just don't see it." Well, if someone doesn't see something time and time again, maybe it's not really there after all. Perhaps you all are superimposing philosophies on people will little regard or understanding of the actual people.


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WIA on Crushing the opponent

WestIndianArchie said:
1) Taking a shot at the throne is alpha behavior.

So you gotta respond like a king and crush him.

I've been in these situations at work.

Hold on Josh, what did you say, please repeat it.

That's not what happened, but Josh were you trying to hurt my feelings? Make me feel low?

Were you just making conversation? Is that your idea of conversation, just talking about people's business all reckless? Is that the kind of friend you are.

Were you trying to make more look bad in front of our friends?

Don't try to play this off Josh, tell us all how you feel about me?

I see your fists balling up,
Your eyes are squinting though..
Are you going to attack me now?

You don't know what to do now, do you?____________________

Keep going into his motivation. Most men can't handle a verbal dismantling.

If you got dirt on him, or if you have the stomach to get dirty.

"Is this about Stacy? We're all just friends here, I'm not pursuing her. "

"We were all having such a good time Josh, why did you ruin it?"

Thing is, i learned a lot about arguments and communications over the years. Group and individual psychology comes with learning game, if you push yourself.

Guys that don't learn how to neg properly or home in on insecurities and vulnerabilities can't ever be alpha or dark triad.

2) Also, if a dude thinks he can come at you girly mouthed you need to get in the gym.


Gustavus Adolphus

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WIA... Again. The truth needs to hit us up every day until we're sick and tired of hearing this shit. Keep the trophy if you want, throw the rest back.

Hit the green arrow to get the full presentation.

WestIndianArchie said:
If a chick got a problem with you, but doesn't want to say so, but wants to manipulate you into trying to drag it out of her, bounce!



tynamite said:
The Lizard of Oz said:
Any forum for men in which women are allowed to participate -- let alone become prominent posters -- is bound to fail. And this is not even because of the shortcomings of women as posters and thinkers (though they are vast) but simply because the interactions of men with each other in the presence of women -- even in their virtual presence -- inevitably degenerate into a worthless struggle for the all-important prize of female attention and admiration. This utterly destroys the great and age-old virtues of discourse between men at their ease: plainspokenness, rationality, camaraderie, and humor.


The male virtues of honour, dignity and meritocracy will fly out the window.

scorpion said:
Pride male said:
Will a real good fucking keep a woman from straying? I know we talk a lot about techniques, shit tests and being alpha. But maybe Paul sucked balls between the sheets and Bryce was fucking her through the mattress. Get viagra and literally fuck the shit out of your wife.

No, it won't. I've posted about this before: the fallacy that porn star sex inspires loyalty in women and that it's therefore desirable to always rock a woman's world in bed.

The reality is that this chick was not in love with Bryce because he was a sex god, she was in love with him because he was the kind of guy who would fuck a married woman, leave immediately after busting his nut then justify his behavior by simply saying the chick had a good pussy. In other words, he is Dark Triad as fuck. His behavior is what makes him attractive, unforgettable and irresistible to her, not what he does with his penis when he's with her.

This is difficult and counter-intuitive for us to understand as men, because we are so focused on the act of sex itself. So when we read about this woman's obsession with Bryce, we are immediately attempted to project our own bias to make sense of her obsession. That is to say, we assume that she must be obsessed with the sex itself, so Bryce must have a 9 inch dick and fuck her tirelessly to multiple orgasms each time they're together. But this is wrong. She's isn't obsessed with having sex with Bryce, she's obsessed with Bryce the man. She's obsessed with the way he acts: his casual indifference, his dark triad traits, his untamed nature, etc...

It is the way you behave outside of bed that will drive women crazy and inspire loyalty, not what you do in bed. A woman would rather get fucked in a gas station bathroom for 30 seconds by a dark triad alpha like Bryce than engage in an hour-long fuckfest in a penthouse suite with a beta husband type like Paul. The former would be thrilling for her, the latter would feel like a chore. Why? Because female sexual arousal is primarily mental and emotional rather than physical. The woman is not primarily aroused by sex itself, but by the desirability of the man she is having sex with. If she perceives the man as alpha, she will tend to be satisfied by the sexual experience regardless of how physically stimulating it actually is to her (i.e. whether or not she has an orgasm or how long the sex lasts). The primary erotic attraction of sex for women is the mental and emotional satisfaction of having sex with an alpha male. That's it. The sex itself is secondary, the alpha male presence is the primary factor.


That's absolute gold.

The Lizard of Oz

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Beyond Borders said:
The Lizard of Oz said:
Interesting thread.

I think some of the guys posting here are overlooking a resource staring you right in the face:

Find posters on the forum who live in your area and are of similar age or have shared interests -- or just posters that you think you you might enjoy hanging out with. Get in touch with them through PMs or the "meetups" subforum and see if you can make new friendships with like-minded men.

My thoughts exactly - though the similar interests and age aren't even exactly mandatory. A lot of guys from this forum have already met and begun the types of lifelong friendships all you guys here are complaining about not being able to find after your teens. And these with guys who likely don't even live in the same city or country, so if you live in a big city with other members, there's a lot of potential.

I'm not even into pickup, but I've met quite a few members, and I find the personalities as you read them on the forum are very transferable to real life. The good parts and the little personality quirks. So if a guys seems like someone you would respect and vibe with and he has no hangups that rub you really wrong, take the time to go meet him.

I'll also add that I think one mistake guys make is wanting to meet a friend that "ticks all the boxes" for them. You're not looking for a wife here that's going to share your home and bed and help you raise your children.

I have actually built quite a few friendships that have lasted over the years throughout my twenties and early thirties. Now, I don't see these guys a lot because I'm always moving somewhere new, but we still stay in touch, and from time to time I meet up with them when we get the chance and nothing has changed. I'm as close with some as people I grew up with back home.

But here's the thing. I don't agree with every single thing these guys say or do or the way they live their lives. Some have downright pissed me off at times. They are extremely diverse, and in fact, a lot of them probably wouldn't get along very well with each other.

Life is too short and you're going to make yourself miserable if you expect people to always behave and think the way you want them to. Friendship is not about meeting a replica of yourself, and we all know the world is not that simple; it's about living and "working together" in spite of your differences (but without sacrificing your basic moral beliefs).

Some of my friends are young, just coming out of high school. Some of my friends are past retirement age. Some are rich. Some are poor as fuck. Some look like they're in the military and some are rocking dreds. Some are drinking themselves to death, and I'm still waiting to see if they'll snap out of it; some are born again Christians hooked on coffee (and maybe I'm waiting for them to snap out of it too). Some are thai or Cambodian - some are American or Norwegian. Some are traveling the world and walking life's jagged edge - others are married with children and will probably sit right there in the same place they are until the day they die. Hell, a couple are even women.

Maybe that sounds like a lot of friends. I'm sure some of you might think I'm counting acquaintances, but I'm not. Yeah, maybe they wouldn't all help me bury a body, but I don't plan on stacking up any bodies any time soon, and these are people I could turn to in an emergency. Many would and have invited me to stop wandering around and come live in their homes or their hometowns for a while and start building a normal life. If I come to their city, I often do stay in their homes when I first arrive.

So, these are real friends, and while my lifestyle choices might lead to us drifting apart for good eventually (we are, after all, scattered across the globe), I don't doubt a good handful will continue to reach out from time to time to touch bases until we're old and grey. Which ones really make it the long haul will probably depend on where I end up settling down.

I do have some very basic criteria if I'm going to establish a deeper friendship with someone, though.

They have to be a moral person - i.e. they don't take advantage of other people or steal from people, and they'd be very likely to help out if they saw someone in a dire situation. I mean, I can't even really be a casual friend with someone if they don't have a strong moral base.

I can't really stomach hardcore pessimists either. They're too damn bitter and often use negative paradigms as an excuse for immoral, self-serving behavior. It's easy to fuck other people over if you decide all the "other people" are shitbags....

Also, they actually have to be a genuine person you can have a real conversation with. I'm met a lot of surface-level shallow people that seemed like they were interesting underneath their masks - a lot of these people I've liked because they were fun guys to hang out with and because they know how to play the game. But it's too hard to build a real friendship with someone if they can't cut the bullshit and open up a little bit.

Here's another thing about making friends. If you want to build a friendship with someone new, you've got to be able to tune out the world for a minute. When you meet up with a new acquaintance, do you just run from club to club looking for a target-rich environment where you can hit on club sluts?

Sure, that's fun, but it doesn't leave much time for actually getting to know each other, does it?

I think a lot of guys who struggle to make friends aren't taking the time to slow down and just kick back and bullshit and let the world pass on by. So you've got to ask yourself - are you the one who is always cutting the conversation short to hurry along to the next venue? Are you the one with his head buried in his phone, texting with the latest crop of girls and running off to the next date or bang? As I said, I've met a lot of guys here, and I can assure quite a few definitely are.

Or are you willing to set the phone down for a minute and just kick back in a dead restaurant or bar or over the barbecue or on a hike in the mountains without worrying what all the other people in the world are doing? Again, some of you definitely are.

See, anyone can run around slamming shots with you all night and chasing pussy, but if you run into someone who can sit around all night with you smoking shisha or sipping beers and just talking about everything and nothing - and there are a lot more out there than you think if you yourself can slow down enough to pay attention to the person who's sitting right in front of you - and they're not a sleazy person who uses others, you've run into someone that at least has the potential to become a friend for life. So pay attention to them for a second.

I also wrote a blog post and mentioned in a post here on the forum recently about resisting the urge to seek out those perfect (surface level) social situations in everyday life. The same is true for deeper friendship. We want to meet that perfect new friend like we want to run into that perfect 10 with a perfect personality. So we ignore everyone else and put ourselves on "standby" until that happens. After all, you want to be free to engage when you stumble across that perfect 10 sitting all by herself or that crowd of well-connected cool people just waiting to add to someone to their group...right?

But when you start to open up to people and appreciate them for who they really are, you'll often find the most unassuming people around you in everyday life are the ones with the real potential. They often live a lot wilder, more enriched lives than you might think too.

You ignore the 6 staring at you across the bar with those cock-gobbling eyes. You meet a guy and you want to skim right over him because he looks like this average guy and not all that exciting at the surface level. But you know what, just like sometimes the hottie who has everything handed to her is the most boring lay and worse conversationalist, some of the "coolest" people in the world I've met, who have the best package on the outside, are also the least fun to be with. The least real. The least happy. The least honest and dependable. I've lost patience with those types; delete them from your life if they can't get on your level.

And often the happiest, most authentic, most exciting, most enjoyable, and most engaging people are the ones you'd be liable to pass right over and ignore because you're looking for a friendship with "more to offer." So I guess it's true what they say about not judging a book by its cover.

Yes, you need some common ground. Yes, you need mutual respect.

But you don't need twin personalities and lifestyles to build a relationship with that kind of person for the long haul, and if you think you do, you may just be setting the bar a bit too high.


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Excelsior said:
Darwinism, thy name is western woman!

No, seriously-the teachings of Darwin are alive and well. The only difference now is that instead of being pushed forward by nature's environmental factors, natural selection is being marshaled on by women themselves. They truly are their own worst enemy.

Think about what it takes for an attractive woman to remain single into her mid-30's. At 35, Ms. Jane Doe has spent almost two decades playing around.

Sure, she could have had a man by now. Hell, she could have had a dozen or so. Back when she was the hot 18 year old freshman, men drooled over her. She just needed to set foot in a frat basement or a mall in order to solicit the attention of high value men. She required no game, or other such efforts-her mere presence was enough. The same was true at 20, 21, and 24. Hell, even during her late 20's she was still attractive. Good men were available. Good men were willing to take her, and make her their queen. They wanted to give her a family, love, and all of the other trappings that (now at age 35) she says she wants.

But she didn't want any of that. Why? Oh, there were many reasons. Firstly, she couldn't let a man steal her golden years. She needed to finish her sociology degree over at Wellesley, do study abroad a few times, go to grad school, and sample a number of attractive men. How could she do that if she let just one in, and gave herself to him? He would lock her down for good. No, that wouldn't do. If she did settle, he'd need to be perfect.

Attractive as she was, she found a couple of Mr. Perfects during her prime. Tall, affluent, and handsome, they constituted the bulk of the few relationships she actually maintained during this period. They gave her validation and plenty of good dick-it seemed each time that she'd won the game after all. If she was going to give herself at all, it would be to them.

But invariably, they left. She failed to realize that such men have many options beyond her own flawed self. She could hold the attention of these elite males for a short while, but she could not fend off the rest of womanhood (to which such a man has easy, abundant access) for long. Attractive as she was, she would lose the battle to other similar women (each easily as beautiful as she), and again end up single.

Burned by the failure to snag the alpha male time and time again, one would assume that Ms. Doe would learn to perhaps adjust her standards accordingly. Even during the tail end of her prime (after several of these alpha males had passed), she still had good men waiting around. They wanted her. Sure, they weren't as tall, buff or rich as Mr. Perfect, but some of them were cute, and they wanted her.

But she did not want them. They were too short, too boring, and far from affluent enough to provide the lifestyle she demanded.

And so, back to the casual sex train she goes, her friends (some of whom have already found happy companionship and wish to continue lording that difference over her) leading her along the way to an eternally barren, cat-filled future. "You're so beautiful, hold out for THE ONE!" They say. "Never settle, you're too good for that!" they say. "You're a STRONG WOMAN! You hold out for what you want!"

And so she does. The big 3-0 comes and goes. Biology calls-she needs to reproduce. Time is running out. Suddenly, she is 35. She has spent the better part of two decades playing around, her prime having long been poured down the drain in the name of attracting the eyes of random horny strangers (whom she loved to tease in the clubs/frats as a young girl for validation) or the eyes of a few elite men who saw her as nothing more than a vessel for their excess ejaculate.

Her value on the dating market has declined now that she is 35. The decent men her age that she had eating out of her hand at 18-25 have moved along, themselves either playing the field or locked onto a younger woman by now. She cannot even command the attention of the elite male she so loved before. He is 35-40 and has absolutely no problem snagging twenty-somethings. He'll not give all that up for her now.

A few good folks endeavour to tell her the truth: if she wants a long term mate, she should perhaps consider an older (45-50+) male. At her age, they are her best option, as they will want her.

She bristles. How can she settle for them at their age? Her friends bristle alongside her. "Remain strong!", they say. "Never settle!"

And so she doesn't. Her very last chance at using her fertility passes as she remains stubborn, her last eggs going to waste as she enters her 40's and laments her lack of offspring alone.

Darwinism has used her own arrogance (too good for every guy) and ignorance (thought she had forever to settle down) against her. No need for environmental changes to physically wipe out certain organisms in this case. She did it all by herself. There was no patriarchy to stand against her-it was her own entitlement that wiped out her genetic future.

She faced each opportunity to establish something meaningful and destroyed it (the hundreds of good guys she blew off for superficial reasons, refusing to date older men even while past her prime, wasting time on distant alphas, etc).

She defeated herself, all by herself (admittedly with some goading by like-minded peers). She was her own worst enemy. Not nature, and not men-just herself.

In our society, the selfish and entitled simply destroy themselves. Through their own acts (and those of their peers), they destroy their own genetic future.

Bottomline: Yes, natural selection is alive and well. No, it cannot be stopped, and no, its victims cannot be reasoned with.
Just sit back and enjoy the show-that is all that can be done.



BrewDog said:
So I'm leaving as soon as I have the capital to do so. I was an infantry Marine and my buddies tell me it's some how pussy to run away to another country instead of fixing my own. But this shit is unfixable, and I owe these fat American shitheads no more of my time or service. My forefathers fled Britain and then fought King George III to get away, and they certainly weren't pussies for sailing away on rickety wooden boats for months across an ocean to then trek across a harsh American wilderness and survive frigid winters in an attempt to just be left the fuck alone. So I don't think it makes me a pansy to just pick up my shit and leave when I no longer feel free.


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Beyond Borders on LTR

Beyond Borders said:
big poppa said:
I've been dating this girl for a while now, virgin until I was with her.. Attractive, not an amazing body but very very bangable. Very rarely drinks, doesn't smoke, her friends are all 'good girls', none of them have been with more than 1 partner at 21-22 years old. She cooks, her parents are together, she respects her father, etc. etc.

Only thing is that I'm 22, and I don't how much longer I can continue leading her on because I will not be marrying for at least 10-15 years.

Am I going to regret letting her go? Are these girls easy to find? :\

As far as whether they're easy to find, where do you live?

I will say that yes, part of you will probably regret letting her go, at least sometimes.

But part of you will regret staying with her if you do too.

It's just the nature of a man.

22 is young and you've got your whole life ahead of you. You're also the same age, so that means she'll age just as fast as you will, which isn't really ideal from a man's perspective. It does suck to string them along for a long time when you're not as serious as they are too.

You could try being honest with her about the situation, but if she loves you, she'll find a way to rationalize sticking it out anyways. That's how women often work - their emotions make the decision and then they hamster it. And then she'll still blame you later when her attempts to change your mind over the years don't work.

So if you want to move on, you'll probably have to take full responsibility of cutting the cord yourself.

I guess it just depends on your goals in life. I'm sure some guys will pop in here and presume to have the answers you need, but at the end of the day, the solution for this particular scenario is something you can only decide for yourself.


Hey can y'all help me out. I'm looking for the post by Giovanny where he said something like he's automatically higher value than any females because he's a man.


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delicioustacos said:
This is where the money goes when I fill up my gas tank.

That fucking rules. I'll never bitch about high gas prices again. Carry on, you magnificent shit flinging salmon jamming bastards.


delicioustacos said:
These men inherited the most valuable resource on Earth.

Some of them are stewards of the most important spiritual site on Earth.

They're heirs to ancient traditions, tasked with bringing their people out of darkness to reclaim leadership in the world. A daunting burden. Fortunately they were given immense wealth, great authority, and strong clans at their backs.


What more do you need to know?

They use it to shit on whores.

Throw out the history books. Burn all the literature. is all you need to understand human beings.