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*Vintage* el mech --

el mechanico said:
Strangely enough I'm not a dick in the Dominican Republic but in Greece I'm the biggest dick on the planet. Any anti American undertones send me into super dick mode. I actually spend half my time there fighting and fucking shit up.


I'm at my buddies apt in Ano Glyfada (Athens) and I walk down the street and ask the guy at the peeripthrero(news stand) for some bus tickets. He said signomi(sorry) I don't have any the other news stand across the street has them. Ok so I go across the street and ask and the other dude says "No sorry I think the guy across has some" ok fuckers! the bus driver just told me you have them but ok I'll see you later....

I go downtown and later that evening I was chilling at a taverna getting wasted with some friends and I decide to walk home....

I see a little car with some tire valve stem removers on the wheels as caps and thought Hmm...I can use this so I took one. I kept walking and thought about those dicks pissing me off with the bus tickets and decided to go pay them a visit. I go down to possibly kick some ass or whatever and they're both closed. Shit but wait....Don't those ice cream coolers and soda machine coolers have freon?? I have a shreader tool in my pocket. All four machines got dis charged.

So..I wake up about noon or so and go down to get some smokes. I grab an ice cream and its melted out of the cooler so I asked hey dude what's up with this fucking ice cream? I bet your buddies across is fucked too huh? I'll take a pack of Marlboro lights and my bus tickets now. Ok?

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Cr33pin said:
Gather rounds boy and girls while Uncle Cr33pin tells you about the most intense orgasm he ever had an will ever have.

It all started with me chatting with some fairly well known young hoe on the Aol. I find out shes pretty freaky so I line it up for her to sneak out of her house one night and meet me and my homie. In case you couldn't tell from the AOL reference this story took place in the long long ago...when Uncle Cr33pin dabbled in recreational drugs. So my and my homie, lets call him Adam.. we pop some extacy. We then proceed to walk about a mile and a half to meet this young hoe for the first time (my tags was dead on my whip.) The rondayvoo point was a school playground near where this girl lived... so me and Adam make it to the playground an we are rolling face from the drugs and just enjoying life, then about 15 minutes later we see small shadowy figure emerge at the edge of the playground. So we introduce ourselves an decide its best not to be out in the open at the playground an head for a little section of woods near the school. This girl is hot... tight body, played softball for her school.. let's call her Molly. So we get up in the woods and me and Adam are still rolling hard and making friendly chit chat like we plan to marry this girl an think shes a angel (MDMA makes you happy af) Finally I recommend she removes her clothes, to which she replies "Are you gong to help me?" This finally snaps me into bang mode... so we all strip down and are making out an then Adam proceeds give Molly the ol college try, I proceed to get a BJ whilst he is fucking her... in our drug induced stupor we forget to bring condoms so Adam is just unprotected all up in them guts... this goes on for awhile, until Adam pulls out and nuts on some bushes.. Then she ask me if I am going to fuck her and even in my drugged up state I know that getting Molly pregnant would be frowned upon by anyone and everyone I know. So I reply "I don't have any condoms, but I will fuck you in the ass." To which she says "It will hurt" Then I lie threw my teeth and inform her that it won't... she agrees. So I slide in the old poot chute and start banging this chick.. an then it happens. Fucking chest shaking thunder strikes and it awakens something inside me I have never felt before. I start looking around and I'm in the woods, I'm up in some hot girl I never met befores ass raw, an I just start feeling primal. Like a fucking caveman, so I start pounding the shit (no pun intended) out this girl and its fucking amazing, then some more thunder strikes an I grab her hair an pull her head back so my mouth is close to her ear an say "You hear that thunder girl, thats me cumming!" Then I shove her face down in the dirt and proceed to make sounds and growls I never herd before or knew I could make. Adam gets scared an tells me to calm down to which I reply "shut up!" I was making some crazy war cry sounds that would make Shaka Zulu proud... then I had the absolute most intense orgasm I have ever had.. I mean no orgasm in my life has ever come close (kind of a bummer) An we walk her back to the playground hug and shit and start to walk back to my place an its starts pouring down the rain but I didn't give fuck.

After this experience this girl was mine... I owned her soul. There was nothing she wouldn't do for me for the next three or four years. When I got a new gf and tried to end it with this chick she stalked me for close to a year. Sitting in the alley behind my house all night. Trashing my gfs car every time she stayed over. Doing some strange and crazy shit...

Sometimes I think I live the way I do cause I'm chasing that feeling... I want to recreate that primal intensity that I felt that night, but it never happens and never will.

Up until I left my hometown all my friends would make jokes whenever it thundered....

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In reply to the question, "How do you get an Asian girlfriend?" --

Travesty said:
Own an expensive BMW. Have a second car, maybe an Audi or Subaru that you juice up for some illegal street racing. If it gets trashed you need that BMW for day-to-day materialistic appeal though. Don't forget this.

Always be looking down at your expensive brand new smart phone. You must at all times be beating her on who is addicted to smart phones more.

Barely if ever go to the beach. This is not your domain. You are the anti-dolphin of the pussy hunters. Karaoke in an Asian dialect, that is more like it.

Wear an expensive watch, shoes, sunglasses and other accessories. Be GQ bordering on K-Pop-Homo. You may think about spiking or poofing your hair up.

You love taking trips to Vegas and staying in a nice suite taking your chick along, going out to clubs. Of course still place priority on looking at your smartphone at all times.

You love going out to fancy restaurants.

You have more pictures of fancy food than of your family and friends.

You own cats. Multiple. Mostly just to outdo her on social media by attention whoring for other Asian girl orbiters. You want those cats in your BMW helping you steer while you are smoking and looking down at your smartphone with some boba. Shit like this.

You lie that you are a doctor so she thinks she can brag about you to her parents. At the same time be grating enough her parents dislike you which turns her on. Have family money to come from - you'll need an allowance for this lifestyle. Your dad is probably on business and smashing hookers in Asia 85% of the time. That's ok you can get pussy without him around, you have what it takes.

You must put on the act that you actually enjoy all her retarded selfies she sends you with way too many emojis.

Smoke cigarettes.

Make sure you speak that Asian language whichever hers is, if it isn't exact that's ok Viet/Thai tomatoe tomatto close enough, in public you need to be seen and heard speaking to her in maybe only 20% English. It just needs to be known you both can talk to each other on a deeper level outside of plain English.

Have extremely strong opinions on what is a good Asian restaurant and what is not.

Never look her in the eye for more than 2 seconds consecutively unless you are having sex or you are telling her what lingerie she has to wear that night.

Know at least as much of the pop culture in 2 other Asian countries outside America as you do about local pop culture. This is crucial.

Keep your place extremely clean in a high rise. Keep all dishes and silverware clean and dry at all times waiting in the dishwasher. Not the cabinets or drawers. Don't use too much color or flash on your interior design. Lots of black leather furniture and white walls. You want the clean monied museum vibe with cats. Too much color or vibe and she may think you are a hippy. You are a clean gleaming katana sword. Not some multiple color rainbow sparkler bearer. Smoke on your high rise balcony, don't forget your phone.

Play video games with your other friends while listening to club music and taking cigarette breaks, go out in all your BMWs together to get sushi and cover your mouth with a hand when you laugh which amounts to a man giggle and joke about how much Asian pussy you are reeling in.

Over and out.


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Truth being told

Greats comments starting with the message of Rudebwoy to the insights of Premium to the end by Kosko, killing it about the situation of men in America most western countries and the expectations of women since... All time.

Long read but I'm pretty sure...


Premium said:
Rudeboy has figured it out....I had one manager that bought a 1 year supply of industrial hand cleaner cause he couldn't say no to a hot (10) sales girl....(he hid the boxes under his desk...LMAO)..... so Dalaran is correct hot chicks who are aware of what their value is can be a real asset to companies (yeah sexist...they ain't complaining)

It's agreed then or is it? That women today (20 to 30) are busier (than ever)....are more confused.....have more self inflicted clutter on their minds...tend to have a small circle of real friends and a large social network .....are relationship risk adverse so dabble out of loneliness/sexual frustration with internet platforms

...woman's view as always is all the good men are taken.... where are all the good men......why do I pick losers.....I want a baby? but not the marriage (that's a guess).

I lived in a cluster of executive style high-rises I could look across to another apartment tower and see 10 or 12 chicks (or guys) at any given time sitting alone staring at their smartphones ...if they opened the fridge it was empty maybe a pre made salad (I guess or pre-made something) and wine bottles.....then turn on the T.V and stare at their smart phone....I lived their for 3 years ...some people moved out some moved in...but nothing changed with most of the girls that were still there. .(well I saw brushing stuff I assumed cat fur)... isolated shut ins

There is 4 sides to a tower....30 extrapolate

Off to work to catch the subway... ... working girls passing me by (always in a rush) me I was enjoying the view. (older guys do that)..most were staring at there smartphones....and on the subway platform and during subway get the picture.

the young guys doing the same..but most had cheap wrinkled suits....or pale white...or chubby.

my point is ..these chicks are doing something on these phones (24/7) but it isn't in my rough estimation "hook ups" ...maybe 24/7 angry birds.

or are they living a pseudo life on FB? I can certainly tell you none have personalities.... with that shit isolated warmth not family oriented....none cook....just a sterile selfish existence.

Figuring out how to crack those'd be a bonanza of pussy.

Living in a smaller city now...chicks here actually go out and interact...a lot better...but all still stare at the smartphone.(not so much)

Premium said:
I think my generation is to blame. I accept it! maybe not

When I was young every bar had a local band in it Friday/Saturday (or touring bands) with dance floors (States was same..but better they had spot lights on guys/girls dancing...and parties for the younger crowd prior to bar serving booze) fuck did us guys have a fun night out and of course the chicks were wearing their finest and having fun ...later at night when the bar closed (after 2 last calls for the bands to come back out) we'd get together with chicks and party some more.

Sometime in the 90's the gen X'rs I guess went for the music video's, men became big hair boy-ish, more lazy it seemed, and the local bar scene started dwindling people wise (actually 2 weekends of boring nights was enough for me to stop going and months later bars started to close down). The music video's... I'd be saying to the guys on weekends let's go! it's almost 9 at night...and there like no no platinum blonde is coming up next and I thought WTF is happening to these idiots don't they want to go party? ( I hung with gen x'rs my other buds had got married or moved off)

Up to other people to figure out when bars became sausage palaces and nightclubs for 3000 people arrived...maybe it started in 2000's. I read today this is 20th anniversary of the cell phone. but not many peeps had those big clunkers back in 2000. I do remember being in AOL chat rooms it was pretty feisty (code of conduct came out..sites started shutting down). Also I'm still getting 12 years later Russian spam from OLGA's to my old yahoo account...ahhh the first Russian date sites I joined.

Things got pretty shitty starting in 2000 ( it must of... if I was on a Russian date site) I think the media (medium) started to give people everything they felt they needed and of course they continue to do it with better stuff today

now we have the millennials an entirely different animal.. but like I wrote in the first paragraph going out is supposed to be FUN and when girls are around even better (focus on this peeps when going out..not the fuck).... frustration or too high expectation on oneself or the night is winding today's guys up.

In my day girls always followed us guys around to get in on the excitement...I think the girls haven't changed but maybe the guys did.
Lastly in the old days (covered wagons) when guys went to the bars we welcomed buddies we haven't seen or guys we never met and bought them a beer... at some point friendliness turned to suspicion of other guys and big groups become smaller and went off doing there own stuff. I'm glad Roosh did this site.sharing idea's..including meetups it's more fun with like minded peeps..and the chicks will come later

Premium said:
Exactly the point I put forward that guys are lowering their sights from the 10's good meh a 6 or 7 good I wrote above (somewhere) chicks that are 9 or 10's are socially isolated by not only other women...but put on a pedestal and avoided by guys who have zero confidence.

Off Topic (item I recently read) important is positive feedback loops for ALL women....a girl will go to work and chat about how they feel with there girlfriend (maybe for 8 hours) they talk till they both feel better.....the girl leaves work and while riding the subway back some other chick frowns at her shoes....that's all it takes soon as the girl gets back to her place she calls her co worker (after already spending 8 hours talking) and needs reassurance and figure out the shoe feel better.

Amazingly this happens almost everyday.....Guys are result oriented...find the problem..fix it...plan for next problem

Chicks need guys to reassure them, to value, to center them, protect them stuff like that... A chick that's a 10 isn't getting anything and at some point...screws come undone (if chicks get depressed over just shoes...imagine what being called a skank or hoe does to them)....and I put forward that in today's America 8..9...10 level girls find amateur prostitution (tinder or other apps)...and rot on FB looking for valueless 5000 likes (but hey who else says I like real life)

Chicks unless drunk won't approach guys directly...A chick that does approach a guy and gets rejected would need 5 girlfriends to put her back together (and maybe a therapist) emotionally....The ladies are absolutely STARVING out there for a non drunk guy to make the first move.

So this is the situation in America the men became passive, thinking that is what women like,...and lost confidence in themselves....but the women's message all they wanted was a little more sensitivity.not a complete now America has Planet of the Wimps starring Carrot Top

A chick looks for POWER,FAME,MONEY....they want to stay at the same status level or go up a notch. (my first paragraph tells you were guys will go...down in status from maybe a 8 to a 6)...and since ALL women are the same mentally the same result will happen to a dude if the girls a 10 or a 2

ALL chicks look to the above 3 items as primary sources where confidence comes from....women need confidence it's attractive (it's also in bad boys). Confidence is associated with "taking the lead", security,comfort,"...women are passive, and submissive and like a dominate to take charge (tall short fat any color any religion,any culture doesn't matter...if there is no "ideal" she'll it must be extremely important to have a confident man to a woman...ya think)

So guess what happens when Mr Nice guy..does approach ...Ms Nice girl....Nice guys finish last .... girls view nice passive guys as needy..that have to be coddled and reassured it's okay to cry.....why would chicks want to marry another chick?

So yes I agree it's the best time for any guys because confident ALPHA's are virtually extinct (if chicks were dying of thirst in the desert and men were water she's gotta drink from what's around)

even confident guys on death row get girlfriends and wives. those are the real bad boys!

Even more disturbing....Hot female High School teachers falling in love with boys... Oregon,Texas,Florida I think most recent...female teachers like wise Canada also.

not spelcheck'd ...just rambled on

kosko said:
The biggest shit I have seen over the years is not the whores, it is men, young men, who will engage me in conversation and many times ask me where rub and tugs are or where to get escorts. Typically when I am out late at night it involves me swooping or attempting to swoop so I will mention that in a conversation. It would be a situation where I did not make anything line up and I guess maybe they glean from that, and ask, I have no idea, but I just notice it more now.

In Toronto it is quite bad. I know a dude in the hotel business and because of AirBNB gutting out lots of regular travellers who are young he tells me that escorts make up a good chunk of their consistent business outside of business travellers.

Next, my buddy works as a property manager and many new condo buildings in Toronto, if they have lax entry to get a rental, will be filled with escorts. He tells me he actually does not mind them in the buildings because they are quiet and always pay rent early and on time. They don't like to draw attention to themselves so they just pay and keep things quiet all the time. Lots of them live in the Park Lawn Lakeshore Condos here in Toronto.

The dating and sexual market are almost completely broken. This is typiically what happens before it completely cracks is the rampant growth of p4p. You don't need to be married to partake. Many times young professionals will put aside $300-500 bucks a month to get their rocks off each week or two. You can even get the Government to pay for some of the "messages" from a rub and tug if you tell your doctor you got a bad back. The Spas will bill a portion.

This is what makes the market so fucked up. Every girl has multiple things on the go. If you are not within that top 3-5 of dudes she is entertaining she will ghost.

Related... One of the reasons I know like messaging girls on Snapchat is because the emojis will change when you become a favourite of hers. If there is a dialogue going back and forth the emjoi changes, and then you become "best friends" but it isn't static, as she can favour other people and it will fade away. An assessment from this is that her core group of females friends will always stay the same, so shifts likely come from dudes IMO.

In the end, the market will have to crash before it corrects itself. Until then the next step, as mentioned, is pay-to-talk. Where girls will not go out on any dates or be seen with a man unless she is getting something in return, either food, gifts, or outright money.
LINUX said:
Here is my take:

Most of what people consider "game" is an attempt to change ones personality in front of a woman to make themselves more attractive. It's walking around with a bag full of mask, and trying to figure out which one to put on at the certain time. You'll get laid a few times, sure, but you'll eventually fall apart and probably become jaded with this game stuff because you're tired of being "fake".

What I learned, and it took me a lot of time after hurting a lot of people and playing a lot of games, is what you should really present yourself as is who you are. As long as you show up as a man, tell a woman you like her, and invite her to join you in your life, that's all you really need to do. Games and all these fun personalities are really unnecessary. The problem is men don't show up and when they do, they hide their intentions and act like a salesman.

If you walk up to a woman you like in a cafe or bookshop and say " You know what, I got nothing fancy in my life and I don't even know what direction I'm heading in, but I would really like to make you dinner." If she finds you attractive, she will be riding your dick in 5 hours --Guaranteed. Why? Because you showed up like a man and that's what women are lacking in their lives -- real masculine men.

That's all it is. That's all it takes. Forget the identity stuff. You are born, you suffer, and then you die. In between those stimulus you need to figure out what you want that makes you happy, maybe that's a job with a fancy title, or maybe it waking up beside a beautiful woman feeling loved, kissing her, and going to hit the gym with your friends. No one can tell you what's right or wrong, it's your life. You have to fill the gaps with happiness and in that, you find your true identity -- A man walking the world alone, refusing to cast pearls before swine, treating others with kindness, and being vulnerable to love and living in the moment, even if it eventually fades, as love usually does.
This is one of my all time fav's from Bosch. It's long but great.

I guess I should say that the context was your typical noob asking about what to do now that this muslim unicorn he loves has friendzoned him. AB breaks it down...

AnonymousBosch said:
I'm not going to coddle you. This will be harsh, but you need to hear it.

You are inexperienced with women and haven't learnt how to Speak Girl. Their need to maintain social status by remaining likeable to everyone gets them into situations like yours, when their inability to send out clear signals of sexual and emotional disinterest strings a clueless guy along and eventually forces them into the awkward situation of telling him that they only think of him as a friend.

I believe girls decide within the first 5 seconds of meeting you if they'd potentially fuck you or not. Nothing you can do will make a girl who isn't interested in fucking you want to fuck you - if it happens it's a combination of pity / guilt by feeling they 'owe' the man something, which will only lead to shame and the complete collapse of the 'friendship'.

However, if a woman is interested in fucking you, everything you do risks making her lose interest in fucking you. Classic examples: Compliment. Cuddle. Profess your love. Cling. Suffocate. See her as an idealised phantasm of who you wish she was, not who she actually is. Not listen to her clear signals of disinterest.

I've been alive for 45 years, and women's behaviour when it comes to guys they don't want to fuck is as constant as ever.

Let me clearly spell this out for you:

Tyrion said:
We started to hang out a lot and I became her "best" guy friend.

That because she doesn't want to fuck you.

She started sharing her secrets, past life, and all.

She doesn't need to hide anything from you, because she's not trying to inflate her status around you so you want to girlfriend her up, since she doesn't want to fuck you.

Cutting to the chase--we started to become really close. We'll cuddle, become cozy while watching movies, and care for each other so on.

She'll take your affection and attention when it's offered, but it doesn't change the fact that she doesn't want to fuck you.

We both knew its not a friendship anymore.

You're projecting, because she doesn't want to fuck you, and this is where she started becoming uncomfortable around you.

In one of these moments she asked me if I liked her and I played the right game and told her that it was more than liking blah blah (which was kind of true as I was falling for her).

Which was when she clearly-realised she was caught in the standard female bind of enjoying the attention and affection from you, and not wanting to risk losing that supply by being honest about the fact she doesn't want to fuck you.

Things escalated. Pretty quick. In next couple of meetings, we hooked up.

She doesn't want to fuck you, but now she's feeling obligated to give you a chance, because she feels guilty that she's led you on.

Things got really intensely physical (sex didn't happen).

Because she doesn't want to fuck you, and attempting to get intimate with you only strengthened her initial decision.

Now today, all of a sudden, she texts me and tells me that we should create some distance.

Because she doesn't want to fuck you enough to have thought of a logical excuse, and is trying to let you down gently.

She says she is confused whether she likes me or is it just temporary feeling because I care for her and all.

Because she doesn't want to fuck you enough to have thought of a second excuse, and is trying to let you down gently.

Also, she says that doesn't want to get too involved into all this since I'll be graduating soon from college and move away.

Because she doesn't want to fuck you enough to have thought of a third excuse, and is trying to let you down gently.

Moreover, her family is kind of religious and they would not marry outside of their certain religious creed (of which I am not a part of).

Because she doesn't want to fuck you enough to have thought of a fourth excuse, and is trying to let you down gently.

She feels that becoming physically too close will only make it harder for both of us later on.

Because she doesn't want to fuck you enough to have thought of a fifth excuse, doesn't even you want you touching her, and is trying to let you down gently.

She wants to be practical because she says she knows that it is not gonna work out due to various factors (I kind of know that. Her family will NEVER let her marry me).

Because she doesn't want to fuck you enough to have thought of a sixth excuse, is telling you she doesn't want an emotional relationship with you, and is trying to let you down gently.

She told me not to be nice to her or treat her special because she falls weak emotionally and ends up too close to me.

She doesn't want to fuck you or have an emotional relationship with you, and doesn't even want you thinking of her a romantic prospect in the future, but is trying to let you down gently so you don't think she's a bitch.

I told her my feelings for her a natural and I'd continue to treat her the way I did before.

Why would you say this? She just told you in multiple girlspeak rationalisations that she doesn't want to fuck you, or have an emotional relationship with you and wants you to move on and find someone else.

She said then in that case, she is clear from her side and she'll distance herself on her own

Which called her bluff, forcing her to admit she doesn't want to fuck you or have an emotional relationship with you, and is trying to let you down gently so you don't think she's a bitch.

(although she doesn't want to lose me as a friend).

Huh. Imagine if female behaviour had been observed and discussed at great lengths enough that there was a name for being exiled to No Pussy Land by a woman using this exact phrasing...

Your update only makes matters worse. You just compounded her discomfort then - seemingly by accident - made the first alpha move of your relationship and negged her about her virginity, which made her play wounded fawn and get intimate with you, so you see how rare and precious and frightened she is, so as you don't think she's that kind of girl.

She still doesn't want to fuck you or have an emotional relationship with you. She just wants you to think she's struggling with her feelings for you - that it's a real battle for her - so you don't think she's easy. Which won't stop the Fadeaway, but will just extend it a little longer, to the discomfort of all concerned.

It was enough of a Nuclear Neg, that she's still looking for validation from you the next morning;

she texted me and told me that how shocked and offended she was from my questioning of her virginity

Powerful stuff. This kind of passive aggression should be expected from a woman from a traditional religious background who could suffer social ramifications for being thought of as a 'slut' or one who 'leads boys on'.

I, offcourse, apologized and told her I didn't mean it that way and blah blah...

And you immediately blow it. Having freely-offered her validation, you're back to being the guy she doesn't want to fuck or have an emotional relationship with.

If you keep guilting and bullying her into a relationship, she will grow to hate you a little more, day by day. I once saw a girl break into a violent, sobbing rage and attack her friendzoned orbiter of 15+ years, who just always refused to accept the reality that she wasn't, and would never be interested. "Why can't you just leave me alone?"

That's the kind of bitter hate you're planting in her day after day with your refusal to hear.

I know enough about women and their behaviour to be able to predict it. I know what qualities attract them in a man, and can put myself in their shoes easily enough. You are making statement after statement that repels me and makes my Theoretical Pussy dry up, because it sounds creepy, delusional and borderline abusive. This is going beyond beta behaviour: you're crossing into the delusional reality of the Gamma Male, where you're living out some grand romantic fantasy in your head where she's the actress in your movie, not paying attention to her disinterest in taking part to the extent that she'll sleep in a car to shield herself from you.

Do you know how many girls at school would laugh about the clueless guys they'd friendzoned? Do you know how many girlfriends have described their Orbiters to me over the years, completely creeped out? Do you know how many women write about this exact behaviour in a mocking, disgusted way? Do you know just how standard your story is?

Stop wasting your time and find a girl who doesn't see you 'that way'.

Do you know how I know when a girl doesn't think of me as 'just a friend'?

- When she doesn't stop me fingerbanging her hard in an alley across from an alfresco restaurant.

- When she goes down on me under a doona when her 'date' for the evening is in the same room, cluelessly playing video games.

- When I overhear her bragging to her friends about our sex life and I grin hearing how much she's exaggerating my size.

- When I get that drowsy, warm rush of pleasure as I shake off the night's sleep to discover that she's decided to wake me up with a BJ

- When she comes to my office to get fucked whilst her clueless husband is waiting with the car downstairs.

- When her foot is rubbing my crotch under the dinner table as I talk to her family.

- When she walks up to me at a concert and opens with "You're coming home with me."

- When shes lifts her skirt in a public stairwell to allow me entry from behind, because she can't wait.

- When she's pretending to be asleep on my shoulder on a plane, but is giving me a slow, gentle handjob under the blanket.

- When she never hesitates to swallow.

Note the complete lack of logical excuses she's offering up for why she shouldn't do these things. She just does them, regardless.

Female passion is voracious, and doesn't care about propriety and social convention. Once you've experienced it, you will never again question where you stand with a woman.

This 'i'm not sure of my feelings for you' bullshit you're going through now - and it is bullshit - just doesn't happen in a passionate relationship.

I've never had a girl ask me if 'I liked them or not' since mid-High School. Women always know if I'm interested or not very quickly in our interactions. Life's too short to fuck around with hesitation. Take the bull by the horns early, and a woman is more likely to respect you by taking the coward's route of being her best friend in the hopes of transitioning it into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. If she shoots you down, so what? You didn't waste your time or hers.

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H1N1, on what to do to become more interesting --

H1N1 said:
Read a lot. This to me is the single most important thing you can do. The more you know about the world, the more interesting it will become to you, and the more easily engaged you will be with all sorts of things around you. Knowing about a wide range of things allows you to find all kinds of interest in the strangest of places. It allows your mind to always be engaged. A little piece of news, trivial in itself, becomes much more interesting when you see it in its proper historical and social context.

It also gives you a much wider range of things to talk about and find interest and common ground with others over. Knowing about Persian history or current politics - particularly the imprisonment of a dissident or some similar aspect of controversy, for example, might allow you to make a mundane corner shop purchase into an interesting conversation with the Iranian shop keeper. The more you know, and the more things you know about, the richer life becomes. You are able to form genuine bonds with people wherever you go. This will also help you develop tremendous personal confidence, and will make you more personable. The more you know, the easier it is to get past small talk and into things of substance with people from all walks of life.
I'll second the reading bit. Haivng read more as I've gotten older, I never feel like I lack an interesting topic to share when in social circles. Get your local library card in your wallets gents!


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Giovonny said:
Be ready to talk to girls anywhere and everywhere.

I purposely go to the grocery store at busy times everyday just to get more opportunities. When I have to go shopping I go to the most popular mall at the busiest time.

Be ready as soon as you walk out your front door. Bus, train, subway, coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, work, lunch break, smoke break, gym, grocery store, mall, sidewalk. You don't have to make time for day game. You just have to be ready to talk during the day.

If I have errands to run like going to the bank, going to the dry cleaners, returning stuff, etc. I purposely wait until its a nice sunny day and I have a day off of work. Then, I will go and do all my errands in a busy and popular part of the city. Obviously, I am gaming the whole time as I am taking care of my business. 2 birds, 1 stone!


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Giovonny said:
Be ready to talk to girls anywhere and everywhere.

I purposely go to the grocery store at busy times everyday just to get more opportunities. When I have to go shopping I go to the most popular mall at the busiest time.

Be ready as soon as you walk out your front door. Bus, train, subway, coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, work, lunch break, smoke break, gym, grocery store, mall, sidewalk. You don't have to make time for day game. You just have to be ready to talk during the day.

If I have errands to run like going to the bank, going to the dry cleaners, returning stuff, etc. I purposely wait until its a nice sunny day and I have a day off of work. Then, I will go and do all my errands in a busy and popular part of the city. Obviously, I am gaming the whole time as I am taking care of my business. 2 birds, 1 stone!


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DL keep delivering:

Distant Light said:
Don't "game" BE a social/fun dude...

Let WHO YOU ARE do the rest of work. Only competency is navigating logistics.

Reason being TRYING leads to formalities, expectations & society norms. People have assumptions to HOOKUP they gotta...
- Go on dates
- Try to Connect/Rapport
- Try to win her over aka "convince her"
- Not allowed to BE a certain way (because it goes against the norm

People knew me as the purely fun guy always going on adventures. All traditional BS are out the door with me. As a result, within different networks it was common & potentially possible to mess around with who ever, even if they were close friends

Lots of FREEDOM and no DOWNSIDES...

As you transcend the DOGMAS of society. So what's OK for YOU is vastly different to society norms. This is how in one social circle 12 of 14-15 girls I've atleast madeout with.

Everyone knew I was sexually active, I was just very vague as the details didn't matter to anyone but girls & I.

This lead to messing around with best friends (some who knew) and chicks bringing their friends for sake of them meeting/flirting with me.

To everyone I'm just a social person as it's true. My initial reasons for meeting people aren't ME TRYING TO FUCK.

Stems from potential curiousity, which unfolded into something potentially happening. Gave no promises as thinga were always subject to change, even if we'd concluded 100% "were fucking tn".

Beyond that the connections & shared experiences overall held alot of weight...

Because keep in mind "social circles" aren't even the bulk of how my sex life survived...It's merely a side effect & bonus...
- If I wanted to just show up and select a chick
- If I wanted to have a group shared experience without having to physically generate it
- If I wanted to increase odds of others getting laid (girls or guys...Have got both laid)

Social circles MAIN POINT aren't to just have sexual experiences...That's just a side effect of you being AWESOME.

Most people think of me as the social circlr "lifestyle" guy...If I didn't know how to "socialize" aka cold approach majority of my experiences would've never occured..

The beauty of "shitting where you eat" is that YOUR SHIT IS AWESOME...Imagine some 100k city where you are THAT GUY. Most people love you...

This spills over to girls, they're not retarded animals. Chicks are super observant...

In your case BE A SOCIAL GUY...

Don't apologize for being that way, you are inherently more free than everyone else stuck in their shitty social boxes.

Also COLD APPROACH is a good benchmark to see how people view you in general...
- Your friends
- Your girls
- Your family

Are all bias to you, you won't learn as much as interacting with someone COLD. However, views of strangers in general carried over to...
- Acquittances
- Social Circles
- Connectors

Is INSANE, because if strangers in general love you, all lives you touch will be positive for the most part. Only people who miss the boat are ones who are unaware or simply DO NOT MESH.

If strangers are crushing you hard...Then what's to fear "shittinf where you eat"? Scared of the world liking you?

My dumbass FUCKED UP because I started slowing down cold approach once things got overwhelming. Most men never know what feeling like a rag doll is like. 20 people in a club all vying for your attention for glorious interactions...Thia is prob how celebs feel with strangers who feel like they know them just becsuse they're fans of their works...

Being fascinatinf & being a celeb is similar effects YET different currencies. That actor is known for great films...That fascinating guy is known to influence people's social experoences.

One is more personal and valuable.

OP is a byproduct of not coming into your own with your consciousness. Instead you think YOU are an annoyance/pest who is doing something inherently BAD.

So what if you want to be social & fuck the worle shamelessly? You will have a better quality life than those stuck in their drama & shit. All they can do is spectate & judge from afar.

What is lost by some chick not wanting to align with you because she seen you meet 5-10 new people?


She hung up in her own belief traps is LIMITED in life experience...While your life continues to become more enrichening.

It's insanity that this community isn't more FEARLESS nor realize their potential...

I can tell you right now past 3 years COMES NOWHERE NEAR the level of enjoyment, growth, experiences & lessons. And it's negatively effecting me via STRESS

We are generally interacting with people who have zero control of their social/sex life. Even the hottest chick is LIMITED I do not care if they have millions of IG followers, a full set of facebook friends, etc.

There life consists of dealing with men TRYING TO FUCK and people scheming them. It's an annoyance/distraction...

You the average man, no fame, living in THIS SOCIETY. Can be a low key BEACON for something greater which is what every chick strives to be aligned too.

A life of cool stats is just that...STATS...

Majority of the world live a BORING & CONSTRAINED LIFE...

Most will never experience the HIGH that fueled within 24/7 and the pure happiness of a life well lived without the drama.

Whether it's jobs, relationships, school, etc...Most people are just dealing with petty BS and dynamics all their lives until they're dead.

Rare someone is WOKE ENOUGH to think "I'm gonna change my life experiences and the platforms for growth".

Instead MOST hide in social boxes of school, work, social circles, etc. You never see how SAD & LAME it all is until you step back and look at the different life experiences.


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The Lizard of Oz said:
When a man is healthy, is not beset by financial troubles or emotional distress, and is not in the midst of a combat mission -- whether in war, art, work, or sport, and however brief or extended -- his every second or third thought should be the thought of simple, useful pussy. It can be the idlest and most passing of thoughts, and it need not be acted on in any way; but the deadly idea and reality of the great sea of simple and availing pussy that surrounds one at all times should be like an atmosphere that a man walks through, in his waking hours and in the midst of his slumber. Sometimes the idea stings one to the quick, it makes one double over in sickening lust; but more often it is just there, it glistens like a drop of lightest sweat on the plain surface of the cheese of life and it keeps one's appetite whetted and one's apprehension hungry and sharp.

Look at this porn clip -- and you don't need to track through all of it, just a few seconds will suffice -- and understand what simple, useful pussy means: a girl, a simple brown haired slut of maybe 20 in a flannel coat and a red turtleneck carrying a cheap flimsy umbrella on the streets of some grey and beautiful Eastern European dump -- to see that and to know that it can and will be walking up the stairs of a city building, into an apartment where it submits, cow-like and doe-like at once, to its destiny of "amateur" sucking and fucking. That is the terrible reality that a man living his best and freest life must reckon with at every other moment, and its ever-present, faintly metallic and oystery taste is the very taste of life.


Bacchus said:
This whale is looking for a particular harpoon. She knows the difference between a desperate man who will settle for a giant mammal and a true connoisseur of blubber. She has learned over and over again the bitter lesson that normal men will disappoint her. Sure, they might be able to (semi) get it up once for her, but they flee soon after. Burned by so many before, she vows never again.

The searing disappointment has honed her senses. One glance lasting under one second will her tell who's just thirsty and who's a truly degenerate fatty fucker. Is it a look in the eye, or a turn of the head? Even she's not able to articulate it, but she swipes, driven by her primal needs.

She's looking for her Captain Ahab, a man driven solely by his quest to stick it to whales. Dating Apps (I'm sure she has multiple) will deliver this man to her, even if it takes 10,000 swipes.


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LINUX said:
Well, You're 18. Love hurts at your age because you have no past experices and the future is unknown because you haven't had enough lessons thus far on your journey. Your brain isn't even fully developed yet and who you are is going to change drastically over the next 7 years. Just enjoy the ride, this will be the first break-up of many more to come.

There is no other advice I have for you because this is something you need to experience in all honesty. I had these same lessons at your age as did many others here. What's going to heal you -- time. That's all that ever heals us -- time and making better memories with better women.

Things don't get easier, we just get accustomed to change over the years because that's what life is, constant change, people are born, people die, cells dissipate as new ones are created , love destroys us and breaks us and then love comes along to heal us.

Give it time and be prepared to suffer. And learn whatever lesson you can from that suffering. Because that's how we grow as men -- through suffering and by making mistakes.