Great female historians

On a lark, I thought I would list two great American female historians as we often don’t see that often here. One is barbara tuckman who wrote “through a distant mirror,” about how the change from feudalism to market society was a bigger transition than from our own modern changes. She also wrote “the guns of August “ about how once complex war plans are initiated , it’s almost impossible to recall them. (She used the example of world war one and railroad troop time tables.) Jfk read the book during the cuban missile crisis and was thought to walk back from the brink of nuclear war after reading it.
The other one is Ruth Benedict who wrote “patterns of culture ,” which posits that different civilizations will demonstrate similar cultural institutions based on similar levels of development. The original star trek series applies this theory when it created the cultures the away team visits. Each culture is rated on a civilization scale and its societal characteristics predictable or interpretable in this predication.
These women did good work going on several generations ago. They represented the best non pozzed female behavior extinct anglo culture had to offer, and as the last decent scholarship conducted, are still valuable today. The books can be found for free on the internet.