Greek Orthodox Church


The synod of Constantinople has decided to transfer Metropolitan Evangelos of New Jersey to some defunct diocese in Turkey, and has suspended Metropolitan Methodios of Boston at the behest of Archbishop Elpidophoros. Archbishop Elpidophoros will absorb their dioceses for the time being. This is likely due to the Metropolitans refusal to use multiple communion spoons.

The silver lining is that with Metropolitan Evangelos being transferred directly to the EP, he now gets a seat on the synod, effectively making the entire EP more conservative.
Maybe what Black America needs isn't more race-hustling rhetoric and noisy loudmouths fanning the flames of antagonism, but Ethiopian Orthodox missionaries.

agreed, African Americans becoming orthodox is what we need in society. I had previously hoped The Weeknd would encourage it but he probably is forbidden by his masters from doing it.

also St Moses the Black was actually a sub Saharan African.