Guide for Processing Media - First Principles

Roosh recently mentioned (Medical Gulag stream?) that the Truth is more often that which Media labels a "conspiracy" or "falsehood." Interestingly, Bruce Charlton also said something related and profound:

"The argumentum ad hominem, is an attack on an argument made by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, rather than attacking the argument directly."

This is usually regarded as a logical fallacy; but most of the time it is Not - and especially in a world ruled by evil liars, hence permeated by Satan-serving lies.

In such a world the single most important fact to establish is the nature and motivation of the arguer of a purported source of information - in other words, (here-and-now) all argument ought-to-be 'ad hominem': directed towards the person (or institution/ organisation) making an assertion.

Since this world is ruled by a single, linked bureaucracy: The System; and since The System communicates with us via the Public Relations (PR) interface and the Mass Media (which now structures and controls what used-to-be autonomous sources such as academia) - the main task we have is trying to understand and interpret PR and Media communications.

It ought to be clear that it is utterly futile even to try and analyse and compare the fire hose of PR-Media propaganda which deluges us every day (and which is, for the past few months) mandatory - if we fail to know the latest diktat on, for example, social distancing; we might get a hefty on-the-spot fine. Such a task would be combinatorially impossible; as well as more than a full-time job and intrinsically corrupting.

Fortunately, there is an alternative; which is to make an inference about the motivation of the source/s of communication; and understand and interpret the communication on that basis.

And (again fortunately) that is easy; because we know (we ought to know) that all the highly prioritised and sustained information which comes to us from PR and the Media emanates from a unitary origin that is an evil liar (or, more exactly, a relatively small community of evil liars).

There we have it! An immediate solution to the much-agonised-over problem of Information Overload!

Of course; it means that the majority who assume that the PR-Media communications are basically well-motivated and truthful will call you a 'conspiracy theorist' - but, we can put up with that (I assume?) when we are about the (clearly more vital) business of our theosis and our salvation!

This heuristic is a powerful way to deal with the barrage of lies. The only other thing I would add is the importance of being led by the Holy Spirit, as the Web of Lies can be impossible to deal with otherwise.


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Read nothing before the name of the author.

Not even the title if you can avoid it. Even reading the title can effect an emotional reaction that will not have a proper context if you don't know the name of the author first.

Title: White men to become extinct by 2080

Result: Fear.

Author: Herschel Shekelstein
Title: White men to become extinct by 2080

Result: Anger, defiance.


Premise: media run by the elites … media uses NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) employed by the elites

Generally speaking only 'high level elites' use NLP, or use it 'correctly' anyways. It's kind of a complicated discussion to have but they basically throw 'everything' at you all at once. Unfortunately, as is the way of the demonic when people are in sin and also power hungry they become drawn to using NLP and other 'techniques' of manipulation. Point being it’s only used for evil, it denies freewill.

There really needs to be a thread on this site dedicated to NLP, seriously, because the topic is pretty vast and complicated and I hate to say it but the vast majority of News is NLP driven. That might sound like some kind of broad far fetched idea, but it's sadly the case. Pseduo-science is intrinsically subjective and relativistic, this means it boils down to becoming demonic and or satanic on some fundamental level ok. The fact of the matter is when reality and logic (Logos) is not being employed subjective 'phantoms' will gladly 'fill in the blanks' for you.

With NLP what ends up happening is not just wordplay but a 'bombardment' of sorts. The media and the 'global elite' (not sure that name really is accurate honestly, considering anyone ensnared to sin is under the control the demonic and or if not directly under control is indirectly and fresh meat so to speak) but the 'global elite' and or oligarchs if you want to call them that, those who push occultism and pseudo-self help garbage dribble to the masses have plenty of ways to 'mind control' the 'sheep' ok, they literally bombard people with everything.

Roosh tends to seem to favor the notion that there is somekind of underlying 'plan', but it's more of a bombardment on every front at all times. Entertainment and News is the main means. The people who work in News media (while it's difficult to give any real numbers on this, simply projections) are all essentially trained to follow the 'talking points' and tow the line, this much is obvious and anyone who know's anything of media will agree. So, that doesn't sound that profound at all right? You might say "Obviously they follow the talking points, they are the sheep...whats your point?" Follow talking points and towing a line is in essence not only the individuals ideology, but their identity. Again, this sounds like nothing profound, but what must be understood is that they hunt for people who only act like Pavlov's dog. They do not simply anchor them down but they find those who are adapt and proficient at towing the line. Okay, so what does this all mean? Certain individuals have a propensity towards certain forms of logic, NLP trains to 'break' the average person's 'logic' 'code' and or logic structure. It's essentially demonic okay and not something I would promote, but it unfortunately is the primary brainwashing technique which is actually used and unfortunately is difficult to identity and call out.

Again, the 'media' (a tricky term nonetheless, but I'll stick with the major News outlets in the general sense) bombard NLP. NLP is not simply something one individual 'uses' to manipulate conversation, it is used as a much broader 'tactic'. Much like smoke and mirrors, in fact almost exactly like smoke and mirrors. The 'error' is not so much that there is some underlying 'plan' by the 'global elite' it's more of a 'system' (as much as chaos in and of itself can be considered a system) of chaos ok. So, the point here being that NLP is huge 'weapon' of distraction. What are they distracting from is the real quesiton...if you wish to imply that distraction equates to having intent and a plan, that could be possibly, but the real intent is chaos for chaos's sake. It could simply be for the 'elite' and or rich to stay rich and to simply maintain any sort of ideological power, but they already have what they want, there is no end goal other than more illusions and smoke.

One has to consider the fact that the riots, while clearly orchestrated, and present themselves as definitely some sort global 'crisis' in the West, you must consider they really aren't anything, they are flies on a windshield in comparison to WW2 or having bombs dropped on cities. I'm sure there's many 'elites' and or 'deep state' government operatives who rationalize this fact; namely that having orchestrated riots or the government not stepping in and letting oligarchs spam the media is not as bad as sending troops overseas or dropping bombs.

You can't 'logic' the media, it's design is intentionally made to disrupt and spike emotions and illicit bias. There are some fairly prominent conservative 'news' commentators on YouTube who try so incredibly hard to 'logic' out the 'madness' and act as if explaining what it all means as if the 'logic' will just clear the air and suddenly everyone will just 'get it'. These right-wing guys, while it's admirable to fight for your country and explain away the madness or what have you, I have no problem with that, but it's such a fool's errand. Trying to explain the 'logic' of what is 'good' and what is 'bad' to people in society from this hyper logical point of view (as most conservatives tend to do) is like running up a hill and never reaching the top; there is no end goal other than being an indirect participant in the farce. I won't name names but there is one 'middle of the road' news journalist on a major news network who always say's "the media did this, and the media did that, and the media should do this, and the media should do that..." - I guess he didn't get the memo that he is the media. I'm sure he's aware that he 'is part of the media', (obviously) but he frames it in such a way so that the average individual buys his narrative. Again, NLP is difficult to fully explain if you have no understanding of cognitive psychology and how people are manipulated, but just realize it's a 'real thing' which is incredibly abused and is harnessed as a real weapon against every 'free' American.


This video is not the greatest breakdown of NLP, but the general idea is worth noting here, and I'm not a 9/11 conspiracy theorist by any means but the amount of NLP Hannity throws at him is almost enough for me to give the other guy's argument more weight, because why is Hannity so threatened? This is not for the average person. Many people, in fact most, outright dismiss conditioning techniques - for good reason though, who wants to believe they are being brainwashed in the moment, in real-time, no one does - but regardless the average person has a tendency to outright dismiss NLP because 1) they don't understand it 2) they don't believe in evil or understand how evil manipulates them and the world, and 3) they are so disenchanted with reality and don't believe in the supernatural (i.e. the spiritual - spirits, demonic activity) because they've been fed over stimulating fairy tale fantasy science fiction movies that they can no longer discern real evil from good and vice versa.

The average person will simply agree with Hannity and move along, again not the greatest example of NLP but I think Hannity is most likely using it here, though again difficult to detect because NLP is masked as 'talking points'. Does every news journalist use NLP? The short answer is no, the long answer is yes.

The basic thing you need to know if you're reading this is NLP uses known trigger/neutral words in society (in the zeitgeist) to lead you on their logic chain. But it's a bombardment technique and they will spew out as many different things and avenues to derail as they can. So, very similar to the virus > the riots > enter x, y, or z ... it doesn't make a difference to them, it's a controlled form of chaotic control to simply mask over and feed you 'entertainment' while making you agree with one side or the other.

NLP, hypnosis, conditioning - all satanic bytheway*
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By and large NLP tries to act as stated in the video as a 'benevolent' way to get what you want. But in reality it's not, it doesn't acknpwledge free-will, it attempts to co-opt intrinsic order of life and the intrinsic logic. It's ultimatly a self-serving method to manipulate, in the deepest sense of the meaning it is pure evil essentially. In many ways it could be boiled down to the most excessive pride a person could come up with via manipulating someone else, and it's all used under the guise of marketing sales tactic for 'self-improvement'. The truth of the matter is it's the most evil evil can be.

Here's a brief superficial example of what's going on here ... if you say to someone, "Don't think of the black cat" what do you think of? The black cat. Again, there's several way's they go about abusing logic in order to duplicate double subconscious meanings.

The sad part of all of this is it's an attempt to mask over reality and redefine reality ... so in the most basic elementary way possible if I say to you,"Look at the red balloon" - you'll look at the red balloon (assuming there is one), or if I say (again, assuming there is one),"Look at how bright the full moon is tonight..." and your friend or whoever your talking to will OF COURSE look at the red balloon if you 'tell' them to, or if you say look at that bright full moon OF COURSE they will look at it. This sounds incredibly superficial and almost naive and idiotic, but the fact of the matter is when something is 'shown' or 'made known' in the environment or in a persons peripheral vision, than it can seep into the subconscious, ALL the more when someone is directly referencing it subconsciously and then you start to think about it. So if say you actually have read everything here I've written, maybe later on today you will be sitting down and think of a red balloon or a bright full moon. Again, it's really sad and discouraging that such basic human logic is distorted and abused in a such a nonlinear illogical way. It's like children playing evil twisted games and thinking they are someone 'superior' to someone else, it's very demented but incredibly childish and evil at the same time. When I say childish I mean it literally.

The 'logic' employed by NLP is essentially the most childish logic around, because all it does is state the obvious and then in evil twisted sinful fashion distorts it. "Oh made you look! I made you look! What a moron!" This is something evil children do, but the satanic imagery is incredibly spewed out into the open these days it's not only disgusting and repulsive but difficult to avoid. Look at your dollar bill for crying out loud, the 'all seeing eye' - you think your in the land of the free right?

The evil ones in general think they 'win' simply by being 'acknowledged', and so even though they will not be directly mentioned, as long as the occult symbols pop up they see that as a 'win' in their eyes. It goes hand in hand with NLP brainwashing. Now, most people can zone some of this stuff out, but you can't zone it out when it's infected nearly everything. What's the solution? I'm not entirely sure, but in general unless a society publicly worships The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and Jesus Christ as Lord and God and Savior of Humanity you'll continue to have this stuff pop up. Society needs to repent, publicly repent, and publicly worship God, either that happens or this country doesn't matter. It needs to not simply acknowledge God but make Him the entre focal point, He, God needs to be front and center, otherwise, none of this matters.


What Defiles a Man
(Matthew 15:10-20)

14And calling again the multitude unto him, he said to them: Hear ye me all and understand. 15There is nothing from without a man that entering into him can defile him. But the things which come from a man, those are they that defile a man. 16If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.
17And when he was come into the house from the multitude, his disciples asked him the parable. 18And he saith to them: So are you also without knowledge? Understand you not that every thing from without entering into a man cannot defile him: 19Because it entereth not into his heart but goeth into his belly and goeth out into the privy, purging all meats? 20But he said that the things which come out from a man, they defile a man. 21For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. 23All these evil things come from within and defile a man.

and another appropriate passage is to consider ,,,
Matthew 6:22-23 22"The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. 23But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

So, in the first passage the reference is in regards to food, but I think you can easily generalize it out to mean other things as well...

"15There is nothing from without a man that entering into him can defile him. But the things which come from a man, those are they that defile a man."

- I mean, how can you not agree with this, it's so spot on, the Lord's words have such immense weight and beauty. But the point I'm suggesting is the first and second passage are not in contradiction but harmonious. I.e. Obviously the second passage says the evil you watch will pollute not only your mind but your whole body. Whereas the first passage almost appears to suggest the opposite 'nothing from without a man can defile him' - but I read it as the Lord saying exactly what He is saying, namely everything (nothing from without) put another way everything 'outside a man is intrinsically good' (i.e. what God has made is Good), it's not evil and cannot hurt him, it is when he puts his mind to evil that the sin arises from the man's heart. That's sort of my take on combining those two beautiful passages. Thanks be to God!*
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The easiest rule of thumb concerning anything political or volatile: whatever the MSM tells you, that's not it.

Conspiracy-minded folks like myself are good at telling which ones are fake stories, even if we don't know the real one.
All good suggestions, thank you.

Two other things to add:

1) Yes, everything is actually a conspiracy (that is, there is an inside group and an outside group and most of us are outsiders; media functions to misdirect the outsiders to serve the insiders). Our only task is to choose a conspiracy.

2) Limit media consumption. Media is very toxic and unraveling lies is a tax on time and energy.

I can see (dimly) why monastics and other holy men attempt to limit interactions with the world.

God Bless!


Yes, everything is actually a conspiracy

I think you make some good points Magnus, notably:
The only other thing I would add is the importance of being led by the Holy Spirit, as the Web of Lies can be impossible to deal with otherwise.

...but with that being said I don't necessarily agree that 'everything' is a conspiracy. Since I've already brought up NLP, there's a designation in cognitive psychology for individuals who have a propensity towards seeing patterns and mis-attributing them. If you follow MBTI and or any of pseduo-science cognitive psychology you see this ome up alot as well. In MBTI they designate the distinction of seeing patterns to 'intution' - specifically here I'm referring to Extroverted Intuition (abbreviated as Ne). Say what you will of MBTI, I prefer to call it how I see it, and the Myers Briggs Type Indiciator simply a man-made logic system, it's not scientific, same with NLP. The rely heavily on preconcieved notions of behaviorial traits. Anyways the point I'm trying to make to you is (whether accurate or not) that humans have incliations to see patterns and underlying meanings. Carl Jung who is responsible for a lot of indirect satantic mumbo jumbo 'psychology' is indirectly responsible for this, so that shows you the 'fruits' of his labor. With that being said though even though humans have free-will we still develop direct forms of logic and or different logic systems in order to understand ourselves and life.

By no means do I think MBTI or NLP explain all of human psychology, they are distortions of human logic, but their 'principles' they are using are half-truths. I.e. terms like 'ego', 'subconscious' 'introvert' 'extrovert', all of these things are highly subjective. My point in saying all of this is because humans are still finite, there's still only certain way's we can perceive information. Inductive logic and 'intuition' are pattern recognition 'systems' which people use. My point is simply humans see patterns, some more so than others, not all of these patterns are accurate because the brain is trying to piece together the puzzle and can easily get it wrong with what it's trying to deductively guess. Not every pattern the mind thinks it 'sees' is always truth, that's all I'm sayin'. The same is true with conspiracy theories...sure there's a 'little bit of truth in everything', but alot of times there also isn't.
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Yes, my statement was facetious, but a more accurate statement is this:
  1. Media shapes how we see the world and
  2. They are mostly owned (literally and spiritually) by a
  3. Global elite who
  4. Seek to do net Evil in the world (as understood from Christian metaphysics).
Thus, it is more probable than not that various "conspiracy theories" (that which the Media are instructed to mock and deny) are true or have a kernel of truth in them. Alternatively, the "official narrative" is usually wrong.

That said, it is easy to waste time and energy on alternative theories. Continually basking in such ideas can also be magnets for grifters and weirdos. That's why having priorities and balance is important.

As an aside, it is interesting that the Q phenomenon seems to build off those assumptions. I guess a fifth rule could be this: the messenger's company (& goals) should roughly align with your in-group, otherwise you could be victim of a psyop.


In some fictional world - I would want to consume media like this:
  1. Consume no media for a month.
  2. Once a month, receive some summaries of what occurred that was important from people I trust.
  3. Augment the summaries with my own research, using video sources only for actual events, and not analysis for the events.
The basic motivation is that I far overconsume media relative to how much is good for me. Also, I think that video is a medium which has a low signal to noise ratio, and which makes it easy for content creators to manipulate your emotions.


  1. Media shapes how we see the world and
  2. They are mostly owned (literally and spiritually) by a
  3. Global elite who
  4. Seek to do net Evil in the world (as understood from Christian metaphysics).

I can agree with that. Keep in mind that spiritual entities (I'm Catholic, so I'm referring to Christian metaphysics also) but spiritual entities are typically if not exclusively 'angels' - and the average angel according to Aquinas is like 10,000x smarter than the average person ok. And there's billions, if not trillions of angels, so were talkin' an entire metaphysical reality essentially governing everything we do, think, see, perceive etc. Trying to comprehend all of that is a fool's errand. You have to really really be incredibly prudent in what you are taking in information wise and yeah it's like you said...

why monastics and other holy men attempt to limit interactions with the world. can't worship God AND Mammom (i.e. the word, idols, other 'things' etc.) really is a bummer that the internet (web, funny they named it a 'web' huh...coincidence? or even the name inter'net' - ENTER the be caught...) it's a bummer everything is so insanely tied to the internet now, I mean it's insane man, like a total hive mind. The only way is to not use it.

Also, I think that video is a medium which has a low signal to noise ratio, and which makes it easy for content creators to manipulate your emotions.

Haven't heard this but sounds entirely possible. A lot of MKUltra supposedly uses repetition and attempts to realter brainwaves, but normally the person needs to be super sedated and listen to the same frequency for hours and hours and 8-12 hours straight or something like that. And so yeah some people go off the rails with that theory, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a demonic wavelength of some kind being flooded through every form of media, would not surprise me at all. You got to realize though that demons are flies, compared to God they aren't anything, and so you don't want to give them more weight than they have. Just treat them for what they are, flies. They can be annoying but with prayer and faith they get disbanded, so best to not obsess or overthink it.
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Food for thought: perhaps attempting to determine "what is" about the news means we're attacking the problem in the wrong way? That is, many conspiracy theorists will argue endlessly about interpretations of "facts" about past events. But, like arguing about 9/11, attempts to resolve those question are effectively moot as the Establishment moves on to other objectives. Thus, much conspiracy theory is reactive and negative rather than proscriptive and positive.

Illustration: How many Christian monasteries hyper-focus on the news to uncover Evil conspiracies? Perhaps none? Why? Maybe because living in Logos does not require that. Maybe if our metaphysics is set upon Christ (the Rock), and with guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can know enough to live according to Him and avoid evil.

Some examples:
  1. News story hails a same-sex "marriage" decision. As Christians, we should know that Godly marriage (not the inversion we see) can only be between a man and woman. No other "woke" configuration is moral or stable according to Natural Law. No need to get twisted up in justifying marriage against those who pervert it.
  2. News story rails against "hateful" anti-abortion law. As Christians, we should know that murdering infants can never be a "right." Not only is this against the 10 commandments, but the Natural Law as well. Any person who perversely argues otherwise supports Evil.
  3. An academic argues “our perception of pedophilia has to change" because it is "a condition some people are born with." As Christians, we should know that all men are born of a sinful nature but that does not justify sinful behavior. Psychology and therapy cannot justify sin--especially egregious sin. Put differently, man cannot absolve himself of sin--only Christ.
Dr. Charlton says:
We need the perspective of a global evil conspiracy aimed-at spiritual corruption - but must not be drawn-into explaining (or rather, theorising-about) its detailed workings.

What is needed is something along the lines of: 'I assume that Life is set-up like this (i.e. as spiritual warfare); I am trying to achieve this in life, and I understand things this way; so I believe that this is what is required, and I personally need to behave like this'.

Full article here:


Maybe because living in Logos does not require that. Maybe if our metaphysics is set upon Christ (the Rock), and with guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can know enough to live according to Him and avoid evil.

I agree with that point.

Overall I think I see what you're saying, you kind of dished out some multi-layered topics there. I would say generally speaking Logos (logic, reason, rationality, intrinsic order, truth) can be used to break through the lies. Basically if both people (media and the truth seeker) sat down and actually discussed the topics and hypothetically given infinite time to 'debate' and or discuss some conspiracy theory or topic the actual truth would win every time; i.e. if given infinite time.

Notice evil see's no past, see's no future. This doesn't mean living in the moment is evil, but that evil simply doesn't care about logic and the shorter amount of time which is allowed to process information the better in its eyes. This doesn't mean evil won't use the past, or won't use the future, not at all, but they know humans live in the moment and are tied to our emotional in the moment states. The media relies on group think solely an also on human nature; i.e. human sin. Guilt, shame, fear, envy, greed, pride, lust, jealousy....the media and the demonic uses every form of sin and animalistic instincts against us because these are the most reactive emotions. You have to recognize that society and the media attempts to structure itself in a way to push and pull emotions in a flurry of ways, much like bingeing.

Keep that word in mind because it's how evil in humans is figuratively 'vomited out'. Someone can binge on anything, food, sex, envy, greed, hatred, it's a mechanism which keeps a person ensnared to sin...why? Because they think they are 'out' of the sinful pattern, but they are only being conditioned to seek it out again and again and again. It's an evil pattern, not just because it creates guilt (guilt which should be used to get to confession or join the Catholic Church) but guilt which keeps you thinking you can't ever break free from the pattern.

This is very similar I've noticed to how the media on a whole vomits to the masses. Because being in a constant state of anxiety, while it produces dread and insecurity, will eventually tire a person to the point of exhaustion, the bingeing 'technique' and or mechanism of addiction and conditioning keeps them perpetually second guessing themselves, it's deeply diabolic.

Knowing enough is good so to speak, but knowing too much isn't a solution either, it comes down to faith I hate to simply say,"just have faith" because it sounds like a cop out, but it's the truth you have to say 'Jesus, I Trust in You.' - literally, because humans are like animals and the walking dead without Christ, we are the walking dead and zombies without Christ and so if you don't have the Eucharist you are a zombie and an animal and your emotions will be used against you all the time all day long.

i feel like maybe you are over thinking the topic just a little bit. The demonic do not want a discussion, they want to distract and shame you. They have no desire to discuss anything. Logic or logos or reason is completely discarded by them. This doesn't mean you shouldn't use it, by all means yes use Jesus and logic, but at the end of the day realize that their forum's in the media are created to harness discord, they are built that way, unless you go after the forum itself you're playing their game.

Another topic worth discussing at some point, maybe not on this thread, is how humans are essentially 'spirits in the material world' - i.e. the body is the form of the soul, thus humans are 'projections' of the soul and or spirit. Thus humans are essentially 'sprits' walking around in flesh, souls carrying corpses so to speak. This is why I say you are the walking dead without Christ and the Eucharist, you're a spirit (everything is a spirit, all matter is tied to a spiritual 'form') but humans without Christ are spirits in matieral bodies that will die, and when their material bodies die they become nothing, in truth they don't really exist except for as material beings. Basically NPC's, they aren't real people, they are just kind of like walking corpses. I mean they are 'human' as muc as a human without the Logos can be 'human' - how much is that really 'human' I'm not sure, but the fact of the matter is you are a dead man walking without Christ. The Logos is the only static entity, God is the only static ALL powerful being, there is no other God, there is no other truth, there is no other static being.

So long story short or maybe another topic for another time on another thread is basically NPC's and how people aren't people. For example Hannity in that clip above, doesn't seem like a real person right? Sounds far fetched but we know in the Bible angels can take human form (i.e. Raphael, etc.), it makes one wonder at the amount of other angelic/demonic beings walking around in humans clothes. And I'm being somewhat serious here.

Ephesians 6:12
12 For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.

This true, but can they also take human form? That is the question? We know they can possess people, but are they walking around all over the place? Tough to say for sure, but evil and sin are 'thoughts and 'idea's' which are supernatural 'forms' and nous and concepts which are built off the structure of the natural order of spiritual reality, thus the concepts we wage war against are essentially 'thoughts' in and of themselves, these thoughts can be manifested in the physical world, but as the passage says, were not so much fighting other people as much as these ideas which take hold of other humans and ensnare them. Anyways, hope that helps.
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Side note: theologically from my understanding of 'angelic'/demonic' spirits, they have super heightened emotional states...they have 'free-will', but they are 'locked in place' - the best way to think of it is like not being so wishy-washy but knowing exactly 'this' or 'that'....they do not waiver like humans. This is why human's emotions are not a good indicator for our spiritual life. Spirits are 1,000's of times more 'yes' or 'no' with their responses than humans, vastly more so. A 'yes' isn't just a 'yes' to God but an absolute essentially. Humans waiver, we are in constant flux and go in and out of emotional states. This is why you want to be in a state of grace and go to confession regularly, and receive the Eucharist on a regular basis (every week obviously) because the Eucharist orientates you towards Christ, among other things. You have to be orientated towards Christ to go to Heaven man, because the human being will have doubts and fears and emotions will throw you off.

Think of it this way, in a state of mortal sin your not orientated towards Christ, so when you die you're soul is 'going the wrong direction' so to speak. Anyways that's a superficial explanation, but just realize that spiritual entities are not 'wavering' like a human, the evil ones should be ignored if you have Christ and Logos Christ's very nature destroys sin and breaks it, He utterly demolishes sin, they weave and dodge and create confusion because THEY are confused, you do not have to be if you have fortitude and stand with courage, so thinking of the demonic doesn't do you much good, at the end of the day the hierarchy overrides evil and Christ has overcome life so as long as you go to confession, receive the Eucharist and are living a holy devote life and pray daily you'll be good, but if you aren't doing that you'll be in disarray almost guaranteed. It's kind of humorous actually, plenty of evil spirits on this forum, in this world, they all cry and moan and try to create their little clouds of confusion, but they are so lost. By all means use Logos and logic and reason if you want, in fact Christ compels us all to preach for Him, but don't be jaded if you can't convert them all or if they don't see the logic. Remember the hierarchy and the intrinsic order and all will be well.

John 16:33
33 These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you shall have distress: but have confidence, I have overcome the world.
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The problem with the conspiratorial approach is that, by necessity, it must focus on actors and intentions, not on causes and effects. And this focus leads to the inevitable conclusion that, if different actors with different intentions were in place, then the results would be different - not only that, but beneficial.

A clear example of this is the ongoing discussion of Kushner's influence in the White House going on in the Riots Lounge and the Complaints of Trump threads. The unstated conclusion is that if instead of Kushner we had a 'good guy' there, then Trump would be able to do whatever we want him to do. And expanding this to the rest of the bad guys in charge would mean that Western Civilization would not be collapsing, Western man would not be spiritually dead and so on.

This focus unintentionally takes us away from the more important fact that regardless of the people in charge, the system itself is unsustainable, destructive and satanic. It doesn't matter who is in charge, because the system itself requires a certain kind of result for its own survival. It is to the system's benefit to destroy natural relationships, be it between man and God, man and woman, man and the land and everything else. It is not a coincidence that these global structures are all headed by psychopaths, it is a necessity for it to function. A non-psychopath would not serve the needs of the system. But by focusing on the particular actors, this basic understanding is lost. We can start to have illusions that if a good guy were in charge of the American Government, or Google, or the Federal Reserve, then its immense power would not be a problem. And this is exactly what I have seen openly advocated (for example, the nationalization of the Federal Reserve as a solution to its destructive power - it seems obvious to me that the Federal Reserve would still be the same monolithic juggernaut with an immense destructive power, and that whoever is wielding that power cannot wield it for good, but will also be corrupted by it).

We can apply it to anything.

The fact that porn in the West is disproportionally ran by Jews is a great example. What we do with facts, how we treat them and what we focus on when dealing with them makes all the difference. If I'm trying to convince people to not watch porn, or even a higher goal like abolishing, or greatly diminishing the availability of porn, what should I focus on? The over-representation of Jews?

If my focus is on the particular current perpetrators, and not the thing itself, the inherent assumption is that it is not the thing that is bad, but the people doing it. And if done by another group, or if the representation is equally distributed among groups, then porn is really not all that bad. I have also seen this expressed among the alt-right, by the way.

This goes for all the problems we have in the modern world and for all groups which have an organized stake in them. Jews, Freemasons (which was the dominant group in America before the 20th Century), or whatever other organized group that is represented at higher levels of power.

And as a corollary, if you approach it from the problem itself, and not from the group in charge, you even are able to understand why certain groups (like Talmudic Jews) are over-represented, and others are not. You can understand that a group which has an explicit policy that allows them to exploit other groups for the benefit of their own, would latch onto several systems that allow for that exploitation: and so, in the transatlantic slave trade, in usury, in porn and in media, you see this group. But if you remove the group, you will still have all these systems and all these problems. There will always be unscrupulous people willing to exploit others, be them from the same origin or not. And as long as we keep the systems, they will have just as much power to degrade the culture, if that is what is beneficial for the continuation of said systems.

The only real actor worth identifying in all of this, in my opinion, is Satan. He's the only one that really cannot be replaced and whose intentions really matter. After that, focus on his evil tools, not the evil people wielding them, because the latter are easily replaceable, especially by people who think they can use such tools for good.
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There is also danger in the 'reverse' attitude.

If what is actual truth is accepted only because a certain individual spoke it, then that acceptance of truth isn't actually based on anything of substance. Even if the message is correct, if we first need a certain type of Messenger to persuade us to accept truth, this means that we could easily be swayed into accepting any new 'truth', simply because a more impressive Messenger comes along.

As an aside, the more 'bells & whistles' theatrics I see added to a presentation (or the individual giving said presentation), the more I wonder what he's overcompensating for.


There is also danger in the 'reverse' attitude.

If what is actual truth is accepted only because a certain individual spoke it, then that acceptance of truth isn't actually based on anything of substance.

Yeah I'm not gunna touch that one, it's complicated. I suggest studying subjectivity, objectivity and or the abuse of relativism.
Modern war is often called "total war" because it was waged on multiple fronts simultaneously. We are experiencing a Spiritual Conflict of the same magnitude.

I could perceive this, but have not articulated it as well as Francis Berger here:

Though the Global Establishment readily acknowledges the existence of bonafide conspiracies such as the Volkswagen emissions test scandal, the not-so-secret players that recently pulled off their unprecedented coup du monde during what they themselves have begun referring to as The Great Lockdown continue to insist that any and all criticism of the official birdemic narrative, or any other officially-endorsed agenda item, resides firmly within the heinous and embarrassing realm of conspiracy theory.

In addition, the Establishment wants everyone to understand that all conspiracy theories stem from something called cognitive disempowerment. No kidding. Here's a booklet all about it. So, what's the best way to stop conspiracy theorizing in its tracks?

Cognitive empowerment! What else? And what does cognitive empowerment entail? Well, for starters, it entails not relying on your own intuition.

Conspiracy thinking is associated with feelings of reduced control and perceived threat. When people feel like they have lost control of a situation, their conspiracist tendencies increase. But the opposite also applies. When people feel empowered, they are more resilient to conspiracy theories. There are several ways to “cognitively empower” people, such as encouraging them to think analytically rather than relying on intuition.

I have drawn attention to this for one simple but very important reason - intuition matters. What's more, the Global Establishment understands intuition matters. Intuitive thinking and knowing is cognitive empowerment, not disempowerment. What's more, intuition represents a threat to the Establishment and their plans; which helps explain why the powers-that-should-not-be work so vigorously to denigrate and disparage intuitive thinking every chance they get.

Leftism is denial of natural intuitions and rebellion against the Natural Order but is sold as "empowerment" and "progress." This is why all systems that derive from them are built upon lies and are hostile those who see and speak Truth.

Finally, Evil acts like a snake: it hides until it is too late to react. The same model applies to the Establishment. They are working overtime to keep people blinded, distracted and confused long enough to implement their plans.
I could perceive this, but have not articulated it as well as Francis Berger here:

When people feel empowered, they are more resilient to conspiracy theories...

Leftism is denial of natural intuitions and rebellion against the Natural Order but is sold as "empowerment" and "progress." This is why all systems that derive from them are built upon lies and are hostile those who see and speak Truth.

Finally, Evil acts like a snake: it hides until it is too late to react. The same model applies to the Establishment. They are working overtime to keep people blinded, distracted and confused long enough to implement their plans.

And so it still is:
You create a perfect slave by first convincing them they're wonderful and deserving of more.

Then they have no resistance to (or even assist) you in achieving your own evil, while simultaneously destroying themselves.

6000 years later; the deceptive tactics have not changed.
Genesis 3:1-6