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This subforum is for those interested in Orthodoxy to post their questions, concerns, or doubts. It's also for catechumens who want to learn more about the faith and church practices. Normally, newly registered members are not able to post threads for two weeks, but all male members will be able to post new threads here.
I am cross posting this from the Western Rite Orthodoxy thread in hopes of getting better responses from veteran members/ortho folks.

“Possible inquirer here. I come from a Catholic background and currently attend a TLM (traditional Latin mass) near my home. It is a great, vibrant community with a beautiful liturgy. I don’t necessarily wish to leave it, but the fact is it is in “communion” with Rome and likely to be cancelled. It is subject to a pozzed out diocese and it currently rents the beautiful church from a pozzed out parish with hand sanitizer and Covid signs all over the place. The community feels like it is separate from the Novus Ordo RCC world, but it is not in reality.

That said, I do feel a sense of “Western/Latin roots”. I also have some Polish Blood yet I do not know if a Polish Orthodox Church exists in the US. I did see that there is a Western Rite Orthodox Church (part of ROCOR) near my home. From the website, I gather that it is a very small community. Then there is a Greek Orthodox (GOARCH) church right down the road from me, yet It seems that many have been saying that that part of the Orthodox Church is also becoming very pozzed.

Looking for some advice as pertains to inquiries in general but also to the Western Rite if anyone has any good info. Thanks.”