Guidelines for the Russian-Ukrainian War subforum


I created a subforum for the Russian-Ukrainian because already we are seeing hundreds of posts a day on this topic. If someone wants to keep up with the event, he has to wade through too much pages of threads. By having a subforum with multiple threads, someone can pick-and-choose which information they want receive.

This subforum will be moderated tightly. Suspensions will be being given out for these reasons:
  • flooding the forum with useless content that does not edify the membership
  • not obeying instructions to stay on topic
  • using sarcasm, irony, insults, profanity, or text speak
  • posting with negative emotions
  • black pill posting or spreading hopelessness
  • shilling for globalist agenda
  • getting into needless arguments that derail the topic
  • sharing unnecessary gore or carnage
  • making light of human suffering
  • posting with an entirely secular outlook
  • not posting in the correct thread.
Be thoughtful about not posting low-grade content. If you want to create a new thread, it should be about a specific topic that doesn't fit into another thread or has weight on its own. Do not create a thread to share your personal analysis. Use the Lounge for that.
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