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561. Living In the Present and Planning For the Future by Mike Cernovich

The importance of self talk!

- Will if feel heavy or light? Celebration.
- Will if feel energized or sedated? Bed.
- Will I feel inspired or demoralized? THE PROBLEM OF PORNOGRAPHY!


562. Time is a fruit. No matter what you will do, it will always remain the same fruit.

What you can and should do is to learn how to squeezer the most juice out of it.

Sometimes it is better to let the fruit ripen for another day and rest. The amount and taste of the nectar will be greater and sweeter the next.

Do not overexert yourself. Balance is key.


563. Keep your emotions in check. Be cold, Iceberg cold.

564. All a Man needs in order to succeed is TIME and FOCUS. All that society can take away from him in order to succeed is TIME and FOCUS. The problem however is that Man giveth his tools for success far too many times willingly away.

565. The problem today is not overstimulation per se but an overstimulation by artificial stimulants.


566. How to Energize and Recharger Your Introverted Batteries by Mike Cernovich

Introverts --> socializing = hard work --> gatherings drain me rather than energize me.

Socializing --> important --> stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone! --> social skills are important.

Most people are not worth my time but I have to hone my skills.

Part 1 – Prepare for Socializing

a. Lymphatic drainage --> do a light workout to boost your immune system.
b. Increase the blood flow into your brain via elevated pushups.
c. Do Alpha Postures – read Presence by Amy Cudy and watch her TED talk!
d. Do a Brain Warm Up Routine!
e. Fast and drink an Alpacinno because food will slow you down.
f. Use a 5-HTP + VPX MD2 Nootropic.

Part 2 – Recover from Socializing

a. Boost your serotonin.
b. Tell people to leave me alone and be FIRM about it.
c. Turn off your cell-phone!
d. Lounge like a lion!
e. Stretch and do not overexert yourself!

567. How to Visualize by Mike Cernovich

a. Thinking about the past is a visualization exercise.
b. Treat your dreams as being more real than your memories.
c. Do not waste your visualization skills on thinking about the paste – visualize a better future!

568. Where do You Put Your Money by Mike Cernovich

a. Invest like Aristotle --> find the mean between two extremes.
b. Doomsday --> buy in bulk. Memberships? Think about Amazon Prime.
c. Stock market --> what is my edge? What is my goal? Invest like Wayne Gretzky --> not where it is or has been but rather where it is going!
d. Remember – invest in yourself, because I AM MY BEST INVESTMENT!

569. How to Set and Achieve Goals (and the Limits of Willpower)

Symbolic awareness --> project yourself into the future and set a goal.

Be specific --> measure success.
Be challenging --> a challenge which is achievable increases your motivation and satisfaction.
Be important --> the goals must meet your needs.
Provide feedback --> feedback must be present in order to change behavior or awareness if need be.

Motivate behaviors needed to reach my goal.

Self-control is important and always remember, it is a MUSCLE – it can be trained and it can also atrophy if not used, leading to disastrous results!

A/B Test – adjust when necessary.

Look into the future + act in the moment = self development.

570. Get busy living or get busy dying. STOP WASTING TIME!


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I'll bump this thread instead of making another one where I'll share my notes on what I've learned during 2021 and experienced.

A couple of weeks ago I deactivated my FB account and have slowly started extricating myself from BigTech as much as possible by following the principles stated here by other posters.

Interesting how much of our supposed necessity and outright addiction to these things is simple a question on convenience.

I still try to check FB from time to time like muscle memory - heh, the mind is a funny thing.

I've also ordered a Google Pixel 3a where I'll install the Graphene OS for my BTC needs. I don't plan on getting rich with crypto, but I want to have alternative means of currencies. Shout-out to @redbeard for his patience!