Happy Valentine's Day!!


For me, Christmas and Valentine's Day, two days that have been commercialized by retailers, have been very stressful for me with Western women, who expect me somehow have mind-reading capabilities to know exactly what they want and expect for the perspective holidays, and if I did not, hell to pay.

My Filipino wife is much different, thank the Lord. I paid for candy and flowers, let her pick what she wanted at the florist and store, and was thrilled. Less money spent, and NO STRESS.

Having such a virtuous and sweet wife is such a blessing, and relief, as well.
Awwwwhhhh. Thanks, @bmw633. Happy V day to you too. I knew you cared.

We don't do anything big in our house. Kids make hand-made cards and we might get a family activity to do together as a gift (making a special dinner together or watching a movie). My wife isn't big on commercialism.


I bought my wife a giant bouquet of flowers and a fancy box of handmade chocolates.

I don't mind doing it, I don't stress about the commercialization, about the cost, or about any male feminist argument about the supposed unfairness.

There are a lot of things that I as a man like her to do and she does them. She was up early this morning to have the children dressed properly for church. She's working a professional job and still finds time to bake most of our bread, home school the children and put proper dinners on the table nightly, with wine, good tablecloths, the good china, all of it.

I'm happy to show her she's appreciated. I can understand why some men who are married to lazy harridans might feel like its a rip off to buy such women flowers.