Harm Reduction

That poor guy from MS, his head exploded like a friggin melon in the video. Not sure what kind of round he used but that's one case where I won't be pontificating whether or not someone whacked him. He was alone and bitter at the very end. Losing a job, and possibly from a woman judginf by the phone call he was having. There was also a baby goat in the house that curiously walked over to his body and not sure if it was drinking the blood or not, but good Lord have mercy on people like this. They need prayers, and they need some kind of intervention. No one should kill themselves. I won't post the video but its on bestgore for those who can endure the daily reminder of how far we've fallen. This guy's own mother allegedly witnessed him do it, is there no end to this kind of indignant suffering? I know what there is to be said about suicide but the part of me that is more closer to Jesus still prays for all of them to receive mercy.

Harm reduction is just another example of a government policy that states the obvious "we don't trust adults to make their own decisions within the confines of moral and legal law, so we will babysit and look the other way at the same time to continue to take the fallout of other peoples misery and suffering off of our hands".

Rob Banks

People talk about harm reduction without talking about the other three 'Pillars';

  • Harm reduction
  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Enforcement
Modern secular addiction "treatment" is worse than useless. I say that as someone who has experience with these programs.

Even Alcoholics Anonymous, which emphesizes reliace on God, only focuses on stopping alcohol (as if alcohol was the only demon these people have, and they are otherwise perfectly virtious) and ignores other spiritual issues such as divorce, adultery, promiscuity, and dependence on caffeine and cigarettes.

The only treatment that is worth it would be a Christian-based treatment that -- and I can't stress this enough -- focuses on the addict living virtuously (including sexual morality) and fixing the spiritual issues that led to his becoming an addict in the first place, as opposed to merely focusing on quitting alcohol/drugs.

Rob Banks

All of this stuff tends to remove the concept of free will from people. Like you wouldn't create a jobs program that people could apply to. Something that might give them the option to have skin in the game. No. Just poverty reduction across the board, equally applied to the scammer and the guy who is down on his luck.

No one makes choices in life and everyone is equally worthy.

And language becomes almost meaningless when you take away good vs. evil and replace it with harm vs. care.
It is true that there should be distinctions made between good people who are in bad circumstances and people who are low-lives.

That doesn't invalidate the whole concept of helping people by offering charity and meeting people where they're at (provided that your "help" doesn't cause problems for society).