Has Jesus ever been "thanked" at the Oscars?


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I googled this and couldn't find anything. Many have thanked God but I'm curious if Jesus has ever been mentioned. I'm guessing not, or at least not in decades, so I'm actually more interested in what other "top levels" of business and entertainment the name of Jesus has been mentioned (not in jest but in praise).
I think Trump did a few times in office? Steph Curry of the NBA regularly does. Chris Pratt regularly does, and if he were to win an Oscar, I'm quite sure he would.
I doubt any major CEO has in recent times but I would love to be wrong.


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Well Kathy Griffin infamously blasphemed Jesus in an Emmy acceptance speech, but I agree with you that if there have been instances of it in the past, they're certainly difficult to find.


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One of the members of Three 6 Mafia said "Thank you Jesus" when they won the Oscar (at 1:40 in the video).

Mel Gibson thanked God but did not explicitly say Jesus.


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Matthew McConaughey thanked God.

Edit: Whoops, forgot this thread was specifically about thanking Jesus!
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