Have any of you given up on women?

The dating market is brutal for guys today. But when men are faced with challenges a lot of men will step up. Thus we are seeing an army of men who are starting to lift, eat clean, live frugally etc to increase their sexual market value. Meanwhile women are playing the dating game on easy mode and don’t face this pressure. Thus we are seeing a lot of obese women and very few healthy women per healthy man. Ok, there are some women who realize this, who do hip thrusts at the gym for hours every week to get attention of the top 5% men. Mostly Russian women.

The USA dating market is one of the most interesting and weird situations in human history. A friend of mine and me were out taking a walk in Eastern Europe 15 years ago and spotted a cute girl working at a kiosk. We're both married but if we were single, we could have chatted her up and she would have probably found us interesting and given one of us a shot. This is how it has been in most of the world for most of history.

But not... in the states. Even girls who sling coffee and have 4 roommates will have "attitudes" and insist upon game. Not all, of course, but that's what I saw 20 years ago and I hear things got worse and not better recently. There are blogs that laugh at the delusional nature of American women (google "where have all the good men gone reddit".

On the other side of the equation, what you bring up where men increase their SMV don't see results until they do and then it's tempting for them to become PUA's not just because they have an abundance mindset but also the women they get make lousy wife material and the culture punishes traditional breadwinner men in divorce court. I'm not saying it's "right" or moral to think that way, but that's what the system encourages. I pointed this out back on RoK 10 years ago that the PUA lifestyle itself dragged men into being servants for women and still living for sex, but just getting more of it.

I had believed that this social trend would have peaked 20 years ago but trends are stubborn things. Is 05:80 going to be the peak?
Giving up on women unless you are chasing the top 1% glory seems irrational.
At least play YOUR odds.
I answered AwakenedApe above and think yours is similar but slightly different.

The challenge is that when a guy is encouraged to (in a civil society, not religious/spiritual) seek to be the top shelf treatment from women, he will aim for the 1% because it demands such intense commitment. I enjoyed reading Roosh's adventures during his sinful phase (and wish he would re-publish the books since I think they're cautionary tales) and I marveled at how he was so singlemindedly dedicated to chasing tail. I respect his accomplishments but I did other things during that time including frivolous (playing video games) but also watching movies I liked, hobbies, cooking, etc. My bachelor life was one where I was focused on increasing my value but I didn't go Rocky IV or Karate Kid.

America is a strange place. I even coined a twist on a classic phrase: It's just as easy to game and date/marry a pretty woman as it is a plain one (at least in the states.) Plain looking women in the states think that their demands of men make them MORE attractive (so he can "man up") so they're often more headaches than pretty ones. It was a secret I discovered about 30 years ago.

Perhaps it's because women's unbridled attitudes in the states (in some ways, natural in a bad sense. It's "natural" to eat unhealthy foods and we must discipline ourselves to eat healthy, for example), leads them to think that rejecting normal men reaffirms their desirability to more attractive men. Their sexual value is often affirmed by rejecting men.

I agree that top 1% is irrational. Top 5% or even 10% is doable for someone whose red pilled and on a self-improvement path willing to take on the hydra.