Have you ever been punched in the face?

Got into a couple basic scuffles when I was in high school / college. The aspect I always found most interesting is the pumping adrenaline. In the middle of a fight you go into this dreamlike state with tunnel vision; every man should experience this adrenaline rush at least once in their life.
I used to get into fights with my older brother regularly when I was a kid. We would punch each other in the face sometimes.

I remember I grew into a social outcast during my early teenage years (13-14) and had some schoolyard scraps. I couldn't find a group to fit in with and maintain friendships. I was a loser-no chick would give me the time of day and I wasn't really accepted by too many.

As I got older, I got into less fights. I got elbowed in the face during a fight in high school and he got the better of it but it wasn't a clear loss.

I have been SUPER lucky. I've never gotten into a fight at a night club or bar or other venue in over 20 years.

I trained at the local boxing gym during high school, and sometimes coach would ask me to give a round or two of sparring to a fighter. I remember I used to get my nose bloodied, and one guy from another gym beat the crap out of me the first time we sparred. I was trying to box and he fought like a street fighter. I did better the second time.

I later trained JKD Concepts with a guy and his system was more street fighting oriented. We sparred at about 30-40 percent so you get used to being punched in the face with gloves. I think that's the best way to spar for beginners-go less than 50 percent and get used to being hit. When I first sparred in boxing, I used to have to overcome the fear of being hit. It was hard for me.

So yeah, I've been punched in the face many times. After you get punched in the face enough, it really doesn't mean much anymore. It's just something that happens.
As far as I can remember, the first time I got punched on the face was when I was 15 in high school. It was the start of the school year and we were on a table with girls from our class. I was feeling horny and bratty, trying to catch girls' attention by demonstrating my ability to be the extroverted cool rebel guy of the class. I didn't really care about them, but would have done things most of them if I had had the occasion. One of the guys from our group went to the toilets to clean something and I followed him and put my finger on one of the bathroom sinks to splash him. Then he suddenly punched me in the face. It was a weak punch. I didn't realize why he punched me at the time, I thought he just wanted to "play fighting" as I was used to doing it in middle school. Now I realize it was because he was jealous that the girl he liked seemed attracted to me. I didn't even care about her lol. Anyway we ended up fighting and at one moment during the fight I put his face on the men urinal and I flushed it. I wasn't aware of it but one of my friends filmed the fight and the next day on the morning before the classes they were playing on loop the moment where I put his face on the urinal. This was a glory moment for me and assured me a "cool status" after a few weeks of starting high school.

There have been other more violent fights, some of them I got my but kicked because I was outnumbered or weaker. Others I kicked the guy's butt because he was weaker than me. Thus is the law of the jungle.

Me being white and having principles, I have never punched an outnumbered guy. Unfortunately I cannot tell the same about arabs who will not hesitate to outnumber someone. But if you manage to catch one when he's alone it's pretty easy game. I once kicked one on the face with my shoe while he was on the dirt. His white friend didn't dare to intervene and just watched. This pathetic arab brought his many friends at the exit of my school a few days later, to avenge his humiliation. I didn't show up. I simply did what a good white man in a white-only catholic high-school has to do in these situations : I went to see the principal of my school and he called the arab's school. Never saw him again. I don't want to have to deal personally with that crass when possible.

This one reminds me of something that happened while I was in Chiang Mai at that scummy bar called Lucy in the Sky. I was standing amongst the crowd and felt someone pushing me from behind, so I did like that guy on the video, pushing back with my back. It continued so I turned around and pushed the white girl in question who was with her 2 other girlfriends. She then gave me a slap so I gave her a big slap on the face with the back of my hand, like you would do to some loser peon who dared to open the mouth in front of you. One of her two friends gave me a pathetic punch that only a woman can do, so I grabbed her by the hair, put her face at the level of my chest and emptied my beer on her hair. Then I threw her against her friends and they all fell down on the floor like crassy drunkards. The foreigners around were laughing, and so did I, it was quite an amusing view. I left the crime scene and went to the bar take another drink.
Punched AND kicked. Kicks in the face came from Tae Kwon Do, mind you, they were to the side of the face and I wore a foam helmet and often the contact was not 100% since I did see them coming, so they weren't that bad.

I was punched in the face at a concert. I went with my family and me and my female cousin were walking to our area, some guy grabbed her arm and pulled her hard towards him, I was a bit further back and saw this. I came and took his hand off my cousin (female of course) and told him that she's clearly not interested as she tried to slap you away. He looked at me, pushed me, and when I was about to grab him one of his punk ass friends punched me from my blind side. Punch didn't knock me, I took it, didn't feel anything, grabbed his buddy, keed him in the crotch and punched his lights out then and there.

While I did that, I was ONCE AGAIN, punched from my blind side and this knocked me to the floor. I got up instantly and was pissed off more than anything. My cousin was begging me to stop since clearly it was 5 + against one. I didn't give a crap, as I got up and charged I was bodied by two police officers. Apparently I started the fight according to the other side. Any who, my cousin told the story to the family and we celebrated my "clash" had good laughs about it and all. Bottom line, in a fight with more than 1 person, you will get your ass kicked. There's no honor in taking on multiple enemies at once and no enemy is going to care to fight fair. I mean, fighting two on one is DOABLE but not advisable.

In a fight, you won't feel your injuries due to the adrenaline, but after things calm down you will feel many things, physical pain being just one.
I got punched and beat up by a girl at 8. My dad decided to take me to a kenpo karate class and about a couple of weeks into it I was placed against a mid 30's butch woman. She did not hesitate to strike me so I got beat up twice in a one month time span. This was in the mid 80's and it was a different time but when my brother tried to object to me against the middle aged woman the kenpo master made him do 10 pushups for questioning him. It was literally that episode from Seinfeld where Kramer beats up those other white belts lol. I did learn to be weary of girls at a young age! =)
Speaking of getting punched in the face.

This thread reminded me of a YouTube classic from a few years ago when the ex Army dude (Epic Beard Man) beat up the younger guy who started messing with him on the bus.


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I went out to a different town last night some years ago to go out. After the club I got into a massive fight against 30+ local white knights. Why? Because one cheeky bitch started shoving me in the club.

Obviously I'm gonna shove back. This inspired hatred from WKs on the dancefloor who were trying to group up on me. The bouncers saw the beta behaviour of the WK and told them to calm the fuck down.

As the club is closing I hear 5 different people saying there's gonna be trouble waiting for me outside. They were right. 30 or so WK came up talking shit, but were too scared to hit me in the face, instead they went for bitch shots to the back of my head.

Despite their numbers, their pussyness means I was barely hurt. 2 black eyes and a cut nose, no big deal. I could sense the fear in them so as they were walking I chased them down and told them to "go home". They all left like little girls.

Unlike the WKs, I had no trouble from the bouncers. One guy even agreed that this all started over some dumb bitch pushing me.