Having Children Young

You are still a boy, and the average teen female has probably more game than you.

Attractive women at your age are looking for the fun guys. Artists, bikers, world travelers and whatnot. You give off a very serious vibe, which is something that women your age do not appreciate. If I were you, I would pretend I was an artist of some sorts, and never mentioned my boring yet stable life plans. The truth is, that the west does not allow a young man to raise a family in a single earner scenario. Get over it, and adjust to the current times.

You sound too serious for your age. And this is coming from an introverted Computer Engineering major.
Sounds good; but maybe skip the deception. (And taking up an artistic or musical hobby FOR REAL might enhance your inner life, as well as appeal to women.)
Looks like the thread derailed from the original topic. If you're young and you have a father, you're rich. Invest wherever you want it's your money. I don't want to say this but not everybody will be willing to work under the sun in the field after helping their father go bankrupt but that's just how it be sometimes.

Pro tip: Give money to rich people they will feel obligated to pay you back. Poor people only need help.

Money invested is money lost for that day.
For beginners: I could have 0 balance in my account but people around me will consider me a millionaire if I spent a million yesterday. Never feel poor. Make your own bed before going out, dress sharp to feel good. Confidence comes from within and from turning heads.

The pen will always be mightier than the sword. Invest in books that will help you land a stable job.

If you want to use your hands after getting tired of using your brain, blue collar workers are some of the friendliest people. They will happily teach you their skills, learn happily.

Never sleep hungry, learn to cook or have women around you who will cook for you. You just have to ask.

Fun fact: You're lucky.
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It's good to first invest in your career for a few years. But I don't think it's good to marry too late for men either.
Because you will soon grow too old to keep up with your children too soon.

Especially once you reach your 30's especially mid 30's when you decide to marry a woman younger than you.

Unless you are a freak who remains younger for quite a longer time than is ordinary for men. Like some men who seem to retain their youth and vigor longer.