Having fun with facemask fashion


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I live in a highly conformist part of the US so a number of stores (especially supermarkets) require face coverings. Some smaller shops don’t and I prefer to visit those. However, even those that don’t have a lot of people in masks.

I think it’s possible to subtly troll and have fun with this, making the best of an inconvenience, and meeting the minimum requirements. Here are some ideas:

Outlaw Bandana

This is what I’ve done so far. I like that we can dress like an old west bandit while shopping and it’s completely normal. Bonus for the wide-brimmed hat, though I’m using a baseball cap.


Favored by hipsters, terrorists, and “operators”. I think this would look the best with a Camo jacket and Krinkov as your EDC. “Allahu akhbar!”

It’s too hot for these now, but the way things are going you should probably stock up for winter. Looks just right if you have an retro-stylin’ ArmaLite. A military issue flame-resistant flash hood would actually be a practical thing to own.

Rebel Flag Bandana

In the age of Black Lives Matter this might trigger the most people unless you live well south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I think in Massachusetts you might even get arrested...
At my workplace they made a mask rule, but we had to provide our own. Of course there were no masks, bandanas, or anything of the sort to be found in stores, so I made a tshirt ninja mask like this kid:

After wearing it for a while, I was told I didn't have to wear a mask. Game principles in action: agree and amplify. Heartiste was right, as always.