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Vitamin D appears to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates
By analyzing publicly available patient data from around the globe, Backman and his team discovered a strong correlation between vitamin D levels and cytokine storm—a hyperinflammatory condition caused by an overactive immune system—as well as a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and mortality.

"Cytokine storm can severely damage lungs and lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome and death in patients," Daneshkhah said. "This is what seems to kill a majority of COVID-19 patients, not the destruction of the lungs by the virus itself. It is the complications from the misdirected fire from the immune system."

This is exactly where Backman believes vitamin D plays a major role. Not only does vitamin D enhance our innate immune systems, it also prevents our immune systems from becoming dangerously overactive. This means that having healthy levels of vitamin D could protect patients against severe complications, including death, from COVID-19.

"Our analysis shows that it might be as high as cutting the mortality rate in half," Backman said. "It will not prevent a patient from contracting the virus, but it may reduce complications and prevent death in those who are infected."

Backman said this correlation might help explain the many mysteries surrounding COVID-19, such as why children are less likely to die. Children do not yet have a fully developed acquired immune system, which is the immune system's second line of defense and more likely to overreact.

"Children primarily rely on their innate immune system," Backman said. "This may explain why their mortality rate is lower."

Backman is careful to note that people should not take excessive doses of vitamin D, which might come with negative side effects. He said the subject needs much more research to know how vitamin D could be used most effectively to protect against COVID-19 complications.

"It is hard to say which dose is most beneficial for COVID-19," Backman said. "However, it is clear that vitamin D deficiency is harmful, and it can be easily addressed with appropriate supplementation. This might be another key to helping protect vulnerable populations, such as African-American and elderly patients, who have a prevalence of vitamin D deficiency."


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For those who don't want to watch the entire Joe Rogan's 3 hours video, this is a 28 minutes video clip on discussions related to Vitamin D. A must watch if you are looking for ways to strengthen your immune system to prevent coronavirus. Also, this goes for African-Americans as well.


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For those who do not know, glutathione is one of the body's most important and most potent antioxidants, but it is far more expensive than Vitamin C and other antioxidants (but still far cheaper than most drugs).

A New York mom – Josephine Bruzzese – was diagnosed with pneumonia but sent home from the hospital as a suspected COVID-19 case because there were no coronavirus tests currently available. She was given hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, and while some symptoms improved, she still had difficulty breathing. In fact, symptoms were so severe that she’d nearly pass out every time she stood up due to shortness of breath.

Josephine’s son, James Bruzzese, is a second-year student at CUNY School of Medicine, called a Lyme Disease specialist the family already knew – Dr. Richard Horowitz. After James gave him the rundown, Dr. Horowitz suggested that they try giving Josephine glutathione, which is an antioxidant produced by your liver that helps reduce inflammation.

When a viral infection causes a significant amount of inflammation, the body doesn’t have enough of the antioxidant glutathione to keep lung tissue protected.

After a single 2,000mg dose of glutathione, the family saw Josephine improve in just an hour. She was able to get up, take a shower, and continued taking the treatment for five days with no relapse.

Both James and Dr. Horowitz coauthored a study on treating James’ mother and an additional Manhattan man with glutathione. The second patient who is in his 50s reported that he was given an intravenous infusion of glutathione and saw improvement in breathing symptoms within a half hour of the dose.

According to the study, it’s believed that oral and IV glutathione work to help address the “cytokine storm syndrome” that leads to respiratory distress in patients who have COVID-19 pneumonia. They also noticed that zinc and vitamin C also may be helpful in reducing the body’s inflammatory response and reducing the production of cytokines.

Although they call for additional randomized controlled trials to further study these novel therapies, the success with the treatment is compelling. It’s additional proof that taking supplements like glutathione, zinc, and vitamin C are worthwhile as the world continues fighting this COVID-19 pandemic.