Heart Attack Deaths


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I wasn't able to find any info on whether if he was vaxxed or not, but he did die unexpectedly.




I remember reading glyphosate disrupts sulfur metabolism since glycine gets replaced by glyphosate. So it is possible that without proper functioning of sulfur metabolism the spike protein cannot be properly metabolized/detoxed. I remember NAC was touted as a treatment for detox and that is a sulfur compound. Obviously many people have adverse reactions to the shot, but it might just be that playing on treated fields is a risk factor, which in addition to cardiovascular activity, combines two risk factors in a particularly dangerous way. I don't know just another alternative theory for why we are seeing this. Again it might just be perception that these footballers are at an increased risk.

You're not the first person to bring up glyphosate, You may find this interesting.


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You're not the first person to bring up glyphosate, You may find this interesting.

Glyphosate is disturbing here in the U.S.A. in particular.

An organic Diet for 1 Week Reduces Pesticide Exposures by 90%. As for supplements, sulfur and minerals (magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, etc.) are really crucial, since glyphosate literally chelates minerals.

Sulfuric food items like garlic and onion are useful, as are things like glycine and NAC and taurine (sulfur amino acids). A collagen supplement (without glyphosate) can help too.

Finally, glyphosate carries aluminum to the brain and organs. So it's important to address some time to aluminum detox. From what I can gather, the best aluminum detox is Fiji water (has tons of silica), but you can also take malic acid, citric acid, and modified citrus pectin.

Another thing that is good are trace mineral drops, they usually contain a bunch of minerals including sulfate.
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