Heph's daily journey away from 30-something NEETdom


RatInTheWoods said:
Mate you are 30+
Time to stop "learning" and start earning.
If you want to learn and improve your position, do it after you have earned your daily income.
Do you want to be 50 and still "learning".

I've tried for years to find work. No one wants someone who's been in the wilderness for so long. I've even been rejected from the kind of jobs I was doing as a teen. I have no references, no family connections(my parents are both significantly disabled and overseas) and I'm "privileged" (This is as political as I'm going to get here)

My efforts are better suited creating a job for myself then taking one. I have made decent progress in the last 10 days and based on my lifestyle and family history, I've got at least 23,000 days left to leave a positive mark on the world if I keep the momentum up. The deadline I've set for myself is to pay at least $1 of tax within 150 days.

BaatumMania said:
Just be like Daniel "Hiding in my Room" on YouTube. He's a super NEET who met some Japanese MILF on a dating app and she pays for all his stuff (and he's not even a white dude but rather a mixed mutt).
I've heard worse ideas; Game saves lives. :banana:
Jokes aside, I have more enough guilt over accepting newstart benefits for so long to live off someone else. I'm avoiding applying for higher benefits because an easy life wouldn't motivate me to improve.

Log #10
Modifinil and lack of exercise kept me up, so I did less intellectually demanding stuff.

Sleep Sleep Sleep; I seem to naturally wake up at ~4.40 so staying up late directly subtracts from the sleep I get. Modafinil loses its focus promoting effect before it loses its wakefulness promoting effect. Maybe I should drop my dose to a third of a tab? A quarter isn’t effective.

Exercise is an issue. My quick cardio to clear my head during the day doesn’t seem to help much in the evening. I’ll try hitting the gym at 4.20pm and see if that helps. My goal is to be asleep before 9pm.

So what did I accomplish today?
I read Morten Cooper's "Winning with your voice", and am slowly but noisily working through the exercises. I think it is helping, as I think my weird voice has really held me back, and I'm already feeling an improvement. Afterwards I read a geopolitics book.


Log #11

I've finally moved on to the pygame module in python. It's good to finally see your code represented graphically.

I hit some roadblocks when I didn't prepare ahead of time. I skimmed the chapter ahead and have already downloaded everything I'll need.

The internet blocker on my phone is disabled if I go into safe mode, so I'm looking to jailbreak my phone so that I can uninstall chrome and facebook. I'm too tired to do that at the present moment, but that'll be one less distraction.


I agree about the earning over learning. I myself fell into this trap where i overcredentialed myself and nobody fucking cared. You'll need to take bigger risks, OP
This might be good advice for me in 4 months but for now, I'm focusing on being less useless.
Maistre said:
How are you paying rent? You got them NEETbux?
I live in a shared house and pay for it using unemployment benefit. Fortunately the rent is low as it used to be below a flightpath and the landlord has yet to adjust the rent to take into account the newfound quietness. I live cheaply so money isn't a problem for me.

Log #12
Absolutely nothing. I lost control and had to reset a certain month-long counter in the morning and it really destroyed what little drive I had that day. I gamed and made no progress.

Log #13
Hitting some frustrations but I switched task and regained momentum.
I'm experimenting with turning off windows explorer to stop me flicking between windows or disabling my screen recorder.

Ironically, I forgot to enable my reader, but the theory still works.

Now, a quick question, can anyone recommend a good audio player without the capacity to play videos? Windows Groove Music doesn't play nice if you disable Windows Explorer.
I faced a similar scenario, albeit not quite NEET. I completed two postgrad degrees immediately post-undetgrad and was attempting to find a training contract - mind you, my undergrad degree is in a good area and from a great uni. There I was highly qualified almost too much so for an entry level position.

The NEET lifestyle generally perpetuates isolation and destroys motivation. I note that you get, on average, 3 hours of studying done a day with the remainder of it spent surfing online - I was similar. My advice is to get the fuck out of your house. Don't focus on pick up etc. just get out and engage woth your surroundings and people. Buy a cheap cup of coffee every morning and relax in the shop. Going shopping, take your time and engage with staff (especially great if you support local business - weekday mornings are great opportunities to have some pretty interesting chats with shop owners in your locale), socialise in the gym. Engage with Asian community in Aus instead of burying your head in a book etc.

In regard to the advice above, desexualise your intent. Focus on engaging socially with all not on seducing women - this should be a by-product.

On the psychological side:
a) Don't feel ashamed or be timid. There is absolutely nothing to be embarassed about;
b) Pump yourself up every morning - just try and cultivate a feeling of being full of energy and a can do spirit. Just try and feel those emotions through your body - as vague and inconcrete as that may sound.

It may sound like a case of "easier said than done" but I've been there bro.


MANic said:

That's good advice. Something I wish I heard a few years when I was deep in a depression. I spent years being "too tired" to socialise, when that was exactly what was keeping me "tired".

I usually do at least one group social activity a week, and meet up with at least one friend. I'm not social by nature, but it's good to keep active. I'm quite sleepy right now, so I'll explain what I mean by "social isolation" at a later date3

I went the gym this morning, but I went at 5:40 and there wasn't many people. Next time I'll go a bit later, maybe grab a pancake at the 7am cafe.

Tried to do a million things, mostly unsuccessful. I really need to block distractions.

Log #15: (Copied from my journal)
Woke up at about 4.30 and wasted an hour on my phone. This hassle could be cut down if I locked up my phone until 6am. Use an LED torch and a cheap clock instead.
Got to the gym about 5.40 and trained for an hour. You wasted a lot of time cooking afterwards, perhaps have a smaller meal, gains be damned. Chatting to a cute girl thousands of miles away is just timewasting, something you could do at night, not during your most alert hours.
A better idea would be to study until 6ish, then go to the gym so you can get a pancake at the café. Since one of your housemates is moving out, isolation is an issue.
Today you are optimistic about getting things done. You’ve already blocked Windows Explorer, so there is no way for you to back out of it. No way to close timesnapper and run from accountability.
Last push failed as blocking WE stopped Windows from initialising att all, but saving your setup the night before with a dialogue box ready to be clicked is all you need.
You’ve already blocked all videos and games, so there is no way to slack off via the ‘open as’ dialogue box.
Now! Get to work! You can get seven hours done today. Don’t hate yourself for not doing nine.
Regarding my use of “this” instead of “self” as a class parameter, I want to force my brain to be more active when copying code.
Always read the whole thing before you get frustrated. Some people teach through by showing what not to do. Always doublecheck things and test as a bug found now is easier to deal with then finding it later.

I actually ended up doing over 7 hours, but I could have done much more if I physically locked my phone up for longer and . I also took an alertness hit by eating eggs in the afternoon, next time I'll keep lunch light.

Note this underweighs the time I spent on the flashcard app, as I handwrite my answers but the screen capture software stops if I pause for 10 seconds.
I also didn't record my evening study or preparation.

I'm happy with today, and if I can keep this up, I will definitely be in a better position.


I know a NEET in Australia that got paid something like 80k by a German family to bring their daughter into the country. This person was reported but I'm not sure whatever happened to him. Don't do it OP, it's illegal. I just mentioned it because you mentioned being a NEET and it triggered this memory. Good luck with the future.


I know a NEET in Australia that got paid something like 80k by a German family to bring their daughter into the country. This person was reported but I'm not sure whatever happened to him. Don't do it OP, it's illegal. I just mentioned it because you mentioned being a NEET and it triggered this memory. Good luck with the future.

Immigration fraud is hardly sustainable employment. :angel:

Now, it's late here so I'll be quick.

I should explain what I mean by social isolation. I have lots of acquaintances, but very few close friends. It's hard to keep with people when they keep going forward and you flounder in the same place.

I've shared my big dreams with some people, but it has been years without any progress

Last year, when I was doing decently with crypto, I could answer "What do you do?" with I trade crypto, but that identity disappeared with the market.

I guess I since I'm dedicating myself to studying right now, I could say I'm a student but then they'll ask. "where do I study?" and I won't know what to say.

I'm definitely making progress with my voice, at least when listening to the tape recorder. That'll be one less obstacle out of my way soon.


In short, I fell off the wagon trying to find a new housemate.

All I managed to do was some revision and a lot of time wasting.

These last three days, I've managed to make some progress. (I forgot to record the day before yesterday)

I am finally learning things that are immediately practical, which should help keep my motivation up.

I'll write in more depth tomorrow, so sleepy now.


Log #18,

I tried to prepare for the night by locking my phone, and blocking explorer.exe/taskmgr.exe along with games/videos/internet. I then arrayed my programs into perfect order to get a good start.

So far, so good, except for one little thing; I forgot to deactivate Flux, a program that turns my screen orange to help me sleep better. No biggie, it's an annoyance, but I still managed to get 3 or 4 hours of studying before 10am before I decided to restart my computer to deactivate flux.
Okay... Nothing is loading... damn... what a waste. I had almost six hours until the block was scheduled to expire, and I couldn't do anything. Safemode is worth trying, but half my programs didn't work, and the internet was fully accessible.

As you can guess, I was too distracted to get much done. Frustrating. I think I'll uninstall all browsers that can't be locked down in safemode, and rely entirely on firefox.


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Go up and down the street and ask people if their need their lawn mowing, weeds pulling or any odd jobs for cash.

Let us know you you go.

Aim to ask 100 houses this week.

With luck you will get a weekly lawn mowing gig for Mrs Robertson, who will in turn recommend you to gladis down the street, and her Uncle Jim needs his lawn doing as well because of his lumbago, which will wind up with you having a huge cash mowing run.


Here's today's log.
I didn't record the whole day, but managed to get a decent amount of work done. Regular expressions are extremely useful, so are well worth the effort mastering.

I was sleepy, so I ended up reading Headtaker and watching Upgrade. I'm not a 32 year old NEET because of watching the occasional film or reading the occasional book, so I don't feel at all bad about it, to be honest, it's a pleasure being able to immerse yourself in a story without actionable compulsions to check the internet.

For those who are curious, I’ll write a bit about my current setup..
I am very hesitant to recommend the blocking software as it is buggy, has false-positives and easy to bypass, The included writing software is much better, as by elegantly disabling Ctrl/Alt etc, they can keep the user on task until a set wordcount is reached.

I can recommend TimeSnapper, the screenshot tool without reservation, though the creators have made the choice to make it easy to disable for ethical reasons (>,<) . The free version works fine, but the features of the upgrade are worth it for me. Whilst it doesn’t force me to work, the feeling of being ‘observed’ helps keep me on task. (ASIO/GCHQ/NSA I love you)

I use Firefox 57 as a browser as it allows me to block all but whitelisted sites using Leechblock addon, and mkiosk stops me from disabling it via about:addons, I have used another solution to disable safemode, but I have deliberately forgotten it to prevent myself from undoing it.

Now onto how I use them;
I schedule a block for all other browsers until 4pm and all games/video players until 2pm. 2pm may seem early, but if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, then it is really hard to push myself until later. I can always extend them as needed.

I manually block Windows Explorer and Task Manager every morning as scheduling it would stop the programs I need from loading. This block makes it harder to close timesnapper and harder to bypass my other defences. Navigating around isn’t that hard as I’ve already loaded the necessary apps and I’ve configured my keyboard to launch the links/music/software I need.

In meatspace, I use two time-locked boxes. One has the keys to a locked bag of pre-cooked food I want to spread across the day, and the other has my phone, a key for where I’ve locked up my laptop and a key for icecream. I used to be obese, and still have a tendency to overeat, especially when sad, stressed or confronted with difficult truths. Yesterday I neglected this, and downed a 6000kj gateau in one sitting. Generally speaking, I’ve made it a habit to measure out a portion first, and lock the remainder up before starting to prevent feeding frenzies.

I lock my phone up as software solutions can be too easily bypassed with safemode. Just yesterday, I wasted 12 hours just randomly browsing on my phone, it’s a real problem that I’d rather avoid. Using it in the evening isn’t so bad, as my computer is a bigger draw. People rarely try to contact me during the work day, so it’s a small price to pay.

RatInTheWoods said:
Go up and down the street and ask people if their need their lawn mowing, weeds pulling or any odd jobs for cash.
Give me a few months on this and I'll be up for it.


I don't know if anybody posted this already or not, but I'd figure that eventually some kind of software development job is in the cards should you stay the course.

In that case, posting here is all fine and dandy for accountability, but making a website and blogging on the side (daily if possible) about your python journey and linking everything with github would be something you want to look into. It does not have to be much.

Dan Bader did the same thing years ago, and even on fairly short blog posts he gets evergreen traffic even if the python snippets are years old (it never changes much). He decided he likes teaching people and selling courses more than software dev to some degree, but he still gets hit up for work constantly. No doubt he runs seminars.

Web traffic is not important, since people out headhunting are going to find you whether you rank high or not. Not to mention you'll own the website, so you can have an email address like [email protected] - that kind of thing looks really slick on a resume or linkedin profile. Something to consider depending on your goals.

IMO, this is more critical if you do gig work since your temporary employer needs some way to verify that you're a human being who does what he says he does.