Herman Caín dies of Coronavirus

Can we at least try to keep the propaganda down on this site?

From poster sisyphus:

The death of Herman Cain has provided the media another opportunity to peddle the killer virus narrative with their trademark deceptive tactics. Cain was diagnosed with the virus some weeks ago - it appears that the media has determined his cause of death without any input from the medical examiner. Nonetheless, let's assume that their expert diagnosis is correct. Even the MSM articles attempting to blame his death on attending a Trump rally point out that he was a "Stage 4 cancer survivor" from colon cancer which spread to his liver. In other words, highly immunocompromised. Looking into it further, it appears that by dying at age 74, Cain lived 3 years longer than would be expected for a black American man (see link below).

Let us be clear - there is no proof whatsoever that he contracted the virus (assuming he did at all) at the rally. None. Here is a classic case of people attempting to push the idea that correlation equals causation in order to conform to a desired narrative. There are any number of stories appearing now which attribute the death of a grandparent to the killer virus which was spread to them by their grandchild who dared to leave the house and socialize (see link below). The names of the "victims" are never included, and even if the stories are true, there is zero proof for any of the assertions contained therein. Just conjecture and circumstantial evidence, while the media outlet essentially deems itself omniscient in claiming to know exactly when, where, and how the virus moved from one person to another without citing any credible evidence to support its claims.

These fabrications are serving as justifications for the inevitable march to mandatory vaccination and surveillance, both of which are being accepted with open arms by the majority of the programmed masses. We would be naive to believe otherwise.

Correction: Herman Cain died of a likely combination of purported medical malpractice, weakened immune system, high heavy metal toxicity which gathers in the lungs usually first, and from a spiritual point of view, his time had probably come. He was a mason after all. Can't dote or impugn his character because I did not know him, but I know their ilk, and anyone who joins those ranks and stays in long enough to make certain arrangements should know whats coming to them.
I liked Herman Cain, feel like we lost someone who was on the right side of Logos compared to the liberal BLM speak, and am willing to overlook his shortcomings. Regardless it's going to get played as a political win and celebration for the satanic media that he was anti mask.


My favorite political campaign of all time. From the sex allegations, to the pokemon quotes, to the 9-9-9 tax plan, Herman Cain was the blackest candidate there ever was.
A lot of people forget, Herman Cain actually had a good chance at the Republican primary in 2012. He was leading the polls heading into Iowa, until non-stop sexual allegations started to pour in and he had no choice but to drop out killing his campaign. It was the first time I have ever seen a Black conservative candidate rocking his cowboy hat and boots and preaching his 9-9-9 plan, which at the time I thought it was hilarious, but it was a legit tax plan. The way he presented his immigration plan was funny as well, where he said he was going to build an electrical barbed wire fence that was 20 feet high and put up a sign in Spanish that read "Do not enter, you will die" :squintlol:. Herman Cain was actually the first originator of building a great big wall on the border that Trump made popular in 2016.

I wasn't a big fan of his politics but I do remember him from that crazy 2012 Republican primary, which in my opinion was one of the most entertaining in modern history with everybody going at each others throats. Not like the snoozefest that was the 2020 Democratic primary.

Rest in Peace Herman Cain.


Timothy Crow

Old sick folks dying? OMG! Yeah, and locally, a radio personality by the name of Bill Mack died at age 88, Coronavirus they say, with underlying conditions. Come on, how much longer would this guy have lived naturally? To be honest, I met Bill Mack when I was a child and on occasion listened to his late night radio shows directed at truckers but still, he was old.



The guy seemed better than most politicians. Rest in Peace.

He was certainly a more sensible candidate and would have been a better choice for the people than a marxist bisexual like Obama.