Hollywood Screws Up "The Grey Man"


Here's the trailer preview -

If any of you happen to be fans on the series, well at least up until "Back Blast" it looks like you are in for a hell of a SJW re-write. It's now full of "you go girl" super women, and there is nothing recognizable in the trailer, from the books. Granted, in the last few books, Mark Greaney added in a female assassin, who of course, is "every bit as deadly" as Gentry. (Sadly, Tom Wood did the same thing in the "Victor" series as well. Maybe their publishers want more soy in the novels.) But there was none of that in first 6 or maybe 7 books. Everything has to be femefied .

I'll be skipping this one as I did for the craptastic version of Flynn's "American Assassin."