How contagious are scabies?

My GF has a room in a colletive where a Girl who sleeps around cought scabies. We first heard about it in march, but now she claims she still have it after a check up and everyone should be treated.
We're currently staying at my parents due to her new job, and her lease expires in july. There's been no physical contact between the infected and us, we have no symptoms. We have only been in the same room with her.


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It's not easy to catch scabies, and it usually requires a quite prolonged period of skin on skin contact. It's possible to catch it from bedding, clothes, towels etc, but the risk is low. The reason it is spread quickly amongst children compared to adults is that children come into skin contact more often when they are playing. You're fine.


It is spread from dirty clothes, matresses, bed sheets and pillow cases. It is hard to kill. You have to soak in bug killer like lice shampoo.
The rash is pretty severe.


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I got da scabies in a work camp in 2010, we all got it, it fucking sucked, then I got MRSA (AKA flesh eating disease). I was in and out of the ER about 8 times in a year until they pumped me full of antibiotics and it finally cleared up. It was so fucked, I had these big red sores that I thought were spider bites, I squeezed them and all this disgusting bloody brown shit came out came out, they were sore af too, the doctor had to cut them out and stuff the hole with gauze. So I have a few scars, when I’m naked in front of chicas I just tell them I got into a knife fight, “you should see the other guy!” Lol

Make sure you disinfect showers, wear sandals, use that gel shit the natives get drunk on to clean your hands, wash hands often, clean clothes, etc.