How do you deal with other Christians you know took the vaccine willingly?


In the last 14 months many distant family members and old friends have reached out to me and inquired about my health and overall welfare. The most interesting interactions I've had of all the inquires have been with members of the pentecostal church I attended from my mid teens to my late 20's. Every conversation has been almost identical. We get past the pleasantries and get right into Politics, Covid and the Vaccine. I honor the fact that these people have know me for years and have seen me through my growing pains. I believe I should hold myself accountable to them by always having honest conversations. It's to my disgust, that most if not all, of these conversations ends with how I must pray for my salvation and a lecture on how I must take the Vaccine.

How have I dealt with it? I cut them out...

I don't believe it's beneficial to get into a semantics argument or a mental sparing match with these people. I've disagreed with nearly all of my christians friends on the Vaccine they have taken willingly. In return, they have used my objections as fodder for gossip and interpreted my Vaccine hesitancy as a lack if intimacy with God.

A complete and total let down.


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I am in the same boat. I had a strong Christian upbringing, but am ashamed and deflated because all of my immediate family, every single on of them, have taken both jabs, despite me pleading with many of them not to.

We have two small children. My wife is pregnant. I will probably lose my job soon. We will be all alone, in a country where we have no friends or family.

We are being crushed the same way Jesus was crushed for our sins. My prayer today is the same prayer Jesus prayed on the mount of olives. "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done."

We were chosen for this. We will keep the faith. We will prevail. Not by our own will or might. But by the power of the eternal and living God.


Intentions matter. A family friend (couple) was told by their daughter they couldn't see their grandson unless they were vaccinated. Others only know how to watch MSM and aren't given the proper information.

On the other hand there's Christians buying into the virtue signaling, shaming, mocking, pharma agendas, etc. My old youth pastor posts all this MSM material about the jab, jumping for joy over jabbing children, etc.

The former I don't believe in cutting out, but you can make an argument for the latter. Remember that the world's system wants division. In John 17, Jesus prays for unity among the body of believers. This division might get worse, and there will likely be Christians turning on Christians, but this isn't a deal-breaker for me yet to cut off Christians.

Magnus Stout

Very odd the cognitive dissonance we see... The "no man may buy or sell" prong of the Mark is taking shape before our very eyes and still "Christians" refuse to heed the warnings? Are we not witnessing a similar lack of concern as in the time of Noah?

If we take seriously the warnings in Revelations of permanently losing our souls then should we not avoid those who are choosing the Satan Shots? Otherwise, the danger is that we lose our witness and resolve. Anyone who speaks positively about these abominations is doing the work of Satan.


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Since the entire operation began, the true masks many wore were revealed, and in my experience, the people who have joyfully taken the jab have become puffed up, prideful, and spiteful. Whereas those who regretfully took the injection, out of despair or perceived lack of options, are sickly and look ill. Personally I pray to God every time I find out friends and even Christian friends of mine gave in to the pressure, that He would grant me the grace only He can provide, and to fill me with an outpouring of love and peace towards them. We have to be especially careful the way we respond to those who have submitted, not give in to judgement, not be jarred by despair as if they are condemned to death, or to become puffed up ourselves.

We have been so graciously given the eyes to see and the ears to hear, to truly understand through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, that this injection is a precursor to something evil. But we must never forget that the wisdom God grants those He loves is not an easy cross to bear. It forces us to truly test our faith, after been given such a gracious gift of discernment and conviction, are we to then sully it with our own pride in judgement of others, or slip into despair when our beloved brothers and sisters give in because of ignorance or lack of faith?

Being active duty military and watching those convicted not to take the jab (both Christians and apostatized Christians) fall into despair, or fall for the lie that we have no options, or simply don't have the faith to resist, and submit to the first round has been very difficult. I have only responded in love towards them, by the grace of God and the humility of my softened heart He has given me, and I share with them the options we have (and I am taking) and assure them that by obeying their convictions and not taking the second jab, they will be taken care of by God.

No weapon formed against us will prosper: obedience to God, confession, and repentance are our weapons against despair.
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