How does the beautiful woman be independent?

A Brazilian realist said, "Like that unattractive woman who calls you to have sex with her at her house," I thought, "Worse, only less attractive women do it!" Later, doing a better analysis, I never saw a beautiful (and young) woman living alone. Today I understand why... beautiful women and young people have no motivation to live alone (worrying about accounts, security where they will live, etc...), since fate is written for them (they will be able to marry).

Taking into consideration that man wants professional / financial success because of women... when anyone has a prominent position, it is almost certain that he will coerce beautiful subordinates (women) to go out with them by maintaining her employment. In all companies I realized, beautiful women get position better quickly.

In this case, the beautiful woman has 2 options:

- Or job exchange all the time;

- Or gives in to the investers of the superior.

Among the beautiful women who work, I never knew any that exchanged jobs all the time, so I deduce, that beautiful women employed come out with some superior (or at least are available).

Can anyone see some form of the beautiful and young woman to be independent?
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Other Christian
Women chasing independence and careers is a short term proposition.

And it ends with them being lonely and miserable in their 30's.

The whole point of independence from a man's perspective is to be equipped to be the provider of a family, run a household and supply what is needed for those dependent on you (wife and children).

It is not some game for ego and feelings. It is not an experiment where you give it a try to see if you like it. It is not a short term exercise you simply quit when you've had enough. It's an accountability we were raised to accept since children and it is a lifelong commitment and responsibility. And biologically we're built for it.

Feminism does not understand this.

Women are not meant to chase careers, be the main provider, run a household, be the protector and all by extent, be the masculine presence in a household. And if they go that path they will regret it at some point. What may seem exciting in your 20's would leave you lonely and empty in your 40's.
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