How long does it take to plan a wedding?


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It depends obviously, are you trying to have a big lavish affair or just do right by god/family and get it done?

I was engaged at one point and I have a massive family, so does she....old world Catholics. We were planning an 850 person wedding and that was without going crazy on the invites, my first cousin dads brothers son actually had an 1100 person wedding i was the best man wow that sucked. We had to book the venue a year in advance so we had essentially a year to plan the wedding. I hated every step of it, it was just a big dumb show which is what her family wanted because they turned out to be some really fake nasty people. Thank god I found a few months before the wedding who she really was and I didn’t go through with it. If I did it all over again a stipulation for a future wife would be that she is content with a simple classy wedding.


I did everything in 1 month due to the constraints imposed by brutal immigration regulations for my wife, and you really could feel it in the stressful pace of preparing the various aspects from the wedding, from finding a place, to inviting people (though there were like 20 people total), to thinking about the schedule and details we wanted. In the end we barely made it - for example, her wedding dress was ready to wear literally a few hours before the wedding ceremony!

Looking back, I think 3 months would have been ideal to do everything at a relaxed pace. More than that, and you're simply wasting time on pointless crap, making the wedding more about vanity than about the actual marriage.
I agree with you. Ours was about a month. I proposed, she accepted, I got time off, passport, vaccinations, appointment at the embassy, met her, married her, honeymooned then back to America. Being bigger than the average Filipino, we had some trouble getting the right size barong and she was still working things out the day before the wedding, but we were crunched for time. It was still a wonderful wedding. I let her take care of everything, like she wanted to.