How should a Christian think of "choice vs. upbringing" (environmental determinism)?


I've been thinking about this question very often recently. On the one hand, the Church clearly believes in true free will. If you examine the story of the Ladder of Divine Ascent, or the teachings on the toll houses, it's very clear that man has to give account for every single sin that he has committed during his life.

On the other hand, when we look at different people in different countries and generations, from a sociological perspective, it's obvious that environment and upbringing play some significant role in the person you end up becoming, including your predisposition to certain sins and misbehavior. Are people being "misled" into evil, or was that evil really their own "choice"? Maybe the answer is: every man in an evil generation has a conscience; and every man in a great generation has his temptations.
I think both, people are being mislead to evil by the things they hear or see, also peer pressure can mislead people into doing evil.

Also, Sometimes, people commit evil because they decided to do it