How to best respond to someone standing you up?


Orthodox Catechumen
Reading the texts was funny for me. I used to text in a very similar way when I was younger, but reading them now parts seem gamey and gimmicky. I assume you are both under 30? Good exercise though, because I believe I come across as too professional these days.

Anyway, probably a time waster. You could hit her up in a week or so and see what happens. I was always of the mindset that if I tried again my odds were 2% vs. never contacting her again and my odds were 0%. I used to be very persistent. Up to you however.


To be fair is guys if we don’t like the girl,,,in our own way we might ghost her. Flaking etc is unacceptable. But it’s their way of saying I have something better to do. Hint hint hint. Time to move on. Confronting her rude behavior is not going to teach her anything.

The best approach is for you to move on and get something better. As many said on here, she’s got a dozen invitations to go out. How can you give her the best time? Big deal if you can buy her something,,,, so can others. How is your conversation? How is the banter? Is She even busier than GOD in responding to your texts?
Always have a plan B for flakes. Never give a girl you just met a prime Saturday night. Give her maybe early Friday. No more prime time for girls you recently met (online, Starbucks etc).
If you are unsure about her. She is an instagram chick or what have you. I like to tell her I will be going out for dinner with a business associate and she can join us after for dessert. Something along those lines. (The hamster wheel is spinning faster and faster) if she blows up on you, odds are she probably would drag the Text messages forever and even flake.
It’s tough out there.

Chili Mac

When you're looking for a romantic partner, your goal is to let God lead you to someone whom you will love, and who will respect you as a man. When she stood you up without explanation, in effect she was letting you know she is not going to be that woman. She may have many wonderful qualities, but her first impulse was to treat you with disregard. Don't try to fight the tide: Move on.


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She's wasted your time, having regarded you as a person of no value to her at all. She's likely self-absorbed and has silly standards or maybe just a boyfriend she considered cheating on. Find a way to waste her time if possible.