How To Control Your Lust


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Modern technology and media have greatly warped man's sexual drive and compulsions. The internet has been particularly damaging with its widespread dissemination of hardcore pornography directly into the privacy of one's own home. As recently as the '90's, if a man wanted to see hardcore pornography he had to go to seedy sex shops or pornographic movie houses (or settle for a dirty magazine, which is much less potent than pornographic video). Since most men did not want to sink to that level they simply did not get exposed to much pornography. Going even further back, let's say pre-1900, life itself simply did not allow for much in the way of enabling sexual compulsion to develop. Most men were daily engaged in some form of physical labor, which required an enormous expenditure of energy and left them physically drained every day. There was no electronic or print media bombarding them with pictures and videos of scantily clad or nude women, nor were there women running around in real life looking like that. Most men probably did not even see a naked woman until they got married. Most people lived in small towns and had small social circles. There was no concept of "dating". There was no social expectation that teenagers and 20-somethings would be engaging in massive sexual promiscuity for years on end before finally "settling down". There was no birth control. There were no antibiotics to cure STDs. Sex was not viewed as a recreational activity between strangers. It was simply the mutual right of a husband and wife to each other's bodies for the procreation of children. So in the past sex was not something that people spent a lot of time thinking about, simply because it really wasn't all that interesting or alluring. It was just something you did with your wife when you felt the urge, then you went on with your business. It was not some all-consuming obsession, nor was it something that society waved around in front of your face all day long. It was kept within the bounds of marriage and simply wasn't talked about much in the broader public and social sphere.

To look at it another way, there were vanishingly few sexual deviants in those days just like there were vanishingly few obese people. In the case of both sexual deviance and obesity, our modern technology and affluence have enabled us to indulge our physical appetites to previously unimaginable degrees, and in both cases the results are that we become grotesque monsters.

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I remember back round 2000. This was when the internet was so slow you'd have to half a minute to download a decent quality nude photo. So guys would create a stash. The photos were quite valuable. Now there is no need for a stash with 1 billion photos hanging around. Downloading a video would take about six hours and be low quality. It was hot stuff if you could get hold of one film on VHS, which would be passed about.


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5. Age. Turn 40. Since you just have, maybe you’ve felt that middle aged libido reduction

I’ve never felt such a reduction as from 37 to 41, in such a span


From 38-40 really was a game changer for me. I legit though I had cancer or some other awful illness that was interfering with my libido, cause it was such a weird feeling for me and my body not to be 110% consumed by the desire to bang skanks. Now I am just in this weird place overall, cause I built my whole life and existence around banging girls...

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Is that just because you were in Colombia, Cr33pin? Even those surroundings show how it all is according to what you are accustomed ... :laughter: