Liturgics How to do 9th Hour and Vespers at home


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For those in the Western Church, Divinum Officium is a wonderful site containing the ordinary and propers for the Divine Office (Matins through Compline, including Mass) in the pre-Tridentine Monastic, Tridentine, and subsequent iterations.

Unfortunately, this probably won’t be of help to @Roosh and our Eastern brethren. Perhaps there is an Eastern equivalent? I will have to investigate.

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When this book is released in the near future you'll have everything you need to do the services in a single volume you can easily hold in your hand without needing a stand. Only downside is that it's a more "contemporary" style of English than you'd hear in a ROCOR service or in the Jordanville prayer book, but I suspect it's pretty easy to substitute "thee"s and "thou"s on the fly.

But really, just having the Jordanville Horologion will get you 90%+ of the way there. Most of the other stuff (such as the Octoechoes and Menaion) covers music, so for doing a reader service at home the Horologion will certainly suffice. (I got one a while back but haven't had much opportunity to actually use it yet.) You can find the variable content from the Octoechos and Menaion for Saturday vigils from the link An0dyne posted above.

See also: Fr. John Whiteford's Building A Liturgical Library article.