How to download videos from mainstream platforms [Youtube, Bitchute]

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This is not really a question related to this forum, but I think it might help other members as well, so I'm posting it here.

youtube-dl works with almost any other media platform. Some examples are
and it works with many TV stations as well.
If you want to see my configuration, please let me know.
I want to indeed.

A "Video Download Thread" with all the tools would me fine
Done. Here.


This is not really a question related to this forum,
I've read several post here mentioning web tools to download videos.
Since most videos are online at Youtube and Youtube deletes the most,
the download thread makes sense.

First I want to start with Genyoutube.
You can watch videos online or download them without using addons. (it shows birds and other animals)

Below you can see the download buttons, you can download the video
or just the audio track or video track.


Download here:

youtube-dl URL

Does it work that way?
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I have youtube-dl and it works for many sites.

"youtube-dl URL" is correct. For YouTube itself you can do "youtube-dl -F youtubeURL" and it will list all the video formats, pick the number you want and then type "youtube-dl -f numberhere youtubeURL" Like this "youtube-dl -f 22"


Some Twitter videos (can also happen on other platforms) cannot be downloaded because the file name is too long.
[twitter] 1270165999375933440: Downloading guest token
[twitter] 1270165999375933440: Downloading JSON metadata
[twitter] 1270165999375933440: Downloading m3u8 information
ERROR: unable to open for writing: [Errno 36] File name too long: "The Columbia Bugle \xf0\x9f\x87\xba\xf0\x9f\x87\xb8 - Tucker Carlson On 'Defund The Police' Movement  'In the future the Left envisions the only people who will have guns are people on their team. That's exactly what #DefundThePolice really means. It means a woke militia policing our cities enforcing Democratic Party orthodoxy.'-1270165999375933440.mp4.part"

In this case, you specify a file name yourself.
youtube-dl -o "Tucker Carlson exposed the Left’s plans for America last night.mp4"
[twitter] 1270165999375933440: Downloading guest token
[twitter] 1270165999375933440: Downloading JSON metadata
[twitter] 1270165999375933440: Downloading m3u8 information
[download] Destination: Tucker Carlson exposed the Left’s plans for America last night.mp4
[download] 100% of 59.53MiB in 01:49

And it can happen somtimes javascript is required.
The Linux user can fix this easily, just install phantomjs.
On this occasion I would also update the program ffmpeg ,
because this is sometimes needed when downloading movies.

sudo apt update ; sudo apt install phantomjs ffmpeg -y


ClipGrab works well for YouTube if you have a Windows computer:

For a web interface, ClipConverter is slow but usually works:


Sitting Bull

I tried to download EMJ's latest with youtube-dl and failed as follows :

$ youtube-dl
[BitChute] VUoECNm5lZS6: Downloading webpage
[BitChute] VUoECNm5lZS6: Checking video URL
[BitChute] VUoECNm5lZS6: video URL is invalid, skipping
ERROR: No video formats found; please report this issue on . Make sure you are using the latest version; type  youtube-dl -U  to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output.


Works fine here:
[download] Destination: YouTube Censorship & The American Cultural Revolution-VUoECNm5lZS6.mp4

$ youtube-dl --version


Is there any way to download very long videos (2, 3, 4 hrs)?
Have you tried `youtube-dl` already?

Youtube-dl on Linux satisfies pretty much all my video downloading needs. I can download videos, or extract audios from them. It works on youtube, bitchute, vimeo, twitter, etc.

Apart from Linux desktop, on my Graphene OS smartphone I use Newpipe application. I downloaded it from f-droid, and Newpipe lets me download videos for offline use, too.


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That’s because It is the Debian package. Debian is built for stability. All their packages are old. The idea behind it is that you install the package they test when releasing the version of the disto, and it never breaks. you don’t install the newer packages unless you absolutely have to. Cutting edge users who want the newest version of everything should use arch.

If you want stability and don’t care about the newest and greatest use Debian and as much software in their Debian repository that you can even though the software version is a year old.


I'm using youtube-dl since two years now and it was required several times to update it since several websites updated something, too. If I would wait until my distro (Mint) delivers the update I can't use it in the way I do, because it's about functionality.

I do my updates using:

# use root terminal
wget -O /usr/bin/youtube-dl ; chmod a+rx /usr/bin/youtube-dl
# To check the signature, type:
wet -O youtube-dl.sig
gpg --verify youtube-dl.sig /usr/bin/youtube-dl
# After checking the signature remove it:
rm -v -f youtube-dl.sig
# Check the version number:
youtube-dl --version

# The following GPG keys will be used to sign the binaries and the git tags:
# Philipp Hagemeister: 7D33 D762 FD6C 3513 0481 347F DB4B 54CB A482 6A18
# Sergey M.: ED7F 5BF4 6B3B BED8 1C87 368E 2C39 3E0F 18A9 236D
Here the terminal output of my latest update:

If you have already installed it via repository I would recommend you to delete the existing file "youtube-dl" first
to prevent dupes.
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First I want to start with Genyoutube (it shows birds and other animals)
! wow wow thaaaaanks ! Thank you so very much... I´ve been using firefox addons but they keep getting worse with every firefox update... and / or with youtube screwing ever more with the possibility to grab their vids
-> so I´m just so very happy, this Genyoutube worked immediately impeccably (one usage so far), so hard to believe after the incessant trouble I had been getting lately !

I haven´t tried the other methods that you suggested but again, Genyoutube just great.
I download yt videos and other vids to be more flexible... also sometimes to save and keep the material... but in a way mainly because my computer seems to be weak, and streaming yt along with various other applications on the computer has often lead to overheating and computer shut down... most annoying, and probably also potentially damaging to the computer (laptop... a desktop might have less overheating problems).

So, again, thank you very much for this tip, and thanks to the guy who started this thread.

edit: ! hm ! : so already the second video that I try to download, it doesn´t work... now maybe that´s just a temporal glitch in the application... anyways that is somehow in line with my previous experiences....
-> BUT : so I tried the next method with adding "pp" after the word "youtube", mentioned by commenter "kel June 20, 2020", and THAT now worked impeccably!
Soo... hopefully... I´ll yet one way or the other be able to get my videos !
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