How would you invest $5000 right now?


Can I suggest starting a business - or at least trying. Even if you fail - 5k down is an education in itself. You would get more value from 5k starting a business - than most MBAs. 5k is not too much to lose - but could teach you so much
I agree! Youtube is a cheap way to get started (phone) and it has unlimited upside. What do you like to do for fun? For example, if you are obsessed with drawing cartoons, tasting different types of alcohol, cooking, gaming, learning about finance, etc... there will be an audience out there for you. You will learn marketing, research, content development, and sales with little risk.

In the world of successful people, most are self-made. If you start something you have full control over how that money is utilized versus putting it in a stock and hoping 1) Management doesn't screw it up 2) There's a downturn in the economy 3) There's a downturn in that specific sector 4) Competitors swallow it up, etc.

If nothing else, it can serve as a side hustle until it becomes your main hustle. There are few things better than the feeling of getting paid for value you provided for someone else.


What I will say about starting your own thing. If you will not back yourself who will? I started a business when I felt slighted and marginalised and passed over in a big company. Saw goons promoted above me who were simpletons and corrupt. I glad I backed myself. Proved to me I was right. Put your money where your mouth is. It will give you a sense of freedom and also control over your destiny. Of course - you could fail, but also you might succeed.


Any good resources on Deal sourcing around? What is a good forum for enterpreneurs looking to join forces business wise. Could it be this forum?

Deal sourcing as in person A has knowledge of some lucrative time sensitive opportunity and Person B has funds and willingness to invest. Real life example for me was a certain importer of electronics had his goods seized at customs due to improper documentation, and those goods were then sold for cents on the dollar to someone I know because he had liquid funds and was willing to buy the goods and store them while reselling them.



It seems crazy, but I started a business with this amount a years ago. The idea was simple. I wrote coursework for university students. I set up a assignment help website with a Wordpress template for less than $1,000. It was around $500 for the design and $500 for the content. I shared the link to see how easy the idea can be.

And then I spent something around $4,000 on digital marketing (SEO) plus distributing leaflets in university campuses. My first two customers were both Greeks! And after then the business started to work for me. I sold the business in November 2020 and got free.

For years people laughed at me that I am selling coursework. And I didn't care. I am slowly moving to real estate at the moment. All started with that $5,000 we initially talked about.


I have US $5000 that I don't plan on using soon. Any ideas as to how I could invest this money now?

One Idea
I was considering purchasing some expensive software and use it to provide a service on Fiverr. If the software is expensive, I'll have little competition. Of course, I'd make sure the software has a money back guarantee in case I can't make any money on Fiverr. I don't know which software to buy though.

Thank you guys!
First off, that sounds like a fantastic plan! And great job reaching out with your intuitive mind!

I was in a similar position to you a few years ago & that question changed it all for me, you see i had around £4000 spare (around 5.5k USD) with UK interests rates being terrible at the moment (0.5% base) It was pretty useless sitting in the savings account, so I was scrambling around trying to find what I could do, working briefly & having family in the heating industry I wanted to pursue this further. then one day I found a Boiler company who just had it sussed & I decided I wanted to create a business similar to their model. so; I created a business plan, started a marketing plan, organised my finances, created a budgeting agenda & had everything in place for the next 3 years, down to the minute (this could be classed as goal mapping, i suggest watching this video on it if you haven't it's so powerful!) Now don't get me wrong this were tight for the first year & I can see them being tight for the next 2 years but I know with a commited & clear mind with drive, determination & focus towards that end goal, my £4000 will give me a career & financial freedom, wealth & happiness, so my advice would be, think about what your $5000 could achieve for you, do you want to invest in a nice little side earner to flow into your main income, or perhaps something else, once you decide what it is you want from your money, plan, plan, plan, do not waste any time attack while the sun shines! Good luck & I hope this helps


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For that amount you can only speculate.
I would buy 1000 shares of SPRT for ~$6700
Sell 10 Covered Calls expiration 8/20 @ strike $7 and pocket $1350. That’s 20% straight to your account.
Also buy 10 put options (same date) @ strike $3.5 for $50 in case your stock tanks.

They’re paying good premium because there’s expectations of going very high. You just have to survive less than a month. If your Options don’t get exercised, get rid of the stocks at expiration.

I did that trade today. Let’s see how it goes.



SPRT is melting and I didn’t want to stay around.
Bought back puts for $70
Sold calls for $10
Got rid of SPRT @ 6.41

Profit = $180

Like I said in the Stock Market Thread, more COVID BS is coming and it’s possible a downturn will come. I’m gonna stay with cash for now.


As far as investing $5,000, especially when everything is expensive(stocks, housing, etc) the best path is to invest in yourself.

Some sort of class, mentorship, whatever it is to make more money at your main income source. It could be an additional certificate in something, or it could be a move to a different career. It could be that you're in sales and putting $1500 into your teeth or clothes or whatever will make you more confident.

For me, that was a move from analytics into data science. For another friend, he switched from geotechnical drilling into starting his own welding business. I've been trying to persuade another friend with a custodial business that he could really increase margins by going into hazardous materials. Someone else might be in the corporate world but not carry themselves particularly well; maybe they should attend Toastmasters, or maybe they're super, super scrawny and a barbell is a better path.

Whatever your path is, invest the money in what is right for you to upgrade yourself.
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