How would you punish your enemies?


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If you were judge, jury, and potential executioner to your enemies, what would their sentence and/or fate be?

If you could hold powerful men accountable for their actions and sins, how would you punish them? Set an example, send a message, simply delete them from existence, confiscate their fortunes, do nothing at all, what would it be?

I ask myself this question often because I truly don't know the answer. Whatever your answer is, I'd like to hear your justification.


I guess it's worth posting on this thread - for years I stewed at how I'd get back at people who treated me badly and ended up realizing after multiple years that grudges don't do anything except poison your soul. However, this is a situation where I was maybe wronged in high school or college in a social context - nothing devastating.

For cultural enemies like the left who are turning this country into a nihilistic wasteland? I want nothing more than to just be away from them. Maybe exile would work, put them in the foreign country of their choice.
They punish themselves. Everything good comes from God, so rejecting God's love turns your life into a little taste of Hell here on earth. If you really want to punish a feminist, for example, just encourage her to keep being feminist.

Of course, if we let people wallow in their sin without trying to help them, we're rejecting God's love too. You can't just hoard God's grace without losing it yourself. Our own problems, and other peoples' problems, can only be solved by faithfulness to God.
I'd punish them with the law, let them rot in jail for the atrocities committed. That's why I don't believe in the death penalty, that's too easy, but spending the rest of your life in prison will be the most harsh punishment imaginable.
I'd punish them with the law, let them rot in jail for the atrocities committed. That's why I don't believe in the death penalty, that's too easy, but spending the rest of your life in prison will be the most harsh punishment imaginable.

Better to send them to God. He knows what to do. Death is that inescapable prison that only God has the keys to.

Likewise I prefer caning on the bum for more petty crimes given that its very humiliating to the criminal which would lower the status of that criminal and deter others because they would be shamed in the same way Just like Michael Fay was:

That way there is no more need to have the same prisons that exists currently in the West. And there is no place for Criminals to get worse at being Criminals. And minimizing the possibilities of prison rape and murder.

And I think that at least for murder the Death Penalty is a mandatory punishment(Genesis 9:6) that is applicable outside of the Mosaic Law. Whether Man or woman or young or old all must face the same penalty.

Although I would extend that to those men and women who torture as well and do mutilations in any way.


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The only real enemies in my life are the (((oligarchs))).

Maybe force them to renounce Judaism and convert to Christianity but I mean the true oligarchs are above the law at this point. Soros, Zuck, and the rest


The only real enemies in my life are the (((oligarchs))).

Maybe force them to renounce Judaism and convert to Christianity but I mean the true oligarchs are above the law at this point. Soros, Zuck, and the rest
Fake conversion wouldn't mean anything to them except to provoke more vengeful sniveling. The conversos have proven false and vengeful before.


I see things that are evil and I can't help imaging the punishments that the people involved deserve, and even pridefully imagine myself as the judge and the agent of vengeance. But later I consider that God does not need his saints to be soiled in this way.

When people do evil and God eventually punishes them - he doesn't use his Saints. He will raise up another people people (as he did the Babelonians), act directly (as he did with the flood, or against Sodom), or he will simply let the evil destroy themselves (As in Romans 1:18). God did not use his Christian saints to punish the jews that crucified Jesus but rather the pagan Romans.

So live in peace with everyone, have good will to all and let God deal with with judgement and chastisement.
There must be merciful forgiveness, in the likeness of Our Father, but also the law of the land, as until Kingdom Come, we are still a worldly earth at the same time as a spiritual one.

Those of you know deep down what is morally wrong and what isn't.

"Furthermore, it is against my Anglo-Saxon conscience to remove a person from a house, which is a punishment, without due process of law." - George Patton.
My first instinct is usually to do what's necessary to bring a conflict to a permanent close, quickly. Most of the time, the most effective thing to do is forgive and walk away, denying the enemy the chance to waste my time or energy. If I must engage in conflict, then I go for the jugular, so to speak, in order to shut it down, effectively, so the situation does not persist or return. I have a peaceful life, and try to take the shortest path back to peace when it is disrupted. I've found that adversaries view that as a punishment since it denies them the opportunity to drag me down with them.


I experienced a situation once where I worked for a woman who had little compassion for me when I was going through a divorce (my wife left me) and she made my life during that time very difficult. I ended up quitting that job. About 5 years later, I came back to work for the same organization she was a part of (not on purpose), although I didn't work for her directly.

It was a surreal experience because I remembered the time when I worked for her and how she made my life very difficult. What I realized then was that sometimes people have little introspective ability and as much as I would have liked to see her get a dose of her own medicine, I felt that it was good for me to be the bigger person and overlook her sins; not hold her sins against her, even though she had wronged me. Over time I even grew to tolerate her in a cordial way, not like her but be ok engaging in conversation with her and listening to her stories, etc. I think I grew during that time and realized that maybe this is a lot like how God deals with his own people. We wrong him and yet he is forgiving. He overlooks our evil and our flagrant sins and yet we are encouraged to come to him for grace and forgiveness.

I think how I would want to treat my enemies is how God would treat me as his. He who shows no mercy won't be shown mercy from God. It's a hard pill to swallow but if you think about it right, it's only fair.
In writing this I acknowledge the religious view being propagated is the correct one.

The rest of what I write is kind of fanciful in some ways.. hypothetical.

First I'll just confess how I approach the issue in my mind/life. People who cross me in my personal life are treated to a brief violent fantasy in my mind but then in person I just take the most strategic approach to get to the best conclusion which is hopefully devoid of any attending emotions. usually going forward I distance myself from those people if I can.

People have recently treated me very badly but I don't dwell on it. Ive testified and been cross examined so many times in court over violent crime incidents that I feel I have a better handle on what comes after violent revenge or taking the law into one's own hands and the tediousness and hassle of it all apart from anything else. (I haven't been the miscreant in all these cases often just the one intervening)

On the other hand on a wider scale.. the Bolshevik craziness that's being visited on our world?
I have a feeling that that is heading toward a widespread violent conflict within my lifetime.
Having watched all the shapeshifting lies and astro-turfing for so long...?

The way I see it my enemies in that regard will just be killed.
There's no point in talking or trying to lead people to a new perspective. Just kill them.

I mean maybe this doesn't apply in this thread because those people aren't MY enemies really, they are part of something bigger that isn't personal to me.

I think that these coming conflicts will be like Russia post 1917 where the result is still up in the air. Kill or be killed. Win or die.

I sit around strangers who are having agonized discussions about anti-racism, drag queen story hour, migration, covid shutdowns etc. etc. and are exasperated by the SJW insanity and how unreasonable it all is. I just shrug my shoulders and say "just kill them: its the only thing that will work"

I doubt I would hurt a fly or that many people would realistically see me as a threat. I might be able to remove the top of a stiff jar on a good day.

But when it comes to the coming conflict?
To paraphrase Confucius, he said "I don't like to fight, but if I have to fight I win.."
The new logic from what I can see? "When the fight comes my enemies will die. All of them. Full stop."

Im never gonna have a battalion or even a compound bow and arrow or a pea shooter at my command.
I don't know how a Christian general would approach this.

But that is the future of this conflict as far as I can see.