Hugh Hefner dead at 91


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Hugh Hefner, the Original G Manifesto.

RIP player.

- Smoker
- Whisky Drinker
- Swooped Latinas and Russian models
- Lived in a village by the sea
- Did whatever the fuck he wanted, he was a millionaire
- Custom Suited Down game on lock
- Was not a ragie wagie cuck


Dude knew women, no doubt.

Other than that, I dislike just about everything he stood for. He pushed everything from socialism to feminism to gay marriage.


His key psychological insight was that he realized that women love having pictures taken of themselves and if he made it look classy enough he could talk the girl next store into taking her clothes off for a photo shoot. He also learned early. In high school he was the editor of the school newspaper, and would feature a new co-ed every month. He took advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity that we will never see again. Today, women have web cams and youtube to show off and don't need a Hef.
I respect him for his living of life on his own terms, & that's where it ends.

The "playboy" image/archetype has weakened men & the cheapened our sex in the eyes of the other (& our own). Just as it has given the opposite sex validation & cultural permission for their vainglorious, base drives that harm civilisation.

I guarantee you Hef will not be resting peacefully & I hope he gets what's coming to him when Madonna shows up in hell wearing a strap on.


The "Playboy" lifestyle is merely the homosexual urbanite lifestyle being repackaged with heterosexuality. No legacy - no love - just endless hedonism which is never as good as the first time.

According to (albeit questionable) reports, during his later years he'd need a dozen women in the room and gay porn on the TV to get off.