Hunting & Fishing Thread


This thread is for guys to share hunting and fishing stories, spots, videos, and articles and maybe some of their results. Gear, guns, and great spots can be shared here, along with videos and articles.

It looks like I will be getting a deer tag for the first year up here in Canada. Deer season in Canada is October with crossbows and November with a shotgun. I've never actually hunted but I have a couple local buddies who do. We've got a piece of property we can hunt on, and my buddy is going to set up stands and cams to see how the deer pass through. If we bag one he knows how to gut it and we have a place (old barn) we can hang it up, then he has a guy who knows how to make the cuts.

My other buddy is a fisherman, I was talking to him and he was saying how on a good day he can pull about $120 worth of fish, and the quality is just a whole level up from what you get in the grocery store. I'm hoping to get out with him a few times this year.


Great idea for a thread! Kinda ironic it's a forum full of guys and not many hunting/fishing threads have come up...

Anyway, you're really fortunate to have some private land to hunt on! I'm jealous lol. Not only will you have less pressure from other hunters to contend with but since you can set your stands up ahead of time it'll be a lot easier to get in there real quiet. No fiddling with a climber or sticks in the dark. Plus you won't have to worry about other hunters getting into your spots before you.

I'm on public in Maryland and on the WMAs here I've hunted you can't leave stands overnight. Opening day here for firearms season is a sea of orange so I go out a lot more during bow season. Going into the woods before the sun comes up and it's still dark feels really exciting every time I do it. The woods, when it's still basically nighttime, feel sort of intimidating in a very cool, primitive way and I always get pumped up when I am heading out in the mornings. I think you'll have a blast and it's great you already got a group of friends to head out with.

You got any hunting shows you been watching yet? I like The Hunting Public a lot. Very down to earth group of guys who make a great show hunting public land around the US:

Catman Outdoors is another good one.



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Excellent video Laner. I love calling big bulls like that in the rut. The way his head was swinging is intense to see up close in person. I follow those guys on instagram and they have great hunts and pictures. Hunt and fish here, bought a new to me boat yesterday and ready to get out on the ocean.


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I went salmon fishing off the south coast of Vancouver Island yesterday, my friend and I chartered a boat for the morning and caught about twenty salmon, mostly springs which aren’t in season and a bunch of coho, both wild and hatchery, we kept four of the latter which is the limit. They weren’t very big, about 5-7 lbs each, the springs were bigger at about 10-12 lbs. The captain set some crab traps and we hauled in 7 big keepers, we BBQ’d one salmon last night and the crab, I’m taking a couple of salmon back home with me. 2F60339F-8708-41F9-A62D-50F942BC2E47.jpeg6ACC0483-3900-44C3-9372-AED53E6E7821.jpegE9BC4C4C-74C9-4309-B1D3-97F6984C6A48.jpegF696C611-71E6-4DB3-81D5-642E1F7E8754.jpeg