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Jesse Lee Peterson, huh?
"E. Michael Jones has shown great length, is that a rejection of the 2nd person of the trinity is a rejection of Logos.
Rejecting Logos leads to perpetual revolution against the social order.
In short, it demands opposition to the "Christian culture" (whatever that may mean) that has been central to Christendom.

Darrell Dow
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Jesse Lee Peterson, huh?

He is red-pilled. And the path for many men these days is suffering, red-pilled, God pilled and, then hopefully, the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.

There are many pieces to a whole and no straight path. Each of these men offers a distinctive path to the truth.

Even David Lynn is a street preacher, offering great value in a time of massive confusion in Canada. Quit nit-picking and realize the value and sacrifice these men are making for YOU. Show a little appreciation.

Blade Runner

I think fair minded people can see JLP's value. God knows I do and MW has as well; he even describes this. Let's get beyond even the heresies Michael mentions, though, there is a bridge too far that cannot be crossed either, that I mentioned: he said he was without sin.

That is NOT healthy and not acceptable for anyone to claim who is not our Lord Jesus Christ, the only man without sin.

The Resilient

I love all the good one can use money for. I just don't worship money, for the love of money is the root of evil.
1 Tim 6:10
Amen, it's the love of it, when it becomes an idol and distracts from our relationship from growing close to the Father and destroying Christian friendships in the overzealous pursuit of it