I’m Speaking In Atlanta On September 11


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But he's not the one charging the event organizers are. An event of this size/magnitude will allow him to reach more people.

It costs money to run an event, you have security, venue rental, catering, advertising etc.

Even priests and nuns get stipends, at least in the Catholic Church which I'm familiar with.
And it costs money to live, eat, travel, and host this website. I don't recall him charging money for livestreams or the privilege of posting on this forum. People should cut Roosh some slack. He has been generous and gracious with both his time and money.

Edit: Oh and he even told you up front he was getting compensated when he did not have to, instead of being shady about it. Some people sure like to complain for no good reason.

That's amazin!
This is the very first thing that popped into my head when I saw the words JLP. :laughter:

Have you not ever made changes in your life? Did you go to the event website and see what it's all about? Curious...why is it the end of your time here?
Probably another Catho-bro who is mad about the shift of the forum to Orthodoxy and lashing out in a petty and childish manner. If that's not the case I apologize but since he didn't bother to elaborate I must draw my own conclusions. In any case I wish him well and pray that he may find peace and grace in Gods sight.

"Atlanta Antifa" has condemned the event where I'll be speaking in Atlanta on September 11. They call me a "Jew-Hating Rape Apologist". Their write-up is detailed and professional, and seems to glow, if you know what I mean. The event was proceed as planned!

Please be careful Roosh. I will be praying for your safety and that you are able to deliver your remarks as planned as I believe you are doing the work of the Lord. God bless.

Edit: Just saw it got cancelled. How unfortunate, I was looking forward to it. :confused:

What would happen if you tell [email protected] that these guys are using an incorrect registration address? :sneaky:
Probably nothing. AFAIK the IANA (aka ICANN - wow that's a lot of acronyms in one sentence) requests registrants to provide their address but it's basically voluntary and they don't really do enforcement. It's possible they might take action against a registrant if it got called to their attention and there was some political pressure but generally as long as NameCheap can contact you and you pay for the services they don't really care (and they even accept bitcoin so that's easy enough).
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I regret any time voices are silenced, particularly when speaking truth and goodness.
But the reality is while they may have prevented a couple of hundred people from coming together in a room, their censorship has only shown a spotlight on the banned, which will hopefully generate even more interest in the speakers than the event would have.

I never paid attention to a guy named Richard Spencer until I heard he was prevented from speaking at college campuses, and watched one of his (rather benign and common sense) speeches where he was shouted down by screeching emotional racists. He briefly became America's Most Hated Man, despite really just saying that people should value their heritage, which is pretty far from controversial in my book.

Much as the Catcher in the Rye, Mark Twain, and To Kill a Mockingbird probably became more popular because of censorship, I use cancel culture as a tool to point me in the direction of those speaking the truth. If you are being banned or censored, you probably have something worth hearing. I regularly use SPLC and ADL watchlists as a tool to search out voices that may be valuable.

Here's hoping that many people will be curious why talking about God is banned, and will seek out more information.