I don't understand people who say kids "need" preschool.


They’d try to diagnose you as such. They tried the same with me in the late 90s. What’s a half day to you? A full day of kindergarten for me was 8 to 3, to my best memory.
12-3; we took a shuttle bus to the elementary school and got home around 4.

El Draque

I hated school, pretty much all of it. I honestly dont think i learned anything of value in it all. Maybe a bit of basic maths, and some french, thats it. Left at 15, never regretted it

I read voraciously as a kid, history especially, was obsessed with ancient greece, and latter historical novels by like of rosemary sutcliff. The history we had was so anodyne and dry, from a succession of bored female teachers.

This was the 80s pre poz, certainly anything like today. Spending whole day looking at clock so could go and play football on breaks, run around like a healthy child should be doing.

I 100% learned way much through accidental self education via books i enjoyed tgan anything in school. It was just like a holding house. And there is or was an element of social training with other kids to it all, i understand that, but i got that but better, from sports clubs and just neighbourhood day to day life.


I’ve determined, and I’m serious here, that I could’ve quit school in 5th grade and had the exact same results in my life. Reading and math up to fractions is all I’ve ever used. If I’d wanted to specialize in a specific career I’d have needed more, but regular life requires very little of what I learned in school. I quit at 16 and haven’t regretted it.


There is an article out currently talking about how much damage the pandemic has caused the current generation of preschoolers. Supposedly, there's a whole two years of children who are falling behind and won't be "ready for kindergarten".

I genuinely don't understand this. I have four children and none of them ever went to preschool. All three of my girls picked reading up right on schedule at the age of 5-6. My son was actually reading at age 3.5.

What are these parents doing?? It's not difficult to provide a child with a basic preschool education... EVEN if you work, and EVEN if you're poor. Teach them their ABC's on a dry erase board from the dollar store. Teach them their colors with things around the house. Teach them basic science concepts from the world around them. I really don't understand.
I agree. I feel the same about kindergarten. It wasn't required where I grew up and I turned out ok, lol.

Luna Novem

My sis in law put her third child in creche aged 8 months, because she was 'bored' and missed her job, head of sCiEnCe in a state high school.

I cant fathom that on any level.

I went to school aged 5, fail to see the point why. I think 7 is probably about right, but thats only to a sane school, none of which exist in West today it seems, not State schools at least.
"Creche"! What country are you in? I haven't heard that word since I myself went to creche briefly in the mid-80's in South Africa. :)


Extra help, education, etc.—probably.
But if that’s done correctly, “affirmative action” isn’t necessary.
The “extra help, education” experiment has been done for a few decades with very little avail. That is why “affirmative action” is a thing, because the “extra help and education” didn’t work.


Other Christian
As a pre-school worker for many years, preschool is a way for moms to dump their children right into the hands of the government for indoctrination, while they put their careers before their families. I have watched children as young as 3 months old be dumped off at daycare for 12 hours of the day. The children who spent the most time in daycare always seemed to suffer the most. It is total neglect and child abuse.

The issues do lay at home. Parents NEED to teach their children. Children can be introduced concepts in school, however, if they are not taught at home, it doesn't matter much. Most parents are too tired after a long days work to teach their own kids or cannot be bothered because they are too busy scrolling through social media to comment on their wine mom culture forum.

I truly believe early education Is just a way to indoctrinate the youth and pollute their minds earlier and earlier. That is why the government is heavily involved in these free "pre-k for all" programs. There is a reason why it's free. Parents have also become lazy.

Not saying every parent is this way, but this seems to be the experience in my area.