I need more advice on renting- should I stay/leave [mildly overpriced, bait/switch]?

Some of you might have read this thread of mine- where I got scammed 180 euro by a gypsy company rental- I decided to just take the loss and be happy me/my belongings are safe. https://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-74488.html

You probably have realised how bad I am at finding places to live as a renter. I never really needed it for most of my life, usually I was staying with my parents', then stayed at hostels or other volunteer accommodation, then at a student dorm that was a pretty good deal for me until they closed down. So yeah I'm not very good at dealing with these kinds of situations. I haven't actually done much adulting until I moved out- mix of my parents' and my fault, but for the purposes of this discussion I think it's more socially intelligent to say it's my fault.

Basically before, during and after the gypsy saga I arranged to meet/see someone else in a normal flat. Good area, what I needed for work, and it said on Facebook ~150 eur/month to share a room with someone and one month's deposit. I moved in a few days ago.

Turns out it's actually ~250+ eur/month. She seemed genuine and apparently it was a genuine misunderstanding, as the actual ~150 eur/month place had a room which was much smaller and probably in a worse location, which was sold out, and she showed me this room. Apparently she had told me this when I visited weeks ago. I thought she didn't, but I had been visiting lots of places and maybe this slipped my mind/I wasn't listening.

The place is pretty good for ~150 eur/month but I would be getting a much better place than this if I was actually wanting to pay ~250+ eur/month(I wouldn't want to share a room, for one). Luckily she agreed that I can move out whenever I find a new place and she'll just calculate rent from how many days I stayed. I imagine although it's more than I'm willing to pay for the room, some people might be willing to pay for it. I didn't like the idea of sharing, so it was steep for me. It's also possible the rent isn't actually that high but she's trying to force me out, but I'd guess not. I gave a 180 eur deposit as that was most of what I had until my next paycheck.

Now, a combination of things are leading me to want to leave Hungary relatively soon. I haven't planned it exactly but given that I have better opportunities elsewhere the juice isn't worth the squeeze. Since I gave the landlady 180 eur I actually have virtually nothing liquid, just basic living expenses, so I might not actually be able to make plans. My job currently would be paying me ~1000+ eur for the amount I've worked up until this point. But I need to wait for a government office to give me a social security number so I can actually receive it, which might take a few weeks or so.

I'll probably make a plan/decision on what exactly to do, but right now it's all a bit of a blur, like my life is a superposition of all the decisions I could make.

Pros to staying at the place:

-I'll be working here for the next couple days, but then I guess school holidays mean I won't be working until January. The place is very close to work and thus convenient.
-I already have my stuff here and I hate moving
-I limit the amount I can get fucked over by scumbags, as with this I know what I'm getting
-I'll probably want to leave Hungary in the next couple months anyway unless something really good happens to me here
-I genuinely don't have the money for more of a deposit that other places might need until I get paid

Cons to staying at the place:

-Overpaying by like 10-15% probably- then again people often pay much more for a room in any case.
-While I don't have a "bad" roommate, I don't have a "good" one either. I guess we remain on professional terms and try and stay out of each others' way. But.. we often are in each others' way. Again I wouldn't mind if I was paying 150 eur.
-While the landlady seems genuine, it's totally possible she intentionally fucked me over and didn't tell me about the actual rent until after I moved in. If that's the case I don't want to reward bad behavior.