Identifying if a person is Jewish

Sword and Board

Don’t get caught up in hook nose, curly hair and IQ test jargon. It’s a Jewish trap to distract you from the truth and make you look like an arsehole.

The biggest problem Gentiles face is being completely unaware of the predatory Jewish threat amongst them or blinded by our hubris (They could never fool me). Further, we are so far gone down the path of deception, the sheep (goy) are convinced the wolf (Judaism) is the victim.

A Jew won’t care how much you call them a scoundrel or a snake. They will welcome remarks like hook nose, money grubbing and pizza ovens with a smirk. For they know you are only reinforcing the Jewish victim hood that controls you and will be used against you later.

What really gets a Jew shit their pants scared is exposing the ravenous wolves they are to the sheep. Undoing the spell.