If Trump Loses, Do You Plan on Leaving the USA/Western World?

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I don't think "how much Trump's policies are supported" is a good measure of places to move to. The media in other countries is even more thoroughly subverted than in the USA, so it's no surprise that even the local conservatives have unfavorable views of Trump that "they can't really explain". A country can be tremendously conservative despite not liking Trump.



kinda. There’s worse internet controls but the media in other places isn’t always as insane as the corporate US News outlets are and every so often have some honest economic reporting


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Because this discussion is now centered around which countries love Trump, I would say the Brazilian right has the same energy as the American right. Bolsonaro is exactly like Trump, yet better in some ways and worse in others. Although he ass kisses Israel harder than Trump (yes, really), Bolsonaro ran on a platform that was explicitly pro family, christian, anti LGBT. Brasilian right wingers love Americans, and any antifa activity gets crushed by the government. Racial tensions are surprisingly non-existent. Bolsonaro is one of the few world leaders to call the coronavirus for what it really is.

With that said, Brasil is vulnerable to all the problems and threats the US faces, it's just a matter of the elites agitating it enough. Brazil is probably the one country that has an even more slavish mentality to Israel and Jewish people. Sexual immorality, divorce, etc are all commonplace. Even in Brazilian catholic churches, most people I met had no problem with homosexuality, or sex outside of marriage etc.

The more I think about it, the only viable places to expatriate to are places that you have an ancestral connection. In some Latin American countries you can integrate and become a local, but any developed country that has a possibility of standing against the zog machine won't accept any outsiders. I'd imagine in Europe that unless you are ethnically descended from the country that you are moving to, that you could ever be accepted as a local.

Can any europeans comment on that? I'm just speaking from assumption on this, and I am planning to get my second citizenship in my ancestral homeland. How accepting would your country be of an 'American' who is ethnically from your country, speaks the language etc?


We’re also missing a big one in Poland. There’s some significant geopolitical uncertainty there but between a strong Catholic identity, no migrant problem or “diversity”, social red pilling where they understand the real purpose of the gay agenda, and them rapidly becoming the manufacturing hub of Europe they have extremely strong prospects for the future.

Also of note is that in many areas the people have demonstrated the willingness and capability to push back on things like the COVID lockdowns and LGBT parades.

The big risks: they’re positioning themselves to get caught in the crossfire of a US war with Russia, and there’s significant efforts from the SOROS crowd to undermine Duda.


Where are people leaving to? Canada? Australia? England? Germany? Every country outside the USA is pretty much liberal. Trump has an 18% approval rating in all of Europe. He's got a 8% approval rating in Mexico, and an 12% approval rating in the rest of Latin America.

Many of Trump's policies around the world are extremely unpopular.

Here's a picture of Trump's approval ratings. The countries that mostly love him are the quote un-quote shithole countries surprisingly (Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Israel). That's pretty bad.

So what countries are people moving to when the majority of the world is pretty much liberal?
Iran? North Korea?

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Can any europeans comment on that? I'm just speaking from assumption on this, and I am planning to get my second citizenship in my ancestral homeland. How accepting would your country be of an 'American' who is ethnically from your country, speaks the language etc?
I'd say that in order to be seen as part of a European people you'd have to

1. Be able to speak the language fluently. And with fluently I mean on a native level. No uhhs and ahhs, knowing the ins and outs, getting the sarcasm, the proverbs, the humour

Even if you have a minor accent people will be like 'hmm, this guy is not from here, he is a foreigner'

2. Look like one. Even leftists are in subconscious agreement on the linkeablity of the concepts of racial heterogenity and national identity. Someone who has, let's say, a German mother and a Nigerian father is not part of the in-crowd, even though he has lived his whole life in Germany and speaks the language fluently. Yes, many will say he is just as German as his full blooded friend from down the road but that's just not how things work. The only exception to that, maybe, would be England (British identity). And some say France, but I don't know anything about France.

About 5 or 6 years ago there were these national pushes for 'reshaping national identities' in several European countries . Strangely enough those campaigns seem to have died a quiet death.

3. To a lesser extent personal ties to the country. But this will come with time
Even if Trump wins, 2024 will basically be a guaranteed win for the far left. The GOP will run a Rubio/Romney/Bush type and lose every swing state and probably a few previously solid GOP states like Texas, Georgia, Arizona, etc. Of course, by 2024 the Dems may be openly calling for gulags, legalizing pedos and world war so there is always the possibility they will scare enough people into voting GOP to keep things close but I wouldn't count on it.

Anyone who is planning to move should just look at a Trump win as giving them a few extra years to plan and prepare, not as a reason to change plans.