I'm starting to choose companies with less silly covid policies.


I boycott starbucks, Target, Amazon, pro sports, and any other pozzed business I can think of. Compliance on masks is low here, so even if the business has a sign requiring one I just ignore the sign. Wal-Mart for example lost my respect when they stopped selling 'assault rifles', so I don't even shop at Wal-Mart anymore.
Why are they called "assault riles", when they are defence weapons? I don't understand.


I would agree.

I am willing to spend more elsewhere for people who don't enforce unscientific masks and policies. Nothing makes sense. I avoid big box stores because I find that they are like nazis.

I personally find that the mom & pop's are much more lenient and I would rather support people who need the money, rather than Jeff Bezos and The Walmart Cult.