Impact of Demonic influence on Non-Christian cultures Thread


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I have this theory for a while that the exceptional brutality and war crimes of Imperial Japan to their Asian neighbors are a direct result of demonic influence through their State Shinto religion. And we obviously know as Orthodox that pagan deities are fallen spirits. Japan's defeat and subsequent occupation by America removed this capability of widespread destruction by their militant polytheism, but this godlessness and degeneracy simply manifested itself in other ways in modern Japanese society.

On the other hand, Christianity has been the most successful in Korea because the demonic influence in their lands and culture is less compared to their neighbors. The Korean Peninsula also enjoyed far longer periods of peace and stability compared to Japan and China; however, the drawback was that Koreans didn't develop a martial culture which meant they got steamrolled by external invaders every single time (e.g. the Mongols during the Goryeo Dynasty or Hideyoshi invading Joseon).

What's more interesting, however, was that Korean scholars took the initiative to be catechized into Catholicism during the 1700s, starting with a Korean envoy in Qing China. American Protestant missionaries also enjoyed success in Korea starting in the late 1800s, and ironically most of the Korean Christian population before 1945 was located in the north, and Pyongyang was known among Western missionaries as the "Jerusalem of the East."

Christianity also served as a platform for Korean nationalism during the 35-year rule of Imperial Japan. The Japanese built Shinto shrines in Korea and compelled Koreans to worship the Emperor of Japan as a deity. Of course, many Koreans resisted because it would mean submission to a foreign occupier. However, Christians in Korea (both Korean converts and American missionaries) also saw it as an act of idolatry, and thus refused to worship in the shrines, resulting in many churches being persecuted. The establishment of Communist rule in northern Korea forced many Korean Christians to flee to the south; in the decades after the Korean War, Christianity also stood for anti-Communism and support for democracy.


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I actually been thinking about how much brutal the Japanese were towards their opponents they fought against in WW2 compared to the Germans against their opponents. Remember at this point Japan had full modernized and had a high IQ educated population that was capable of running the sort of advanced society similar to what the west had so their barbaric behavior consisting of mass amounts of torture and rape was not due to them being in a state of savagery. I was thinking German's Christian culture which still remained even under the Nazis helped them see POWs still as possessing some sort of human worth while in Japanese culture they didn't really have any idea of every person possessing the image of God no matter who they are which made it easier for them to completely disregard the people they fought against. The stories of what the Japanese were doing in China are several degrees more inhumane then what you saw in Europe during WW2.


Half of the war crimes on the Chinese front of WW2 were committed by Chinese warlords. I think there is something inherently evil within Asiatic blood, all of the cruelest acts humanity has ever committed can be found within the Asian spheres, whether it be the Japanese during ww2 or the Mongol-Turkics, or the Chinese cruelty that spans till today. Compare this to similar pagan cultures, such as the ancient Greco-Romans, or the Scythians, or ancient Egyptians With the exception of the Canaanite/Carthaginian. Many have observed the psychopathy that goes on within mainland China, with countless videos displaying the utter lack of care for another human being. India, a similarly overpopulated and pagan population, at least gives reactions to people dying. Lu Xun, a famous Chinese author noted this lack of basic compassion when he saw a picture of a Japanese soldier beheading a Chinese partisan, and the Chinese soldiers watching had these dumb, happy looks on their faces, and thus became permanently blackpilled on Chinese people. None come to the mass scale of rape and unspeakable immorality that goes on in and comes from Asia. Perhaps the demons are more easily able to influence Asians through this. This is not even to mention the normalized and wanton child abuse prevalent in Asian cultures. See: Tiger moms