Incels are Vampires

A couple years ago I was desperate and thought I would never get a girlfriend and be alone forever. Then I came across the Return of Kings post about Wilkes McDermid a asian man who committed suicide after he was despondent about being unable to get a girlfriend. This made me even more scared.

I felt bad about him and somehow I tracked down one of his friends email address and asked him whether Wilkes tried PUA techniques. He replied that Wilkes had used PUA techniques and they didn't work. He was very adamant about this which kinda gave me a weird vibe. He basically told me to not have any hope of finding a girlfriend. Fast forward to present day and thanks to many teachers including Roosh I have a girlfriend.

Now here's where it gets weird. I check my email and I see a email from Wilkes' friend. Its been FIVE YEARS since I last contacted him and there's really no reason he should remember me much less email me. It felt like a ghost from a past life was contacting me and I felt so creeped out I deleted his email so I don't remember exactly what he wrote but I don't think his intentions were good. Incels don't want to help you they want to make you one of them like they're vampires or something.

Luckily God blessed me with the perfect girl for me at just the right time in my life. I'm glad that incel didn't succeed in turning me into one of his kind. I have a lot of sympathy for incels and hope an end to their suffering but just remember they can be dangerous too. I get chills just thinking about that email.

La Águila Negra

It was just an email.

I am a firm believer in helping each other out, especially when your fellow man is down and being trampled on.

It also doesn't hurt just taking the information he had to provide in. That's part of being mentally tough. Reading and seeing upsetting stuff and then brushing it off. Accepting and enduring the world in all its colours and all that.

Now if he would have showed up at your doorstep, that would have been something scary


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It sounds pretty similar to ugly gamma feminists sabotaging the prospects for a positive marital life of mentally healthier, more attractive women.