Increasing Testosterone Naturally With Supplements and Lifestyle (no TRT)

I've been taking these herbs for years and have been doing great T-level wise. Those nanogram/decaliters test readings from blood draws aren't always accurate because it depends on how many times on average your member is releasing itself, your diet, your sleep, your cortisol levels, what time of day the blood is drawn at, and if you've been getting zapped with radiation enough it will affect them severely. If you're coming from a "medical background" which is steeped in (((science))) and (((studies))) all financed by Rockefeller foundation extensions based on the concept of petrochemicals which is what all "medicine" is based off of, then they will never direct you to anything conclusive nor permanent other than signing your balls over to a doctor. Many of the "studies" performed that reach an inconclusive resolution or negate the ability of herbs to do their function also need to be put under a microscope as they are not proper studies, the control group isn't proper, and often times the participants of said studies have underlying issues that would not change the result. From an individual detox level if you are doing everything right in terms of sleeping, eating, fasting, lifting, running, sparring etc, these herbs will take you to the next level if used strategically. So yeah, herbs, not "herbs," but since that won't cut it here, allow me to elaborate:

-Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) contains Icariin which stimulates the production of testosterone.
-Damiana (Turnera Diffusa) has been shown to improve sexual function and is often found with correlated levels of testosterone in the blood.
-Suma (Pfaffa Paniculata) has been noted to show increase in blood testosterone levels in addition to its adaptogenic properties.
-Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) has been studied extensively by g-men based studies to basically parrot what I'm saying here, it stimulates production and exposure of new testosterone in the body along with reduced cortisol.
-Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) has been "found not to increase levels in humans" according to the glowie-sponsored studies but it is also an adaptogen which aids in the reduction of stress therefore helping the body to stimulate testosterone without hormonal altercation and confliction.
-Tribulus Terrestris (Puncturevine) also causes greatly increased libido, sperm count, and blood flow.

-There is also Beet Root powder, you can make your own by grinding down beets, but it can be bought in bulk from many herbal stores or farmers markets. Beets are heavy in Boron which is important for testosterone production and levels of free testosterone.

-Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) has extensive research behind it in how it stimulates testosterone production in the body. The prevalence of its use in India and now in the West has caused the system to recognize it as beneficial, but as a result of this many of the Ashwagandha supplements you find are fillers and not the real thing.
-Muira Puama alters the hormone balance in men, especially as they age, has been found to increases free test, this is the most potent aphrodisiac I know of herbally.

There are other derivatives of herbs that people use for testosterone like Chyrsin (derived from honey, propolis, passion-flowers)
Nettle increases free testosterone by binding inhibitor sex hormone:

A lot of you guys simply "trusting science" going off of test readings and not what your own intuition is feeling is often a mistake. The government sponsored studies are playing a game of show and tell with you. By explaining to you what the herbs do but then coming to the conclusion based on matriculate in-house studies that testosterone count is NOT increased, they're showing you everything but telling you nothing. If everything they confirm as a "side effect" (in reality the effects of the herb) such as increased libido, sex drive, sperm count, fertility, blood flow, muscular strength and endurance, and cortisol reduction aren't equivalent to the ability to produce greater levels of testosterone, then what the hell is? If you feel great, look great, are making gains, and your waifu is quiet then I don't see what the issue is.


This was a very interesting bit from the JRE. This guy discusses two supplements that increase testosterone. One is Tongkat Ali which was previously discussed in this thread. The other supplement has a strange name that I couldn't figure out how to spell it. Maybe you guys have heard about it.



about 1 year ago, I was in exceedingly poor health and dealing with a myriad of serious and complicated health problems. Not surprisingly, my testosterone levels were extremely low - my total testosterone levels were 324 ng/dL. This is in the range for men aged 85-100. Free testosterone was also very low at 56.4 pg/mL. For both, I was at the low end of the entire reference range. My primary care physician would have given me TRT if I wanted it, but I didn't, believing that I could improve it naturally.
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For those who remember the Buzzfeed article about the 4 soyboys, only 1 of the 4 guys had slightly higher free testosterone than I did, and that was when I was catastrophically ill at the time. For me to be seriously ill and still have significantly higher T than 3 of those dudes who were presumably healthy is mind boggling.

Low testosterone is a serious problem. I'm assuming that for a their entire adult lives, those 4 men had low testosterone and never approached normal testosterone, so they never had a reference to compare with what normal testosterone feels like. I believe that their condition feels totally normal to them because it's all that they have ever known. I on the other hand had "normal" T at one time so I understand what both normal and low T feels like, and I can recognize that I have a problem when I have low T.

I decided against TRT because I believe in a holistic approach to overall health and expected to improve my levels slowly over time as my health improved. I am a big fan of Chinese herbs and nutritional supplements and I know they work because I've used myself as a guinea pig over the years. As I recovered over the past year with the help of my open minded primary care physician (MD) and nutritionist, one thing that I've been taking only since March of this year, is a supplement called Tongkat Ali - 1 pill, 3 times a day. I can't say exactly how much it contributed to my increase in testosterone, but along with weighlifting and putting on 15-20 pounds of muscle as I recovered from illness, you can see the huge improvement relative to my original results 1 year ago. 30% increase in total testosterone, and a 53% increase in free testosterone.

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Also, as part of my yearlong recovery while I worked with my healthcare providers, coincidentally I followed every recommendation in this article:

1. lifted weights and went from extremely skinny and underweight (from illness) to regaining nearly 10% of my entire body mass as muscle
2. ate plenty of chicken drumsticks, rice, oatmeal, yuca daily, drank a gallon of water a day
3. minimized stress - only worked a part time job and didn't work to the point of burnout, taking time to take daily walks and meditate and exercise and stretch
4. sun and vitamin D - this was not so simple. as explained to my by my nutritionist, vitamin D needs to get into the digestive tract and that doesn't really happen when you get vitamin D through the sun. I was taking my shirt off during daily walks. In order to get even more Vitamin D, I tried supplements but was allergic to all of them since Vitamin D is derived from lanolin from sheep's wool which I am allergic to. Same goes for lichen-based vegan vitamin D. I am also allergic to cod and fish, so fish-based vitamin D was out of the question. Finally, we found something that did work, which I only started taking recently so I have a feeling the results haven't fully kicked in yet. It's the prescription calcitriol, which is the already converted form of Vitamin D used by your body. The other Vitamin D supplements I listed have to be converted twice by the body to get to the active form. Sometimes the conversion doesn't happen well so for a shortcut, I think that calcitriol might be greatly beneficial to many people who are low in Vitamin D.
5. Take vitamin supplements - while working with an expert nutritionist, we developed a good base of supplementation to help me recover based on what I needed as per various test results. These include: fiber, glutamine, adrenal support, thyroid support, vitamin C, copper, B12, calcium, vitamin D, and other stuff tailored to my specific needs.
6. sleep - got plenty of that, 9-10 hours a day consistently to aid in my recovery, with 3 mg melatonin to help the sleep cycle
7. testosterone supplements - tongkat ali is listed here, and it's the only one I took (1 pill, 3x/day)
8. follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid estrogenic compounds - I use a brita filter but once it's filtered I transfer the water to a stainless steel gallon container that I drink out of all day. No soy. stretching, praying, reading the bible, sharing time with loving family daily on the phone, keeping in contact with friends despite covid lockdowns, playing video games, working and not stressing out, I definitely am living a good balanced healthy life at the moment as I recover.

I wrote this in hopes of showing people that they too can improve their testosterone levels without TRT. If I can do it while recovering from catastrophic illness, so can you.
It has been another year and I am happy to report back with more good results, praise the Lord. I'm going to update my 8 point list but before I do I want to point out that this blood test was done just after I recovered from Covid and lost 8 pounds. I recovered thanks to Ivermectin and traditional Chinese medicine. Despite being beat up, testosterone results are good. I expect more improvement next year!

1) weightlifting and overall weight - not good due to weight loss from covid and stress and not being able to lift weights for a long time
2) diet is still very clean and good, drinking lots of water
3) stress - extremely high
4) sun and vitamin D - I discovered this year that sun exposure massively increases my overall health. Calcitriol I still take but it doesn't raise my overall vitamin D levels. Actual sun activates so many other metabolic pathways that make me feel great and I must take time out every day to get sun (with sunblock). I don't take D3 supplements because I'm allergic (to lanolin and lichen based forms)
5) supplements haven't changed much except for tongkat ali
6) sleep - not enough lately due to stress and work
7) testosterone supplements - I went up to taking 2 pills of tongkat ali, 3 times a day, for 2 weeks on, one week off, and the results speak for themselves.
8) my lifestyle could be healthier and I expect to rebalance it soon as a period of stress from work calms down

I think it's clear by now that for me, tongkat ali works well and when combined with an overall healthy lifestyle (as best as I can) and recovering from devastating illness, raising testosterone from catastrophically low levels without TRT is definitely possible. Give it a shot!


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I haven't tested my T levels recently, but I started taking a high-quality Cistanche tubulosa from nootropics depot and I've definitely noticed a modest change in energy, libido, and confidence. This is after trying many, many other supplements and noticing no change. Might be worth a shot.

I will be trying Tongkat Ali again as well because Andrew Huberman has talked about it quite a lot on podcasts.

Another thing I definitely notice is getting regular sunlight. I thought it only helped with Vitamin D but I've learned that sunlight triggers many other physiological responses in the body that can help maintain T levels.



Other than sleep and diet there's not much you can do...
Make sure you get a lot of quality red meat and saturated fat to make the substrate for Testoerone.

This product is pretty good for its phosphaditalserine and Ashwaganda quantity and quality.


Have you ever tried high dose, high quality, standardized Ashwaganda extracts? I've found the KSM-66 extract to be great for reducing stress, although I hear Sensoril is great for that too.
I think that to reduce stress and to have a good long life, I need to do less with my life and not redline it. I've been working on this by "taking delight in the lord and asking Him to give me the desires of my heart". If I am provided with a regular job that meets all my needs, how much should I strive and stress and worry and try to get more.... do I not trust in the providence and provisioning of God? I really need to pray as I reevaluate my life for the coming year after some major stressful events are about to come to an end.


I have found taking thyroid glandular supplements to really help with low T.

Anything that speeds up metabolism has helped. Extra salt, orange juice, caffeine, coffee, aspirin.

Some people have estrogen dominance and that can be helped by taking progesterone.

The work of Ray Peat has really helped me:


Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but I've read smoking and drinking black coffee helps boost testosterone.
I've seen one study that suggests testosterone is raised by smoking.

I am pretty dubious of this claim considering the other deleterious effects of habitual smoking.

8 hours of sleep and low body fat, and a protein rich saturated fat high diet are a better way to increase than taking up Smoking...

Black coffee, though it will raise Cortisol, has a lot of antioxidants so the effect on free radicals may help in test production but I haven't sen a study.